Mexico vs Italy and Spain vs Uruguay, Confederations Cup, Group Stage: Open Thread

After Brazil’s impressive 3-0 victory against Japan yesterday, we have a double treat on hand today as Mexico plays Italy (2:30pm ET, ESPN/WatchESPN) and Spain faces Uruguay (5:45pm ET, ESPN/WatchESPN).

In the first match today, Mexico battles Italy at the Maracana, the rebuilt stadium in Rio de Janeiro. Andrea Pirlo will earn his 100th cap for Italy today, while Italy coach Cesare Prandelli says there’s “a good possibility” that striker Mario Balotelli will play despite recently suffering an injury. In the Mexico camp, the team is reeling from a poor run of form in CONCACAF World Cup qualifying, so El Tri will want to put on a good performance to help keep Jose Manuel “Chepo” de la Torre in his job.

Later today, current World and European champion Spain takes on Uruguay in Belo Horizonte. After beating Haiti and Ireland in warmup matches for the tournament, Spain will be in confident mood against a more unpredictable Uruguay side. This one could end up being an entertaining match especially if Uruguay are able to take the lead to force Spain to open up.

Before, during or after today’s matches, join the conversation in the comments section below with football supporters around the globe.

12 thoughts on “Mexico vs Italy and Spain vs Uruguay, Confederations Cup, Group Stage: Open Thread”

  1. open question about Mexico’s it lack of talent? is it the Manager or a combination? they have been awful before this year they were automatic at the Azteca now they can’t buy a win. i don’t think the CONCACAF competition has stepped it up as much as Mexico has fallen. just wondering.

    1. I think they are a tad overrated personally, they seriously lack a creative play maker in midfield and depend too much on Chicha and Dos Santos. Most CONCACAF teams (well all of them) bunker against them and its hard for Mexico to break them down.

      I still think they will qualify for the World Cup but to me they aren’t dark horses, they are a Round of 16 team at best

  2. Is today’s ESPN broadcast of the game featuring English-speaking Latin American commentators the future of the game on US television? Not the talent themselves, but the format of including more of a Latin-American friendly broadcast?

    The Gaffer

  3. Yesterday the Japan goalie, today Corona, both are legitimately afraid to try and catch this ball…this thing is a swerving machine in the air…did Adidas not learn after the Jabulani disaster? Are they bent on ruining another major tournament?

    Penalty on Pirlo, not sure how the ref didn’t call this one…

  4. Mexico’s getting outplayed…what a bad defensive mistake for the penalty, out of nothing…

    Mexico’s defense looks very shaky…

    How come Dos Santos can’t replicate his national team form for club?

  5. 2:1 Italia w/ 2 mins to play. The score, if it stays the same, flatters Mexico…Italians have been at least 2 classes over the Mexicans and have dominated majority of possession and chances…not much to say about Pirlo that hasn’t been said already…another master class performance by him…

  6. Kudos to Roberto Martinez for putting up w/Lalas with a straight face!

    Bored with this Spain-Uruguay match. Someone, please rip Spain down from their pedestal and make this tournament interesting!

  7. Faul against Soldado and a red card…come one, ref…ridiculous…

    Kids should be watching today and learning how to play the beautiful game: watch Pirlo, watch Espana…another masterclass from them…a team where the best player in the Premier League, Mata, doesn’t start…enough said…

    Taking back the comment against the new ball: 2 beautiful goals from free kicks today: at least this ball can dip…

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