NBC Sports Releases New Ad To Promote Premier League Coverage: Sounds [VIDEO]

NBC Sports has released its latest 30 second spot to promote the group’s coverage of the Premier League, which kicks off on NBC on August 17, 2013.

In the latest ad, NBC focuses on the sounds that make the Premier League quite unique.

In case you missed any of the other ads, here they are:

Forget Downton Abbey,
Premier League Chant, and

Here’s the latest NBC 30 second spot entitled ‘Sounds’:

7 thoughts on “NBC Sports Releases New Ad To Promote Premier League Coverage: Sounds [VIDEO]”

  1. My excitement level for next season is at an all time high. I always get excited this time of year when the transfers start for the summer. Can’t wait to have the Premier League on NBC.

  2. Gaffer, I’m sure you’re working on it but is it possible to get an update on the cable operators who are getting in line with NBC on this?

  3. This season the excitement is riding high. I have actually had a couple of people ask me about the EPL since the ads, because they know I am an avid Arsenal fan. With everything that has transpired the last month or so and then what is to come it looks as though the stage is being set for a drmatic season.

  4. do you know who created this ?
    does NBC sports work with an agency or do they handle this stuff in-house ?
    any info would be much appreciated.


  5. Does anyone know where I can watch the two Premier League previews shows that were shown last weekend on NBC Sports. Premier League Club Selection Show and Premier League Countdown show. I can’t find them anywhere online and they don’t seem to be re-airing them again. Please help!!!

    1. Unfortunately, the two shows aren’t scheduled to appear on NBC Sports either online or TV between now and the start of the season on Saturday.

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