Everton Home Shirt for 2013-14 Season Launched: Official [PHOTOS]

Everton have officially unveiled their new home kit for the 2013-14 season.

Designed by Nike, this one is a mixture of great features ruined by a ugly double hoop design on the sleeve.

Everton’s home kit is blue, features a classic (and classy) white collar and also includes the new Everton club crest (which will be only used for one season thus making this shirt quite a collector’s item).

As a long-sleeve shirt design, the new Everton home shirt looks great. But on the short-sleeve design, the double hoop looks awful.

What are your thoughts about the new Everton home kit? Share your opinions in the comments section below.

2 thoughts on “Everton Home Shirt for 2013-14 Season Launched: Official [PHOTOS]”

  1. Maybe I’ve just been desensitized to it after a year of Arsenal’s double sleeve stripes, but I don’t think it looks that bad on the short-sleeved kit. I quite like it.

  2. Yes, this is the Arsenal hoops all over again. The long sleeve Arsenal shirt is OK with the hoops too.

    It reminds me of a shirt I wore on a team I played on in middle school Xara was the manufacturer. Same exact design except it had a V neck collar. This is not meant to be a compliment.

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