Why Arsenal Can Challenge For The Premier League Title Next Season

The Arsenal trophy drought has been very well documented. For supporters so used to picking up silverware on a regular basis, it has certainly been a tough spell. The owners, the manager and the players having all been held accountable at one point or another.

But despite the eight barren years, Arsenal will be in a strong position to challenge for the top honors next season. Four determining factors seem to be falling favorably for them both internally and externally.

The Gunners are the only realistic title challengers that will not be subject to seismic changes this summer. Chelsea will have to adapt to yet another managerial change under Jose Mourinho, whereas both Manchester teams will also start the campaign with new bosses. United have turned to David Moyes, who has no history challenging for major trophies and City look set to appoint Manuel Pellegrini, who has no experience of working in the English game.

It would be fair to say that the leagues three best sides have all taken respective gambles in their appointments. As such, there is potential for instability at each club and an extending settling in period is not out of the question for any. If Chelsea, City or United are slow out of the blocks, then Arsenal can capitalize.

But what guarantee is there Arsenal are going to start positively? Well, for the first time in a while Arsene Wenger’s side look like a settled outfit going into a summer break. It almost seems as if they are the sole constant in a changing landscape within the upper reaches of the English game. Both in terms of management and playing staff. And as we shift our focus to Arsenal’s own development, it is perhaps the latter that will be of most encouragement to Gunners supporters.

Wenger will have a settled, cohesive squad to build upon without having to plug gaps left by departing stars. Over the course of the eight trophy-less years, the team have usually settled well in the latter stages of the season, before the sale of key men gives way to a rebuilding job in the summer. This is a cycle that has been repeated far too often for Gunners supporters’ liking.

This summer, you expect it might be broken. The current squad finished in typically strong fashion, picking up 26 points from the 30 on offer in their last 10 games. But this off-season Wenger is not expected to sell any of his key assets. Quite the opposite in fact, for Arsenal are expected to build on those solid foundations.

The team last year, in the main, stepped up after the sales of Robin Van Persie and Alex Song. In Van Persie’s absence, Theo Walcott took on the mantle of being the side’s main goal scoring threat, while Santi Cazorla, Lukas Podolski and Olivier Giroud have also chipped in with double-figure returns.

And it’s not just up front, other areas of the side also look particularly well established. The midfield in particular looks as good as any in England. Cazorla has demonstrated his class with a plethora of excellent showings, whereas Jack Wilshere looks set to get a long overdue full preseason. Mikel Arteta emerged as a quality deep-lying playmaker and Aaron Ramsey also finished the season with a flourish.

This projected progression seems even more likely when you consider the club’s financial standing, which is looking stronger than ever. The much coveted money from the Premier League’s bumper television deal will hit bank accounts over the summer, whilst Arsenal have also secured momentous deals with kit sponsor Emirates and a new kit manufacturer Puma; the biggest in English football history. For the first time in a while, expect Wenger to splash the cash.

Fiorentina’s Stevan Jovetic looks as though he will be the marquee signing this summer and his playing style suggest he would excel at Arsenal. He has remarkable technical skills, wonderful agility and a cool head in front of goal. Julio Cesar also looks set to come in from QPR, and his experience means he would be another excellent acquisition.

Others will no doubt follow, and the integration of some younger players will also give the squad an added buzz. Carl Jenkinson and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain are just a couple who could play much more significant roles next year.

Finally, those players who came into the side this time will be much more acclimatized to the fast and furious nature of the English Premier League when they go again in August. So expect the likes of Nacho Monreal, Podolski and Giroud to build on solid debut seasons. Cazorla too, despite a remarkable first campaign with the club, can be an even bigger influence next year.

Whilst there was much ridicule about the manner in which Arsenal celebrated their fourth place finish, it could prove to be an enormous moment for the club. If they’d missed out on Champions League football this season, then who knows what would have happened this summer.

But with top-level European football in the bag, the North London giants can look to a summer of stability, whilst all those around them will have to embrace uncertainty. With that in mind, perhaps the Gunners will have something a bit more to prestigious to be celebrating this time next year.

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28 thoughts on “Why Arsenal Can Challenge For The Premier League Title Next Season”

  1. Yeah, because managerial instability has really hurt Chelsea the last few seasons. This will be as stable a season as CFC has seen in quite a while. Keep dreaming, gooners.

