Top 10 Players Likely to Leave Their Premier League Clubs This Summer

We’ve already seen several key signings by Premier League clubs this summer with many new prospects coming in from La Liga. But in reality, we’re also going to probably see several key players leave their Premier League clubs this summer.

Here are the top 10 high-profile players most likely to leave:

1.      Luis Suarez

The man is absolutely brilliant on the ball and can dribble his way in and out of any situation possible. He was Liverpool’s best player this campaign, with or without his bite.  With interest coming from Bayern Munich and Real Madrid, Suarez wants a move.  Liverpool, despite positive acquisitions in the past 6 months such as Coutinho and Sturridge, have missed out on Champions League football yet again and a player like Suarez needs to be seen on the biggest stage. He most recently stated his desire to leave and his ‘come and get me’ plea won’t be left unanswered for long.  This move also may be best for him for personal reasons, leaving behind a horrible two years marred by racist taunts, handshake issues and copious amount of diving.

2.      Gareth Bale

Speaking of diving, the Welshman does have a soft spot for Tottenham, the team that has seen him progress from a flimsy left back into one of the world’s most dangerous wingers.  He may not be the complete package but he is close to it.  He can beat defenders with his pace, shoot from a distance (and boy can he shoot), while also crossing and excelling at set pieces.  With Barcelona having already signed Neymar, Bale may be destined to join Madrid or Manchester City, but his price may come as a hindrance to most teams.  Bale’s agent has been doing the newspaper rounds and discussing his client’s bright future, but Bale may want to show his dedication to the North London club by sticking around one season, as if almost single handedly qualifying them for the Champions League wasn’t enough.

3.      Carlos Tevez

The Argentine who has split decisions and cities will be on his way out.  His season was mediocre despite impressing after coming back from his hiatus last year.  City may want to offload the player or use him as a sweetener in a deal to get Cavani or Falcao.  While Tevez is a perennial whiner, when on the pitch he will give his best for the team. At 29, this is his last chance to impress his suitors and improve his tattered image.  Tevez, unlike other washed up strikers, was never bad and has consistently been able to play with another striker and score goals.  His addition to any team will in no doubt be beneficial.

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