Liverpool Should Retain Some of Their Dignity And Let Luis Suarez Go

At a press conference and again in a recent interview, the temperamental Uruguayan striker Luis Suarez has expressed his desire to leave Liverpool Football Club to ply his trade in another country, due to him feeling unfairly singled out by the UK press.  The Suarez question is the first major transfer test for Rodgers this summer and, if the Northern Irishman and the Liverpool board have any sense, they should do their best to cash in on Suarez as soon as possible.

There is no doubt that Suarez is currently one of the best footballers in the world. No one can argue his work ethic and his drive to win – week in week out.  Without a doubt, Liverpool have benefitted from his close to 40 goals since his now bargain transfer from Ajax two years ago.  However, the club has paid too high a price with their image and reputation, employing a player with such serious character flaws.

Even with his despicable World Cup hand ball and previous ban for biting a player at Ajax, Liverpool rightfully took a gamble by signing the talented striker.   Players make mistakes, even the great ones have faltered with a rush of blood to the head: Cantona, Rooney, Beckham, Leonardo, etc   Yet they have bounced back with a sense of humility, remorse, or maturity by trying their hardest not to let their club, fans, and most importantly themselves down as easily as before. But not Suarez.

In his two and a half seasons at Anfield, Suarez has managed to get himself banned for over 20 matches, with the club publicly standing by him even as they took some deserving hits on their reputation with some ill-advised methods of defending their star striker.  Can you imagine any other club sanctioning its players to wear T-shirts in support of a player (even if only accused) of assaulting his wife? How about “allegedly” racially abusing a fellow player?  A desperate Liverpool did exactly that.

On top of overlooking Suarez’s habitual diving and simulation, Dalglish and Rodgers  rarely substituted Suarez out of games, outside of the final 10 minutes. Nor they did impose the same tactical discipline on Suarez that was required of the rest of the squad.   In trying to hold on to arguably the only other world class player it has outside of an aging Gerrard, Liverpool – in its desperation to placate Suarez – have violated a major tenet dearly held during their glory days: They have put a player above the club.

One can see why Liverpool would be tempted to do such a thing. They have had to suffer the humiliation from seeing their 90’s starlets in Michael Owen and Steve McManaman leave Anfield to “win things,” to losing star players like Javier Mascherano and Fernando Torres.  And with Liverpool’s checkbooks held tightly in the hands of the club’s American owners, mitigating the departure of top players with quality – albeit mercenary replacement, the way Manchester City or Chelsea can – is hardly an option.

With the sight of Champions League football increasingly remote at Anfield, most Reds fans have instinctively known that the shelf life on Suarez’s stint at the club would be two or three years at best.  Liverpool should not give up any more of its soul to put off the inevitable.  The club must cash in now.

Suarez’s nihilism goes against everything Shankly, Paisley and Fagan stood for in putting the club and team first.  Suarez is not an archetypal hot-head with ostensibly uncontrollable emotion.  Everything the Uruguayan has been accused of has been done with the pathological, cold-hearted, calculated, cynicism of a modern footballer who knows that — as long as he can score goals and top clubs desperate for instant gratification, and are ready to write big checks — there is little reason to accept responsibility for anything, including honoring a contract.

Liverpool will find it difficult to replace Suarez’s footballing class or replicate his energy and goals in their tedious quest for former glory.  However, they will be better off, partially regaining the one thing held precious during their glorious past – their honor.

Tell me what you think.  Should Liverpool try to hold on to Suarez at all costs or should they try to cash in?

51 thoughts on “Liverpool Should Retain Some of Their Dignity And Let Luis Suarez Go”

  1. I’m not sure I agree that dignity is at stake, everyone knows this is a business and LFC have got to do whatever puts them in the best position to improve. The team would have be much further down the table without his production.

    I would rather them try to keep him for another season and try to maximize their potential as the team they are now with whatever additions they can make this summer, as opposed to cashing in on Suarez and potentially struggling to lure anyone to Anfield with the extra cash flow.

    Bottom line, Suarez antics aren’t going to diminish what continental European clubs are willing to pay as long as he scores goals. Another year why not?

    1. Not actually true. The team would have finished in the exact same league position without him or his goals. Throughout the season, he scored some good goals but none of them were essentials in aiding us where others failed… he often netted when the team was already steamrolling.

      Liverpool is a very proud city and when the club and its fans publicly backed him, having him come out and say what he has is like a slap in the face, especially with the reasons he gave about the press etc… everything the press have dished out is purely down to Luis’ OWN actions. Completely brought on by himself so it’s remarkable how he can suddenly no longer stand the words written and said about him at the same time Madrid try to turn his head through the press.

