FFS: Memories of the Premier League Season That Was 2012/13 [VIDEO]

Friday Football Special, the video show, is back with parts one and two of their look back at the 2012-13 Premier League season.

The regular cast of characters bring you the best bits of FFS from this past year. Quality!

Part 1:

The season has come to an end and you’d think we have nothing to do, but there is. Yes, Everton, Chelsea and Man City have to appoint a manager, but let’s look backwards before looking forwards… it’s what most Liverpool have to do. The EPLTalk Award Winning show brings you the first of their “Best of” show made up of the clips that you have requested and loved. So, relax, pull your own pint, sink it and then get a round in for the lads.

Part 2:

Torres was crap. Fergie was calling time, but not until he stretched it. Chelsea FC wanted a new manager even though they had appointed one who would win another European trophy. Howard Webb started the the campaign to make Fergie President of the UK. And there were more players on loan than the amount of loans given out by British banks… and they wouldn’t celebrate a goal against a team they used to sell programmes for. What a season it was. It was 2012/13. It was the “best of” times.

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