Which Premier League Made the Best Manager Hire? Everton, United, Chelsea or City?

A brief leadership vacuum emerged in the Premier League’s upper echelon at season’s end. But even though Chelsea, Everton, Manchester City and Manchester United moved swiftly to fill the void with Jose Mourinho, Roberto Martinez, Manuel Pellegrini and David Moyes respectively, each manager steps into a precarious position.

Can Roberto Martinez deliver Champions League football to Everton as he promised? Everton’s finances, and thus its league position, are perennially precarious. Martinez will be up against it just to keep Everton near the big boys with another threadbare squad that may lack several of his predecessor’s best players.

Will the Jose Mourinho sequel surpass the original? Chelsea achieved everything save the Champions League under his first reign. His inability to bring Europe’s greatest prize back to the Bernabeu caused his most recent departure. If Mourinho doesn’t parade “Big Ears” for Stamford Bridge like he did for Porto and Inter, then Roman Abramovich may once again feel that familiar itch in his trigger finger.

Manuel Pellegrini faces similar pressure at Manchester City. Winning the Premier League, FA Cup and wearing a scarf with aplomb were not enough for Roberto Mancini. Pellegrini will not be afforded much time to conquer the continent with City’s star-studded squad.

David Moyes faces the toughest task of the four. He must replace one of the greatest managers in world football history while continuing to attract the best talent in the world to maintain Manchester United’s place at the pinnacle of English and European football. Sir Alex Ferguson gave Manchester United a unique appeal amongst the many clubs with the means to pay for the world’s best players. Moyes may have the least length of leash with which to find his way, as the club never finished below third place under Ferguson in the Premier League era.

So which club made the best hire in light of each’s circumstances? That’s for you to decide.

16 thoughts on “Which Premier League Made the Best Manager Hire? Everton, United, Chelsea or City?”

  1. Moyes will take Utd back to the cave.

    Martinez after suffering Everton’s largest thrashing in their history will start to bawl after Dave Whelan tells him “come back to Wigan Roberto, all is forgiven”

    The new bloke at City is either going to succeed brilliantly or fail miserably. No in between.

    Mourinho is the only one with pedigree.

  2. Or will Mark Hughes revert to his Blackburn days and make Stoke a Top 10 contender?

    Your exclusion of Stoke’s hire of Mark Hughes from the story is typical of the “blinkers on” mentality that is constantly fixated on the top 6 clubs. It’s like no one else even exists.

    I realize Stoke are a small club. I understand we finished 13th last year. I get that Hughes was not a glamour signing, but the story line on how Stoke does this season could be very interesting.

    Some are already picking Stoke to get relegated (again), but I’m not sure why. The defense is sound and if Hughes can instill just a little more offensive bunch, then I think the Potters’ future looks pretty bright.

    Hughes arguably has the least pressure on him of all the new managers. We don’t expect to vie for the title or make Champions League or even Europa. Our expectations are that we can do better than we did last year. That’s it.

    In order to do that Stoke do not need to spend mounds of cash over the summer. A couple of modest signings and a new offensive system should see us through quite comfortably, thank you.

    I will not argue that Hughes is the best manager hire, but as you pointed out the other four all have a whole lot more to lose. I’m thinking that is going to work in his favor (and Stoke’s) when all is said and done.

    Goarrnnnn STOKE! :-)

    1. I don’t doubt that Mark Hughes can do good things at Stoke, if they can make waves next season the Prem will be better for it. Plus it never hurts to have Abby Clancy in the news.

  3. Regardless of whether or not you like Jose Mourinho, there is no comparison between his career achievements and those of the other managers on this list.

    This is an easy win for Chelsea, though I do rate David Moyes.

  4. i think mourihno was the best signing because he’s already won trophies at chelsea at knows how things work at the club. he’ll bring in quality players. all of them were good though

  5. Haven’t we seen this exact same article before? Trying to make the vote count more respectable for your advertisers?

  6. Mou has class and pedigree, and he understands the cfc, the rest coach are stepping into an unknown terrain which is a disadvantage to them, I think Mou will surely win more trophies than the rest.

  7. D 4 coaches are all good in their various capacity,but i tipped mou 2win more trophy dan d rest due 2 his professionalisim nd achivement in his previous job.

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