      Liverpool will continue to move on just fine without him. He’s a fantastic player at times – that much can’t be denied – but he’s not such a massive difference that people think he is.

      1. Saurez makes 2 and 3 opposition players obsolete with fear so never underestimate his strength within the team. Why else would Ferguson use the little garden gnome, who will always be made to look like a statue, his only tactic was to play the racist card because on Saurez’ worst day he will always make MU’s defenders look like donkeys.

  2. Its racist comments like that which has forced Suarez to make the decisions he has. I grew up with racism and fully understand his comments against the media and the FA, the difference was they hardened me so much that I lashed out and hurt many a pillock and those I could not beat soon controlled the mouths but its seems fair-game for cowards to attack those that cannot retaliate.

  3. You say dignity which implies that they had any to begin with. With their reputation in the mud and an ever declining status in the EPL, it’s like a rat deserting a sinking ship.

    1. “You say dignity which implies that they had any to begin with”

      Seriously? Coming from a Man Utd fan that is laughable.
      The McDonalds of football.

  4. What a load of nonsense. Of course, your anti-Liverpool agenda is obvious with your quote at the end of the article:

    “Liverpool will find it difficult to replace Suarez’s footballing class or replicate his energy and goals in their tedious quest for former glory. However, they will be better off, partially regaining the one thing held precious during their glorious past – their honor.”

    Aren’t ALL clubs chasing glory or should that goal only belong to to the nouveau elite of today’s football?

    Liverpool want to retain Suarez because he scores goals in the Premier League. Lots of them. If Liverpool agree to sell Suarez because having him on the roster scoring goals somehow impunes their “honor” then what does that say about the clubs eagerly waiting to buy him such as Real Madrid and Bayern Munich? Is their honor somehow immune from being stained if THEY buy the player?

    Gareth Bale received 4/6 yellow cards this season for diving. Should Spurs sell him on to protect their “honor”? And in one of the most immoral acts in a long time Ryan Giggs conducted a sexual relationship with his sister in law for years that caused shame when broken by the press. Should Man United have sold him to to protect THEIR honor? John Terry received a 4 match ban for racially abusing Anton Ferdinand. I must admit I must have missed your article suggesting that Chelsea should do the honorable thing and sell him so that their honor could remain intact.

    If Liverpool sell Suarez, it will be because he wants to move on and remaining at Anfield is not in the strikers plans. It’s unlikely that Liverpool will be able to replace a player of Suraez’ footballing class but if he IS sold, they’ll have to play a little moneyball and replace the goals over two or three players. But there is absolutely NO WAY that they will be better off without Suarez, despite the suggestions of many people (such as yourself) and their anti-Liverpool bias.

    Nick Geber

  5. liverpool should let him go’the club name is big than any player name suarez is a good player;!but suarez the one to blem for all bcos his not the only south america in england ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  6. The question of whether Liverpool should sell Suarez now is one worthy of debate, but I don’t think it should be a matter of restoring honor to the club. He’s become an easy whipping boy for other supporters. His antics can be over the top, and I understand why he is hated outside of Liverpool. But, so what? Since when should a club or its supporters care what other clubs’ supporters think or want?

    The point about how many matches he has been banned over what will be two-three seasons is what concerns me most. At what point will Suarez realize he is hurting the club and supporters and rein himself in. Whether he feels he is being unfairly singled out or not, he has to realize the disadvantage the club are at when he is forced to miss several matches.

    However, if he hands in a transfer request and Liverpool are offered fair value, I can’t see the club retaining him.

    Beyond all that, why is it that English football supporters are so willing to overlook the indiscretions of their own players when passing judgment on others (particularly Johnnie Foreigner)?

    Has Prime Minister Cameron commented yet on the British Lions player who bit an opponent last week? No? I didn’t think so.

    1. The anti-Liverpool agenda is from 2 sources.

      1. People who were fans of OTHER teams during Liverpool’s Division 1 and Euro dominance who have that uniquely English trait of enjoying watching the downfall of the once mighty (schadenfreude)

      2. People who were either in pre-school, not born yet or living outside the UK (and watching OTHER sports) during Liverpool’s glory days who somehow feel that by being “anti” Liverpool they will ingratiate themselves with 1st group mentioned above thereby indirectly bestowing on them some extra bona fides for their footballing knowledge and experience.

      Much like the bevy of new Chelsea fans who eagerly parroted the “Rafa Out” campaign yet were probably still watching My Little Pony and playing softball when Rafa made his comments about CFC fans.

