Man United Poised to Launch New Bid to Sign Everton’s Leighton Baines After Rejected Bid: Nightly Soccer Report

Manchester United are poised to launch a new bid to try to sign Everton left back Leighton Baines after United’s initial bid of £12million was rejected by the Goodison Park club, according to an article tonight by The Telegraph newspaper.

The Times were the first to get the exclusive on Manchester United putting in a bid for Baines. Shortly thereafter, Sky Sports repeated the news, “according to Sky sources” (i.e. the article by The Times, but Sky Sports never credits anyone else). But Sky did add that Everton said that Baines was not for sale.

Now The Telegraph is continuing the story by saying that United are ready to put in a new bid.

Who knows who to believe with these type of stories. All it takes is one article to say something, and then everyone jumps on it as if it’s the gospel truth, which it may very well be. What do you think? Is there any truth to the story that United put in a bid for Baines? And if so, is he worth more than £12 million? If so, what price would you pay for him?

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4 thoughts on “Man United Poised to Launch New Bid to Sign Everton’s Leighton Baines After Rejected Bid: Nightly Soccer Report”

  1. I fear that Mr. Moyes will try to bring talent such as Baines and Felaini to United. If we populate our team with mid table talent, doesn’t it listen that ultimately we will be less of a team?
    I don’t have too big a problem with Baines, save his lack of speed and his age. Trading a 32 year old for a 29 @ 20 million does not seem like good business to me.
    As for the hairdo…SAF worked for years on Rooney’s predilection to fall under the ‘red mist’, I can foresee a critical moment in a critical match when the sharpened elbows result in a red card. Too much risk and not enough reward for me.
    Please think bigger, Mr. Moyes.

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