Jesus Navas Reveals Decision to Join Manchester City Was Made Months Ago: The Daily EPL

Sevilla have confirmed that the club has accepted an offer from Manchester City for winger Jesus Navas for a transfer fee believed to be around £24 million. The Spanish international will need to pass a medical before the transfer can be completed.

But surprisingly, Navas has said that he’s been in talks with Manchester City for four months. He said that Manchester City came in for him from the start, and that he’s looking forward to moving to England.

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5 thoughts on “Jesus Navas Reveals Decision to Join Manchester City Was Made Months Ago: The Daily EPL”

  1. I can’t believe the other clubs in Spain that are not Real or Barca haven’t rebelled against them. How could they just let them keep all that TV revenue and not share it with the rest of the clubs in the league. If this doesn’t get fixed soon La Liga is going to collapse in on itself and they will start loosing places in Europe.

    1. Been hearing that tune for years now, yet spanish clubs in general continue to outperform english clubs in Europe. Continue to believe they’re collapsing.

  2. According to Sevilla they were suprised at how high the City offer was which is why they acceped right away. I’ve never heard of a club saying another club over-payed for a player. Bizarre.

    1. ManCity probably didn’t realise he is probably going to be currled up in ball in his appartment wishing he was back in Sevilla.

  3. he’ll do well there but i can’t see him making a huge difference to the team like aguero or tevez did

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