      I also love the articles like the one above by Sheldon talking of Liverpool’s lost Glory. Of course, he forgot to mention that up until CFC’s Europa Cup win last season, LFC were still the most successful English team in Europe of the last 10 years with a CL title, CL final and UEFA Cup.

      Just Sayin’

      1. Thats’ a bit of a stretch, Nick. We’re now a few footy generations in since Liverpool were a Euro force, and almost as long again since they won a league title. Liverpool isn’t falling; they’re down.

        As long as Liverpool make more international headlines for a player racially abusing others or biting opponents, than actually playing games, they are harming the brand. Since the brand is key to getting the finances necessary to buy the number of quality players necessary to get back to Champions’ League status, Suarez is doing more harm than good.

        As for whether or not it’s likely Sheldon would have written a “Cantona OUT” article, odds are, YES. Many, including United many supporters were declaring him too far gone. It would not have been a stretch, or a surprising article, to see a blogger promote United cutting ties to save face. Of course, United were actually winning things with Cantona, which does add a wrinkle that’s not part of Suarez’s situation.


      2. Can’t really disagree with what you say about the anti-Liverpool crowd.

        For what extremely little it is worth, I never had anything against you guys. And I go back far enough to where LFC was unambiguously one of the superpowers.

        I wish you guys well, in fact. Football will be better and more interesting with a very strong Liverpool duking it out for the League title and UCL slots.

  7. By the way, as a follow up to my response, I wonder if Sheldon would have called for Man United to sell Cantona after his Karate Kick in order to protect THEIR honor.

    I think not.

    1. As a neutral (I support Arsenal) I can tell you that in my eyes Suarez is a despicable little toerag. What Cantona did was wrong but he did it to another toerag who deserved what he got thus making Cantona a little more sympathetic.

      As for your Liverpool anti-agenda folk. Please. Most people just dont like players using racist language to try and get a reaction from a player on a yellow and who go around biting people in different leagues. Its as simple as that. I’d hate Drogba, Van Persie or Bale just the same if they were guilty of it. Suarez was actually guilty of it.

      1. I’m a Liverpool fan and I totally agree. Liverpool fans have got to get real. He’s not liked because of his behaviour. Not because he’s South American (we’ve had tons of South American players in this country from Mirandinha, Juninho, Poyet, Edu, Hernandez, Ramires, Sandro etc… no one cares), not because we were successful in the 80s (why don’t they hate Everton players?). It’s just him. He behaves too poorly too often and is not repaying the club with the same respect that we treated him. He has no class and we need to move on.

  8. When somebody makes a serious bid this article might have some point, but nobody has. Madrid want to offer a Torres like figure and Suarez wants to put in a transfer request and waive his ‘loyalty’ bonus then I am sure Liverpool will consider it.

  9. Suarez said today all the transfer talk is by the press. So we should take that as he’s going nowhere and close this thread down.

    Liverpool need to get rid of Big Brenda not Suarez.

      1. No, it actually isn’t. Answering a question about playing for RM by saying “well, it’s a dream of every player to have a chance with such a huge club” isn’t the same as saying “I want to play for them”. Rather than reading the silly season interpretations, go to the source.

        1. Yeah it is. He doesn’t need to answer these questions. Or he could just say that he’s under contract at Liverpool and doesn’t wish to talk about playing for any other club. It’s quite easy really. Especially in a recorded interview where he would have the opportunity to vet the questions first. Very easy to word up a standard answer without talking about Real Madrid and baiting them to make an offer.

        2. Also his comments amount to “I’m unhappy in England. It would be a dream to play for Real Madrid and I wouldn’t say no. But they haven’t made any contact yet but we’ll see”. Are we being so pernickety that we do not interpret his comments as a come and get me? If a girl said loud enough for you to hear it “I’m unhappy with my boyfriend. It would be a dream to sleep with Aaron and I couldn’t say no. But he hasn’t made contact so we’ll see” would you not think that you’re on a promise and would you not assume that her boyfriend wouldn’t be too happy about her saying it? I seriously don’t understand the clamour to protect Suarez and blame others when essentially he is trying to put pressure on the club to lower his fee. He could just put in a transfer request but then he isn’t eligible for sign on fees. His behaviour means that we get stuffed financially and receive less money to adequately replace him. He is working AGAINST the club and IN FAVOUR of Real Madrid. You can’t possibly support the man over the club surely?

