2013-14 Scottish Premier League Season Will Be Shown on US TV

With FOX Soccer shutting down either in August or September, and many of its soccer rights transferring to FOX Sports 1 when the new network launches on August 17, there have been a lot of questions regarding the status of the Scottish Premier League and whether fans will still be able to watch the league in the United States.

The good news is that you’ll still be able to watch the SPL games.

According to a FOX Sports spokesperson, the Scottish Premier League will continue to be available during the 2013-14 season on FOX Soccer Plus and FOX Soccer 2Go.

No other details are available at this time, but Scottish Premier League fans will be able to watch teams next season such as Celtic, Aberdeen, Dundee United, Hibernian, Motherwell and other clubs.

7 thoughts on “2013-14 Scottish Premier League Season Will Be Shown on US TV”

      1. I know I will. I guess it depends on the value you receive. I am a big rugby fan too and with no other avenue to watch the leagues they show along with the soccer they will continue to show, it is invaluable to me

        1. I agree. And to Leafsfan, you have to understand that FS+ is not a stand alone subscription for many of us. It comes in my Sports Pack for $9 a month and the Pack is certainly worth that.

  1. Weill as good as comcast may seem if you like watching the EPL they are horrible in other ways. Fox Soccer plus is not available, they have very limited amount of HD channels,even the pay channel HBO & Showtime only have 1 HD channel. I highly doubt the EPL extra will be in HD. Oh well, all I can say is I hope I can move somewhere where I can hook up the satellite dish. Directv has 10 times as many HD channels as Comcast.

    1. With all deference to the rugby crowd…I paid for plus since when it was Setanta. I found that, for me, I cannot invest the time to be involved with more that the EPL and the Champions League. For that reason I got rid of the $15 a month I paid Directv for plus. I don’t follow rugby, the Scottish League, the Eredivisie, the women’s league, or any of the ‘fill the airwaves with something’ that fox will endeavor to shove down our throats. I envision that this great new channel fox will unveil will involve all the ‘riveting’ American sports I don’t follow…baseball, throwball, basketball and (belch) auto racing. I will vote with my feet when this happens. Keep in mind fox has been trying to tie all this stuff together for some time with their on air talent unabashedly lusting over the big ‘network gig’ (Rob Stoned). And fox’s laughable endeavor at the Champions league bringing a network guy (Curt Menefee) in for the big show. I laughed out loud when he made some reference to the ’86 Giants after a comment by Warren Barton. Curt’s co hosts looked around as though someone farted when this genius began proselytizing. Someone should let fox know that waxing poetic about throwball to a footy crowd is not in good form….Oh, wait…These are the wizard who think we will learn to love Gus.

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