Southampton Home Shirt for 2013-14 Season: Leaked [PHOTO]

Bad news for Southampton supporters and English football traditionalists. After the outcry from Saints supporters last year that the club decided to ditch their traditional red and white stripes in favor of a red shirt, Southampton Football Club have yet again decided to ignore the supporters of their club.

The leaked photo of Southampton’s home shirt for next season is bereft of red and white stripes. Instead, adidas and Southampton have selected a shirt straight out of adidas’s template. As a result, Southampton’s new home shirt for next season looks like Spain and nothing like the traditional Southampton shirts that have been loved by many.

In the shirt pictured above, no sponsor is included because Southampton’s shirt sponsor dropped out at the last minute. Southampton’s club shop will iron on the sponsor name once a new sponsor is finalized.

Southampton have worn red and white striped jerseys since 1896. This will be the second year in a row that the club has thumbed up its noses at their supporters.

Meanwhile, a Facebook group named Save Our Stripes has been formed for like-minded fans.

H/T Football Shirts.


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