  10. I see the author missed out Giggs, who was caught banging his brother’s wife. And Ferguson’s son who was caught doing bungs with transfer fees. Then there is the mass brawl utd players were involved in, which ended with them being deducted points. The list goes on and on but I’m sure you get the point.
    How anyone who follows such a bunch of delinquents thinks they have a case to have a dig at Suarez is beyond me.

    1. But Giggs issue was a private family matter and nothing to do with football. Only gossip mags were bothered to condemn him. Football writers (rightly) didn’t care. Man U were rightly punished for the tunnel brawl. I don’t get your point. I don’t know if the writer is a Man U fan but the point remains that we’ve over indulged Suarez and he now thinks that it’s appropriate to openly tout himself to Real Madrid in a bid to put pressure on the club to lower his price tag as a reward. It’s despicable behaviour and we can’t keep supporting a man who is now working to benefit Real Madrid’s transfer budget as opposed to ours.

      1. The article suggests that Liverpool should sell Suarez to restore their “honor” as they continue on their “tedious quest for former glory”

        That’s the issue. The bias.

        Agree 100% Suarez is a mug who brought most of this on himself. Not unlike most other self-indulged footballers who have acted like idiots at various points in their career. If LFC can benefit from his sale, they should. If they can’t then they shouldn’t. But they CERTAINLY should sell him as the article suggests in order to restore some sort of lost honor. Ridiculous.

      2. Oh and one other thing.. the Giggs thing is only relevant because the discussion is “honor” and thereby behaviour that is “dishonorable”. If the author hadn’t suggested that LFC sell in order to restore their honor I wouldn’t be this irritated.

        1. Nice one Nick. Your opinion is always cherished. In close to my near 30 year support of Liverpool, I had no idea I haboured an “anti-Liverpool bias.”

          I never said that Liverpool should sell Suarez just to preserve their honour. I would love Suarez to stay.

          However, for someone the Club has publicly backed time after time, only to be repeatedly let down, from a player whose only form of thanks comes in the way of publicly negotiating his own transfer away from the Club.

          I think we must come the realization that “he’s just not into us” and stop trying to hold on like an insecure lover.

          This is not the way of the Liverpool greats: Barnes, Rush, or your beloved McDermott.

          1. Well in my near 46 years of Liverpool support, I have yet to find such a poorly worded article. It is littered with anti Liverpool bias and could only be written by someone with either a moaning complex or is not a liverpool supporter at all.

            Nick is spot on with his honour call, your article goeson and on about hobour, but football lost that years ago, there is no point us trying to be the stalwarts of honour if the FA itself has none.
            Liverpool has come to the realization that if a player wants to leave he can, BUT we set the price.

            I don’t care about his antics, I care about his goals and his desire to win, that will pass off to the other players.
            If we have to appear with as little honour as say man utd, then so be it.

          2. @5 Times, nice one fella. Thanks for your input.

            In your 46 years, let’s hope you’ve read more articles than just this one.

            I agree with you, Liverpool should get the price they want for Suarez.

            Perhaps my writing is indeed poor. I never meant to imply the Club sell players on just protecting their honour, we are not cub scouts or jedi knights.

            I just believe that Liverpool should have the self confidence to let all of its players know that no one is above the club.

  11. Pls liverpool should not sale suarez we need him very much next season oooooo rodger don’t let him go no matter d amount of money any clud bring or price him,he is our top player his not 4sale let tell d other club dat suarez is not 4sale

  12. Honor Honor Honor

    tery sleeps with team mates wife. This is called:swim with the tide.did chelsea sell their honor to tery?or did PM speak of it that England captain should Honor the country?

    Cantona kungfu kick? Oh Fa told fergie 2 punish him n he wl b free bt Fa punishd him.did Man u sel him 2 protect Club Honor?
    Wat about premier leaque all time legend Ryan gigs sleeping with his brother’s wife? Wasnt there Honor 2 protect?
    Racist terry ws given 4 match ban n armband …. . Where is the Honor?
    Bale 6 times booked 4 diving,did paparazi called cheat,where was jon champion advocating 4 man u 2 lebel luis a cheat?do spurs feel presure 2 sell hm coz he is a cheat?or did FA,the hypocrite,refuted 2 award him as a player of the year?
    The arsenal man, u can hate drogba coz he scores evry game he plays against arsenal.he is called mr arsenal.
    U cn hate Rvp coz he joined ur rival club bt dat snt suarez.he wld never play 4 man u lyk Rvp.

