Top 10 Players Likely to Leave Their Premier League Clubs This Summer

We’ve already seen several key signings by Premier League clubs this summer with many new prospects coming in from La Liga. But in reality, we’re also going to probably see several key players leave their Premier League clubs this summer.

Here are the top 10 high-profile players most likely to leave:

1.      Luis Suarez

The man is absolutely brilliant on the ball and can dribble his way in and out of any situation possible. He was Liverpool’s best player this campaign, with or without his bite.  With interest coming from Bayern Munich and Real Madrid, Suarez wants a move.  Liverpool, despite positive acquisitions in the past 6 months such as Coutinho and Sturridge, have missed out on Champions League football yet again and a player like Suarez needs to be seen on the biggest stage. He most recently stated his desire to leave and his ‘come and get me’ plea won’t be left unanswered for long.  This move also may be best for him for personal reasons, leaving behind a horrible two years marred by racist taunts, handshake issues and copious amount of diving.

2.      Gareth Bale

Speaking of diving, the Welshman does have a soft spot for Tottenham, the team that has seen him progress from a flimsy left back into one of the world’s most dangerous wingers.  He may not be the complete package but he is close to it.  He can beat defenders with his pace, shoot from a distance (and boy can he shoot), while also crossing and excelling at set pieces.  With Barcelona having already signed Neymar, Bale may be destined to join Madrid or Manchester City, but his price may come as a hindrance to most teams.  Bale’s agent has been doing the newspaper rounds and discussing his client’s bright future, but Bale may want to show his dedication to the North London club by sticking around one season, as if almost single handedly qualifying them for the Champions League wasn’t enough.

3.      Carlos Tevez

The Argentine who has split decisions and cities will be on his way out.  His season was mediocre despite impressing after coming back from his hiatus last year.  City may want to offload the player or use him as a sweetener in a deal to get Cavani or Falcao.  While Tevez is a perennial whiner, when on the pitch he will give his best for the team. At 29, this is his last chance to impress his suitors and improve his tattered image.  Tevez, unlike other washed up strikers, was never bad and has consistently been able to play with another striker and score goals.  His addition to any team will in no doubt be beneficial.

4.       Fernando Torres

For £50 million, I want my striker to do more than score a dozen of goals in a season, most of which came during the Europea League campaign against lesser teams.  His recent resurgence may have pleased the Chelsea faithful, but it also pleased Chelsea’s management team, increasing Torres’ stock in a bid to cash in on him.  Chelsea are in need a top class striker, something they missed during the beginning of the season, which ultimately caused them to slip away from the title race.  In Romelu Lukaku, Chelsea have a great striker, but Abramovich will be looking abroad for some much needed firepower and a swap deal with Napoli for Cavani is the most talked about transfer of the season.

5.      Wayne Rooney

Wazza’s end of season tantrum was slightly overshadowed by Fergie’s departure, but his unhappiness has been part of his game for the past few months.  Being constantly played out of position and having become second choice to Robin Van Persie has not only hurt Rooney’s ego, but has also inspired him to move on with his life.  He has won the Premier League and the Champions League with Manchester United and will have to deal with his nemesis, David Moyes, next season.  Whether Rooney is good enough to go to Real Madrid is doubtful, but PSG, looking to improve and expand their brand, could use someone of Rooney’s caliber.  Arsenal has been heavily linked, but at £250K in wages, Wenger could sign an army of 18 year old French players that may turn into superstars (but most likely end up like Jeremy Aliadiere).

6.      Marouane Fellaini

The big Belgian was supposed to be on his way out in the winter. His red card before the New Year was supposed to have marked his last game, but he carried on only to see his manager make that move.  Manchester United have been linked with Fellaini even before Moyes moved to United, but the speculations are growing stronger. There are plenty of reasons for this, but one of them certainly is that United have been missing a strong midfielder and with the second retirement of Scholes, the time for Fellaini is right.  The Belgian is a great Premier League player and his ability to score from the midfield is  something every team desires, add on his aerial strength and physical attributes and you get the perfect threat.  Fellaini will certainly be moving on, and the best bet is Manchester United, but other teams have been interested and I don’t expect him at Merseyside next season.

7.      Christian Benteke

Young, strong, with an eye for goal and an incredibly powerful shot, the Belgian striker who finished the season with an impressive 19 goals for Aston Villa, is being eyed by every Premier League team in the country with an ounce of Champions League ambition.  The ability to score 19 goals at a relegation threatened team is impressive and something Arsenal could use to improve their chances to end their trophy drought.  The young Belgian is strong enough to hold up the ball, but also quick enough to pounce on a loose ball in the box, he also isn’t too bad in the air.  Lambert has been trying to downplay Benteke’s obvious flirtations with other teams, but his stay in Birmingham will not last long, and Villa was just his platform.

