José Mourinho Damaged Spanish Football, Says Andrés Iniesta: Daily Soccer Report

Spain and Barcelona midfielder Andres Iniesta shared his disgust for Jose Mourinho and his brand of football during an interview today with El Pais newspaper.

Here’s what he’s quoted as saying:

“You just have to look at the facts. Yes he damaged Spanish football, in general more harm than good. But I don’t like talking about that person at all. So if you don’t mind, we’ll leave it at that.”

In Mourinho’s psyche, he’ll probably see Iniesta’s quote as a victory in that he was able to get under the skin of one of the Barcelona legends.

What do you think? Did Mourinho do more harm than good to Spanish football while he was manager at Real Madrid? Or are Iniesta’s words just down to the rivalry between Real Madrid and Barcelona? Have your say in the comments section below.

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22 thoughts on “José Mourinho Damaged Spanish Football, Says Andrés Iniesta: Daily Soccer Report”

  1. To hear Barça players complain that the guy who kicked them off their perch for a bit “destroyed football” is…. unsurprising.

    I’m not going to crap on Barça – they’re a brilliant side. However, they’re also an incredibly arrogant group in the sense that you either lose to them or you “wren’t playing football”. They’re very “Wengerian” in the way they complain that losses were due to anti-footballing behaviour.


    1. Its funny how their idea of what “football is” is contrary to the very basis of how the sport was created and how other codes of football are. Soccer was a very physical game and still is in Britain and even the MLS but in Latin America and Southern Europe they have basically turned the game into basketball on grass where a push or brush off is a foul. When they see hard tackling no nonsense soccer that Mourinho used they call it antifootball when in reality it was the very style that was used in the creation of the game.

  2. Real scored more goals over the 3 season Jose was in charge. Also Spanish soccer is broken because of its lack of far revenue sharing. I wonder how much longer the different divisions of soccer are going to be able to survive with Spain’s economy in the toilet.

  3. No the diving and disportionate income of all the other teams that are aren’t Madrid or Barca destroyed Spanish football. Spainish soccer is dying slowly. The economy of Spain doesnt help either.

    1. “Spanish soccer is dying slowly”? Last time I checked Spain had won two European titles in a row sandwiched with World Cup title.

      1. Yes, but those titles were won by essentially, the same group of players. The Spanish national team is composed mostly of Barca and Real Madrid players, along with those who play in foreign leagues. Outside of, and to a certain extent including, those two teams, Spanish soccer is declining. Their economy is tanking and with it are the lower divisions, and the bottom tier La Liga sides. The top of Spanish soccer may look great right now, but the rest of it is on the precipice of shambles. And without that strong infrastructure at the bottom, the top will look much different in the near future.

        1. Yet for all their woes Spain has been producing top quality players on the scale that can support multiple national teams. The foundation and youth system they have built should last them for at least decade or so. On the top of that for players in Latin America La Liga is still preferred destination in Europe. That gives Spain steady influx of top quality relatively inexpensive talent. This combination doesn’t seem to me as recipe for decline at least in a near term.
          Finally, though UK economy is doing better atm it cannot sustain EPL alone any more either. EPL is now a global business competing with La Liga and likes in the global markets. As long as La Liga continues to dominate in Latin American markets and maintain respectable market share in Asia and North America domestic woes will mean relatively little to their top clubs.

          1. “Yet for all their woes Spain has been producing top quality players on the scale that can support multiple national teams. The foundation and youth system they have built should last them for at least decade or so.”

            They said the same thing about France in the 98-2000 era. It didn’t last a decade and the fall was significant. It makes you wonder if France will *ever* reclaim that level of success.

            That can easily happen to Spain too.


  4. Mourinho is hardly “anti-football” is he. But he can be when he has to.

    Iniesta is probably still smarting from Jose’s 10 man Inter (thanks to a despicable Busquets,) refusing to break down and capitulate to Barca’s self-entitled football circus, on their way to winning their 3rd cup.

    Also, the fact that a Chelsea team with Mourinho’s fingerprints on it, did it again, a season ago. Two less European Cups must hurt.

    Unlike Ferguson, Wenger, and Milan’s Allegri, who are used to being humiliated by falling into Barca’s “let’s all play pretty football” trap. Jose has the anti-dote and they know it.

  5. You have to love the transfer stories. “Mourinho open to offers for Chelsea’s Mata and Luiz…” Yep. That’ll take them right to the top.

  6. Iniesta’sview is actually shared by several Real Madrid players who thought that Jose’s physical and defensive tactics against Barcelona was not playing to Madrid’s strength. Jose stifled Ozil so much so that players like Ramos publicly came out in support of Ozil.

    Just watch some of the Madrid vs Barcelona games and you will see Madrid kicking Barcelona all over the pitch. It was only after Madrid were down in the first leg of the Copa del Ray against Barcelona that Jose turned them loose and they almost won the tie (they lost on goal difference). From that point on Madrid played less physically against Barcelona.

  7. Uh-oh, Psycho Stu feeling the heat with the U-21s.

    Great guy. Great taste in music. But as a manager? Not so much.

    1. Great Forest hero sorry to see him struggle with U-21.great player pick your sport most great players never make good coach manager etc.

  8. Whats harming spanish football is Barca and real holding all the cash so the league can’t develop.

    I’m sure given the chance Barca and Real would be happy to leave La Liga and join a euro super league.

    They are who they are in football because of their strangle hold over the country;s football league… their “Second” division is dominated by B teams from the top two… horrible structure…

    His club and Real Madrid are responsible for damaging La Liga

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