    Reds wil hang on2 suarez n is there 2 humiliate n terorize other clubs.lyk it or not.
    He s de player of the year in the eyes of world

  13. While I agree with everyone here that Suarez is the scum of the earth and has destroyed what little was left of Liverpool Fc reputation around the world I still have no problem with the handball in the World Cup.

    In fact if I remember correctly Paul Scholes did something similar in a league game except the resulting penalty was scored.

    Poor Bill shankly will be turning in his grave at the way Liverpool are viewed these days. When they sell Luis the racist don’t be surprised if they end up with a world class player like Darren Bent.

    1. “Scum of the earth”? The man has a family, so show a little decency and stop dehumanizing him. Do you know his family can’t even go outside of Liverpool because the people are so hostile? This is based on a rabid press which has turned antics on the football pitch into unforgivable sins to be met with full vitriol and even violence. Are those the people you want to be associated with, the kind who scare a family into staying indoors because they fear for the safety of their young daughter? If so, perhaps you’re not far beyond “scum” yourself.

      1. He’s scum not because of what he did but because he refuses to accept responsibility for his actions. To this day he still blames everyone else for everything that has happened.

        Maybe he he took at how Sergio Garcia handled the media after his racial slur on Tiger woods. Garcia accepted what he said was wrong and apologized. He DIDN’T blame anybody else for his actions whereas Suarez didn’t even have the balls to say sorry directly to Evra for racially abusing him. Lets not forget Suarez was the one that said he expected a apology from Evra when he found not guilty.

        Suarez is a worthless piece of $h*t that deserves everything he gets in my opinion.

        1. Oops sorry for the swear word gaffer. I accept full responsibility for my actions and will accept any ban you or the FA hand out. I won’t even ask my fellow posters to wear t-shirts in a show of support.

        2. Wow. So he deserves violence to be visited on him and possibly his family because of what happens on a football pitch? What a twisted world you live in. I honestly HATE people like you. Hopefully you’ll get what you “deserve” soon enough.

        3. I hate having to go over this again, but you persist, so here goes again …

          There is no evidence that Suarez racially abused Evra. The kangaroo court at the FA decided he was “guilty” but no court of law would have as there was no evidence. Evra made a claim, then changed the claim, doesn’t speak Spanish, no one else on the pitch heard any such racial abuse, yet the FA (with its ties to ManU) decided he had. Chicharito also has used the term Suarez admitted to using, which isn’t intended as derogatory. But he’s not racist, right?

          But, by all means, continue on in your glass house.

    2. “has destroyed what little was left of Liverpool Fc reputation”

      What little was left? Sorry but apart from the obvious Man Utd and Everton hatred, most fans feel the same about LIverpool as any other team that isn’t their own. Perhaps you should be worrying about your own team and their manager who has never won a damn thing.

  14. I think if Suarez wants to go then Liverpool have the right to pursue top dollars for him. If he stays then he is a top player for them simple as that. All that other bollocks about racism and self righteous scum-of-the-earth talks have no place in the game and will undoubtedly blow over once he scores his next goal. And yes in this case we can all see that the author is biased so make what you will of that.

  15. get rid of the ignorant POS.what a stain on LFC and the EPL.who made you call Evra a racist name who made you bite the player in the Dutch League and Ivanovic?Just Leave Already!

  16. If Suarez were playing for your team you would think differently. He is hated by opposition fans who would look the other way if it were one of their players who acted as he has. It should be left to his club to decide what’s good.

    It is not as if Suarez has not been punished for his indiscretions. He has received heavy bans, even if it were overly harsh as some former players have commented on. Whether he should go or not is for Liverpool to decide. Every club has at one time or another had players who were less than “dignified” in how they conducted themselves. And each club has acted in their self-interest in determining what to do about it. The Suarez case is no different.

    If Suarez has his way he will be gone. But that decision is his and the club’s to sort out.

  17. S-U-A-R-E-Z!!! Public enemy,mercenary,rabid dog/carnivorous animal,racist,and it goes on.
    Thanks to the British press and his own fallibility,Suarez is the most hated,insulted and scorned player in England. Even the Prime Minister got into the act of insulting Suarez instead of facing his Political and economic problems.
    No team let’s it’s best player go just because all their rivals hate him or he has some demons that rare its head “occasionally”. Fergie once said remove the fire from Rooney and you can never have the same player.
    Suarez has always spoken of his love,loyalty and admiration for Liverpool and he also has the right to get fed-up of the taunts and hatred of Britons. I believe Liverpool are handling his disciplinary issues internally,and are also doing the right thing to show love,support and defend their best player who to me is also very loyal to the club.
    – I’m a Man Utd fan!

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