Premier League Clubs Agree to Give TV Channels More Access to Players: Nightly Soccer Report

Premier League clubs have agreed a landmark deal that will have a profound impact on the TV experience of matches on television. They’ve agreed to give TV channels around the world more access to players, which means pre-match interviews and more insights and connections to bring the TV viewers closer to the game.

Under the new agreement, Premier League managers and one player per team will be required to conduct a brief interview when they arrive at the stadium. Plus clubs will have “mixed zones” after matches where the press can interview players. On top of that, clubs will be required to let one player each week be interviewed for 2 hours.

The move is seen as a way to satisfy rights holders around the world who are each spending millions of dollars to show the Premier League in their country. For viewers in the United States, the better access to the players and managers will hopefully make the NBC viewing experience even better when it kicks off on August 17.

What are your thoughts about the developments? Share them in the comments section below.

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10 thoughts on “Premier League Clubs Agree to Give TV Channels More Access to Players: Nightly Soccer Report”

  1. Gaffer,
    NBC related – I saw “Premier League World” already airing on NBCSN this evening. Several replays through the week per the on-screen guide.
    Any idea if there will be additional EPL related programming on the network prior to August?

    Also noticed FSC is also now showing only UCL/Europa replay games to fill their daily schedule, no EPL.

  2. It sucks that FSC didn’t jazz up the summer schedule by airing some of the best games in the channels history. I rather watch great matches from the past 15 years than watch replays of games from this past season personally.

    Great news about the clubs relenting to less restrictions on the players when it comes to doing media.

      1. IMG/Premier League Productions has every game in the Premier League history in their vault which rights holders can get access to. FSC has shown great games from the past. I think it comes down to if FSC wants to pay a bit extra to have access to those games.

        What I would have liked to have seen during the summer is FSC to air 10 to 25 great games from the vault from the FOX years as the rights holder of the Premier League.

        Those FA Cup shows were fantastic. FOX seems to air those shows 2 to 4 times a year.

    1. Kobashi, the sad thing is that FOX Soccer were running some excellent highlights last week of old FA Cup Finals from the 80s, but they didn’t tell anyone about it.

      I was hoping they would have run then this week too so I could have written an article about them. Oh well.

      The Gaffer

  3. I think overall it’s a good move to feature more player and manager interviews to enrich the viewing experience. 2 hours after the match does seem a little excessive.

  4. This has been sorely needed and is a positive step from the Premier League. Really looking forward to seeing this – especially with Holloway and Mourinho both returning to our screens!

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