8.      Michu

If there is a ringing in your ear it may be because of all the times you have heard what a bargain the Spaniard has been. (Note: Michu won’t be able to fix it either, the ringing in his ear still goes on, displayed every time he scores a goal).  We can go on and mimic every pundit’s plaudits about this player, but what is certain is that he is worth more than the £2 million Swansea paid for him and he can finish exquisitely.  Although Swansea will want to keep hold of him, a big offer resulting in a large profit cannot be turned down by them.  His age will certainly be a detriment to future suitors, but with one season in the Premier League under his belt, a move to a bigger club is in the books.

9.      Edin Dzeko

He came with much hype and was not able to deliver, at least not when he started.  The Bosnian striker has an impressive minute to goal ratio, often used as a substitute to the preferred Aguero/Tevez partnership.  Some may point to Mancini’s failed tactics as a reason for Dzeko’s barren spell upfront when started, but he is certainly not a lost cause and most teams would be happy to have a player that averages about 1 goal every 2 games.  The most common speculation comes from Dortmund, in a Lewandowski-Dzeko switch, but his unhappiness at being used a super sub was clear in a post-match interview and he will need definite assurances in order to stay in Manchester.

10.  Asmir Begovic/Simon Mignolet

This may be cheating, but since goalkeeper transfer speculations tend to be quite rare in the Premier League, this double coup has to be noted. With Butland having been signed by Stoke, the ever impressive Begovic is likely to leave this season.  The Bosnian has been tied to Liverpool in the past.  Mignolet has been singled out by fans as their star player and the Belgian does deserve all the plaudits, he may have kept Sunderland in the Premier League this season, but he will want to look for a team with a stronger defense to help him out.  It looks likely that Mignolet will officially join the Reds of Liverpool this week.

I have left off the players from relegated sides, but Shaun Maloney and Loic Remy come as obvious choices, as well at Adel Taarabt and Arouna Kone.

24 thoughts on “Top 10 Players Likely to Leave Their Premier League Clubs This Summer”

  1. Another good article, Jad! I’ll echo Wigglesworth about the Bale diving comment making me laugh when I read it.

    I hope Bale doesn’t go anywhere, though. I’d really like to see a strong Spurs (and for that matter Liverpool) to make things very lively up around the top of the table.

  2. Is there any interest from the Premier League in Jozy Altidore? Would love to be able to watch him every weekend now that every game is available.

    1. He didn’t do very well when he played for Hull. But I don’t think anyone can play well for Hull.

      Hopefully a top team gives Jozy a chance.

      1. He was on Loan at Hull and i think he was 19 or 20 at the time. He just had an amazing season and I think mid table and lower table teams are most likely going to take bid for him. He may not be a #1 Striker though.

  3. From this list only Suarez and Dzeko I think certainly will leave the EPL. Not convinced Bale will leave yet, but one more season without the CL then he is gone. With Tevez I honestly don’t know, can’t see many teams outside of England who realistically would be interesting (I don’t think the La Liga two would be) can afford his wages.

    Fellaini, Mignolet and Begovic will most likely move, but stay in the EPL

  4. I am doubtful on Bale. I think he has at least one more year at Spurs in him.

    Shame about Dzeko not working out at City, but he can still be a star for several other teams. Going back to the Bundesliga would probably be the best thing that could happen to him.

  5. Not sure why this is a “great” article….lol it’s gossip and based off nothing other than paper talk.

    Not leaving their clubs that are on the list.


    The other may go but even then therirs no certainty.

    The bale paragraph is just absolute garbage… sure jump on the “diver” bandwagon…what a joke….Winger? LoL he played everywhere but, it’s one of the main reasons Defoe, Ade and bale himself had no supply from the left wing.

    He is NOT going to RM, where did city come from? LoL
    This whole article is a regurgitation of pure gossip no facts involved….if it was intentionally funny…laced with satire, sarcasm and comic genius it would be a “great” article… But it’s not…it’s funny because its so bad.

    1. If he didn’t include Bale and Rooney (who no one can afford) you’d love it. My guess is Bale is 50/50. Rooooooooney 10/90
      as for Michu… a club come in with a 10 mil£ offer Swansea would be hard pressed not to accept. They are a trust, broken up between supporter owned and investors… an 8 mil profit would be hard not to take. Even with EPL TV cash. As for my take on Bale… Spuds would have to get a HUGE offer. a record breaker this off session to sell. I don’t think it will happen. Actually I hope he stays in the EPL. and if he does… they’d have a ton of cash.

      I think Dempsey goes.

      1. agreed on dempsey leaving. Even though he played well in important games he just doesnt seem to fit in AVBs system. Its a shame cuz he really didnt get the credit he deserved.

      2. Dempsey, Siguardson, Huddlestone, Dawson, Lennon,Defoe and Adebyor are all 100% more likely to go than Bale.

        Write about those, create discussion about those.

