Tottenham ‘Close’ to Signing Brazil’s Paulinho With Deal Believed to Have Been Agreed: Nightly Soccer Report

Social media has been abuzz today with Tottenham Hotspur supporters practically drooling over the impending arrival of Brazil star Paulinho. The player is reportedly close to agreeing a deal to join the north London side.

The 24-year-old Brazilian midfielder is currently playing in the 2013 FIFA Confederations Cup. If Spurs sign Paulinho, it’s expected that they’ll sell both Tom Huddlestone and Scott Parker.

What’s your opinion about Paulinho? Could he be a hit in the Premier League at Tottenham Hotspur, or will he become another Brazilian who fails to adapt to the top flight English league? Tell us your opinion in the comments section below.

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9 thoughts on “Tottenham ‘Close’ to Signing Brazil’s Paulinho With Deal Believed to Have Been Agreed: Nightly Soccer Report”

  1. It might take him a while to adapt but I think he will eventually prove to be a good buy. Recently there have been fewer Brazilians who have failed in the EPL. Oscar, Coutinho, Sandro, Ramirez, Luiz, etc. are paving the way for more Brazilians to consider the EPL. They’ve done well.

  2. Very sad situation for A Hudson.saw him play in Seattle for Sounders.hope thinks change but afraid it will stay the same.

  3. Sandro, Paulinho and Dembele will be a very strong midfield for Spurs.

    If Spurs add a decent striker and hold on to Bale I think they may make a run at the title.

  4. It is sad to see what has come of Hudson. I find it odd how England has socialized medicine but he can’t be put into a home where he doesn’t have to walk up stairs, a john that he can actually sit on, and get his physical therapy.

    1. Hopefully the club or someone within the club does the right thing and helps Hudson out in someway but I wouldn’t hold my breath on it happening.

      While I can’t stand self pity and his “what has the club ever done for me attitude” clearly the man needs help.

      I’d love to see every club implement some kind of program that helps out former players who have fallen on hard times through no fault of their own. There is way to much money in the game for this not to happen.

      1. No the clubs dont owe them anything. When i buy a Utd shirt why should that money go to people that cant manage their money and let it get to their heads so they pick up a bottle. When there are still hungry kids on the street the last thing we need to fund is something for rich people who dont know how to handle money. If i got a 15,000 a week wage for 10 years plus all the sponsorships these guys get i would be set for life.

        1. I’m not talking about today’s stars I’m talking about older players from the 60s who have fallen on hard times and need help.

          I’ve little sympathy for todays players earning fortunes and end up broke but the older generation of players who essentially played for next to nothing should be taken care of in my opinion. I’m not saying they should be given a ton of money but is it really to much to ask for a club to make sure a older ex player has a roof over his head.

          I’m curios if the EPL pays a pension to ex players like the NFL does after so many years in the league. Not that today’s stars need the money.

        2. The players from before the formation of the PL made no where near as much as much money as the players today. The same problem is happening in the US with the NFL players from the 60’s to the 80’s.

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