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Andy Carroll Wants Pay-Rise to £100k-A-Week to Sign For West Ham: The Nightly EPL

andy carroll Andy Carroll Wants Pay Rise to £100k A Week to Sign For West Ham: The Nightly EPL

Andy Carroll is reportedly holding up a permanent transfer from Liverpool to West Ham because the striker wants a pay-rise to £100,000 per week.

If that’s true, who does Carroll think he is? He’s certainly not worth that type of money even though he can be a game changer for a team such as West Ham United. Carroll needs the Hammers just as much as the club needs him. If the story is true, then it sounds like the agent is the one that’s trying to stall and trying to earn a higher wage for his client.

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12 Responses to Andy Carroll Wants Pay-Rise to £100k-A-Week to Sign For West Ham: The Nightly EPL

  1. Marc L says:

    Where else could this immobile, greasy-haired donkey go? Stoke? After all, Clueless is inheriting a roster of hoof-ballers and has an established track record of spending ghastly amounts of money on useless, one-dimensional, oft-injured players.

    Nah, even Clueless isn’t that stupid. So STFU Carroll.

  2. Marc L says:

    Oh yeah, and this cracked me up from the category of “who does he think he is”:

    “Laurent Koscielny hints at Arsenal departure as trophy wait goes on”

    Dude, you do realize that you’re Laurent Koscielny, right?

  3. Mufc77 says:

    So Luis the racist is banned for eating an opponent and Stevie starfish has a dodgy shoulder and may miss the start of the season. Just as well they still have Henderson and Carroll to save the season.

  4. Tayo says:

    What a mercenary…. he is not worth 100,000 a week… at least 50,000-75,000

  5. brn442 says:

    You can’t fault a player to fight for wages he was probably getting on his previous, albeit, ridiculous contract.

    You can however – shake him like a baby whilst telling him he’s off his planet.

    Injuries aside – Carroll has done OK at Upton Park, a far cry from justifying anything close to 100,000 a week.

  6. David says:

    He is lucky to be making 80,000 pounds a week, thanks to the stupidity of Liverpool who not only overpaid for him but also gave him an over-inflated wage packet.

    West Ham are desperate to keep him as they cannot find another striker for less than the 15 million they are paying for him since their other targets would cost more or don’t want to join West Ham (Sevilla’s Negredo for example). West Ham were trying to get him to take less than 80,000 but he wants to keep his present wages so his tactic is to ask for more. I think in the end both sides will agree on something close to 80,000 with incentives. Carroll can go back to Liverpool at 80,000 but he will not play much and with the world cup places at stake he would prefer to be playing regularly. The fact that Newcastle, his preferred destination, are not prepared to bid for him means he has very little choice but to join West Ham. Unless another club comes in for him which is highly unlikely.

  7. Bruce Gottesman says:

    Andy doesn’t want to play for West Ham. He wants to go home to Newcastle, and has realized that forcing his way out was a huge mistake. So this is his way of saying, ok, I’ll go play where I don’t want to play, but only if you give me so much money I can’t turn it down.

  8. Richard Kujay says:

    What the heck? If Yossi Benayoun could earn ninety thousand pounds a week at Chelsea, why couldn’t Carrol?

    I truly believe that if some owner will pay what some people believe to be outrageous, let the man spend his money.

    As I used to say in the car business…give someone the opportunity to spend as much money as they are willing and capable.

  9. Sammy says:

    As much as Carroll would like to go back to Newcastle the problem is that Newcastle are not interested in him. Says a lot about what Newcastle think of him.

    The other problem with him is that he is injury-prone. He’s missed a lot of each season he has been in the EPL. That may be one reason why Newcastle don’t want him as well.

  10. Conor Canavan says:

    if andy carroll wants to make england’s world cup squad, he has to play regularly. it won’t happen at liverpool, so he should take every opportunity at west ham. he should be earning around 60,000 a week at most. he’s so bad

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