Andros Townsend Banned For Four Months For Betting, Subject to Appeal

Tottenham midfielder Andros Townsend has been suspended by the English Football Association and fined £18,000 subject to an appeal.

“At an Independent Regulatory Commission hearing, Tottenham Hotspur’s Andros Townsend was suspended from all football and football activity for a period of four months, subject to any appeal, backdated to the 23 May 2013 when the player voluntarily withdrew from the England Under-21 squad,” read the statement from The FA.

“However, three months of the suspension is suspended until 1 July 2016 and will be automatically invoked upon a proven breach of The FA Betting Rules during that period. Townsend, who was also fined £18,000, was charged for breaches of FA Rule E8(b) for misconduct in relation to betting, which he admitted and requested a personal hearing.”

The ball is in Townsend’s court to see whether he decides to appeal the sanctioning or not.

7 thoughts on “Andros Townsend Banned For Four Months For Betting, Subject to Appeal”

  1. That’s a picture of a young Kyle Walker…not Andros Townsend.

    Townsend looked good at QPR during his loan stint and I’d like to see him used as cover on the wings in the coming season. If this suspension is going to keep him from contributing, Spurs may need to look elsewhere because I think some pace off the bench is needed to avoid exhausting Lennon (or Bale) during a long season.

  2. Looks harsh at first glance, but since three months are suspended until 2016 only if he breaks the rules again…it’s really only a 1 month suspension which started 2 weeks ago.

    And yes, that’s Walker not Townsend.

  3. What was he betting on? Players, coaches, and refs betting on sports in the US is a big no no, so I am just wondering what he was betting on and if it was soccer I think this is pretty lenient.

    1. The FA have released on details in regards to what Townsend was betting on, but reports are that it was nothing to do with match fixing.

      The Gaffer

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