    2. What upsets you the most? The fact that Bale is labeled a “diver” or that he may move on to a bigger club?

      1. The fact it’s all just uninformed rubbish…. It’s like going to a regular restaurant and on a visit you get served discarded food scraps from other restaurants.

        If there is nothing of value or insight in it what’s the point…this may as well have been written by Adrian Durham…

        People choose the facts thy want now not just there sources… Opinion is one thing and the life blood of sport but only if its informed…this clearly isn’t….

        But whatever floats your boat

  6. I tried my best to compile a list that made sense and include players that are wanted. Of course it is based on speculation, I don’t talk to these players regularly.


    I don’t know if you are a Tottenham fan, but I don’t hate Bale and I think he is a brilliant player, and whether he does dive or simply “avoids” collisions by going to ground easily, can be debated, but the fact remains that he is known as a diver among premier league viewers.

    Some of these players will not leave, but I am confident that at least 5 or 6 players are going somewhere. You can judge this article at the end of the transfer window.

    Glad that some people liked it.


    1. Jad, with all respect, you submitted some thoughts and it was put on a blog and some people liked it, and it looks like I’m the only one that didn’t.

      I have the entire internet at my disposal as everyone does, this article is a regurgitation of many many other pieces found everywhere else without any fresh insight whatsoever, most of the articles you’ve read to form these opinions are just made up rubbish to fill column inches. Those articles are produced by people that need to fill the column inches so on some level i guess its expected (if buy into that rubbish).

      You don’t have column inches to fill.

      As for “but the fact remains that he is known as a diver among premier league viewers.”


      John Terry has been judged by the FA to have made racist remarks, in-fact every “premier league viewer” could lip read what he said.

      But people that write Sport opinion that want to be taken seriously don’t start a piece on John Terry with “the convicted racist”

      “Speaking of diving, the Welshman……”

      Write what you want, “World Soccer Talk” obviously felt it was good enough to publish. However, I thought it was sub par and not because I’m a Spurs fan…but because I’m a fan of thoughtful opinion and writing.

  7. suarez: needs to escape english media and play with a top club.

    bale: think he’ll stay for one more season, but then move to madrid. too good for spurs.

    tevez: needs a fresh start at a new club, but he’s doing fine at man city.

    torres: should move back to la liga where he’ll be great again and start every game.

    felliani: should be playing champions league every season. man utd would be ideal and moyes would get the best from him.

    benteke: too good for villa. arsenal would be ideal because he’d start and play champions league.

    michu: i think he should stay put because he starts and he’s the main man. couldn’t see him leaving.

    dzeko: he definitely needs a move. he should move to a club where he will start and score goals. maybe a return to wolfsburg???

    begovic: with butland coming in, he needs to find another EPL club where he will play regularly. maybe hull because they need a new keeper.

    mingolet: i think he should stay because he starts and he’s loved by the fans. if he moves to liverpool, he won’t be 1st choice and he could lose his place in the belgium team

  8. Everyone has Suarez on their list of players leaving. This is based on Suarez wanting to leave and he wants to go to Real Madrid. The problem is that Madrid have had nothing to say about him and could quite possibly sign Cavani instead. I don’t think Madrid will sign both Suarez and Cavani. So I wouldn’t be surprised to see Suarez stay at Liverpool. The other clubs that might be interested in him won’t pay the 35-40 million Liverpool will want for him.

    I think Bale will move to Madrid because they will make a big offer that Spurs won’t refuse. Once Real Madrid appoint their next manager it could happen quickly thereafter.

    Mignolet will be joining Liverpool soon.

    Benteke won’t go to a bigger club unless he can be guaranteed a starting spot. This is a pre-world cup season and players will want to impress to get into their national teams and play. At Villa he will start every game.

  9. I think Suarez will be hung out dry by Madrid…looks like their main target are Bale, Isco, Cavani, so looks like he might not any other choice than staying put.

    If one of them doesn’t work out then they might go for Suarez but either way i wouldn’t mind 40mil plus Alvaro Morata for Luis Suarez.

    1. Agreed. Real Madrid’s top two targets are Bale and Isco. Cavani is their third target but not a priority. Suarez is nowhere in their plans.

      Suarez will have to hand in a transfer request if he expects to leave but then a club willing to pay what Liverpool want may not be easy.

  10. There has been no interest for Suarez by either Real Madrid or Bayern Munich. It’s Suarez who is talking up Real Madrid but the club has no interest in him. Real Madrid will pay big money for Bale who is their first target and also Isco.

    As far as Bayern Munich are concerned they have no interest in Suarez either. The only reason he has been linked to them is because Pep Guardiola’s brother is Suarez’s agent. There is an assumption that therefore Bayern could be in for him. Not so.

    Bale, Dzeko, Tevez, Torres and Mignolet are the most likely to move.

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