Argentina vs Colombia and Jamaica vs United States, International Matches: Open Thread

The United States men’s national team plays Jamaica tonight in a crucial World Cup qualifier match. The game, which is being played in Kingston, is being shown live on beIN SPORT at 9:30pm ET.

In other matches today,

> Argentina faces Colombia, which will be shown live on beIN SPORT at 6:05pm ET tonight.

> At 10pm ET tonight, Panama plays Mexico in the World Cup qualifying match. For viewers in the United States, the game is being shown live on Telemundo.

> Peru and Ecuador meet on Matchday 13 of CONMEBOL’s 2014 World Cup qualifying tournament at the Estadio Nacional in Lima Peru, and streaming coverage will be available on starting at 10:15 p.m. ET tonight.

Before, during or after any of the matches tonight, join the conversation in the comments section below.

15 thoughts on “Argentina vs Colombia and Jamaica vs United States, International Matches: Open Thread”

  1. I see why the ref gave out the 2 red cards, I wouldn’t have made that decision. Why spoil a great game w/ football w/ 2 red cards 25 minutes in…if you are not watching Argentina-Columbia, you are missing a great game. Both sides w/ some fantastic chances to score…both sides down to 10 men, Zapata and Higuain red carded…

    1. It”s a shame I missed the game. Thanks for the update Ivan. Watching the Jamaica-USA game now.

      The Gaffer

    2. Watched the game. Colombia frustrated Argentina, and Argentina does what Argentina does when it gets frustrated, flop. dive and moan. Was frustrating to watch.

      1. Ex hammer. What are they thinking? I’m worried it could be a return to the Jimmy Nicholl/Billy Bonds era of the mid 1990s. Jackett left him a pile of rubbish for a squad so Lomas has his work cut out.

        1. Trust me being a Forest fan i know about hiring a new manager and taking a step or two Jackett getting hammered for what he left or is it upper management getting hammered?

          1. Dunno. There will be a faction that takes an instant dislike to Lomas because of the West Ham connection. But apparently he is a bit of a hard b*stard so he could fit right in!

  2. Excellent run down the right wing by Graham Zusi to create space and get the cross in. Very impressed.

    The Gaffer

    1. Wonderful composure by Evans to calmly slot that winner. Great win. Unimpressive performance.

      The Gaffer

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