    1. No they didn’t but SAF did. United, City and Chelsea will have new managers next season and likely be in transition. This presents a tremendous opportunity for Arsenal and Spurs.

  2. I can see where you’re coming from. I think some of the other commenters may have missed the words “contend for” in the title because it seems like folks are reacting to someone saying “Arsenal will win the league”.

    You could see it if United don’t quite gel under Moyes or he can’t figure out how to manage in Europe or something. If that brings them back to the pack, that puts Arsenal right in the mix because they were “contending” with City, Chelsea and Spurs anyway last season.

    It doesn’t look like they have anyone notable who will get sold this year, but that’s mostly because I don’t think they have anyone that bigger clubs want to steal b/c they’ve already sold RVP, Fabergas, Song, Nasri, etc.

    But…..I think you could also see a scenario where all those other clubs gel just fine under managers who have never indicated they have any competence issues. Plus, all those clubs will be spending money to make the new manager happy. Plus, Spurs may be better in AVB’s second year…… So you could also see a scenario where Arsenal is struggling to a 5th place finish and having to fend off some plucky challenger just to stay in the Europa league spot.

  3. I think you need to walk before you run.they had a good run of 10 matches but that does not make a season.if they spend wisely it could make for a interesting season.at this point i would not pick them to finish top.

  4. Gunners aren’t title contenders its just not gonna happen when there’s teams like Chelsea Man United and Man City who can spend such huge amounts of money and give such huge wages. The Gunners are not strong enough either as even if they bring in players like Jovetic, Wanyama, Higuain, Grenier it will take these players years to reach full potential in 5 years when Financial Fair play is used the Gunners will return to glory. MARK MY WORDS!

    1. There’s a difference: United spends their own money, not some sugar daddy’s.
      A lot of people don’t realize that United used to be public company before being bought by the Glazers.

      1. UTD is so deeply in debt, and I hope it eventually catches up with them.

        That said, they are still far more respectable than the other two.

  5. LoL…

    The Farsenal board and Wenger have completed the first mass example of the magical art of Mentalism. Mass Hyponosis…this article is proof of that.

    In fact if you frame by frame an Farsenal game from this season, hidden at the sub frame level intermitantly you can see a picture of Arsene with the words… Gooners…believe me…..Believe MEEEE….be the cash machines we need you to be!!!

    Keep believing the hype….the 9 year trophy drought started when Jose arrived, he just got back, man city have just appointed a new tactician…and given him an open check book, Man Utd will get stronger, as will Spurs over the summer as their own new tactician will looks to strengthen.

    A 10 game run at the end of the season…. a run that against 8 teams in the bottom half witch developed sequentially so they didn’t need to win when you played them (the most pivotal of which Wigan just 3 days earlier had just left it all on the field to win an FA cup and for 70 minutes looked better than Farsenal) a Man Utd side in relaxation mode as they’d already won the title, somthing reinforced as you gabr them thr guard of honor, and a CFC side that had played 70 games…

    But a defensive midfielder should fix everything! LoL

    Lets take a look at the Top 5 teams managers situations.

    Moyes has won nothing, but now has a big budget, a point to proove, and a side that’s just won the BPL.

    Pellegrini won nothing in Europe…but has a big budget, the best engine midfielder in europe (yaya) and the best passing midfielder in europe (silva) Jesus alone is a huge addition, the puns on the back pages after a win will be interesting.

    Jose’s won everything and has a massive budget and inherits a £300m starting 15. CFC have to be the favorites sorry Man Utd but going in, CFC must be odds on.

    Wenger has domestically won a everything but off a George Graham formula in the first 6 years of being at Farsenal. The last 9 years of the 15 with a new stadium and a side built in his image, they have have won nothing… And just finished 1pt above a side forced to start Parker and Huddlestone in centre midfield for 20 games…with Adebyor and Defoe upfront….lol

    AVB was himself invincible when he won the Portuguese league undefeated! The Portuguese Cup AND the Europa league in his first seaaon at Porto… And on a pittance by comparison to thr 4that finished above us, in his 1st season broke the points record at Spurs.

    I feel very good about this upcoming season…out of the top 5 Farsenal should feel the least comfortable precisely because all that stability and money has been there for the previous 9 years with nothing to show for it…and the last 2 seasons you’ve scrapped over the line…this next season will be when the walls cone crashing down for Farsenal…

    I can NOT wait to see it…and the beauty is i get to watch it all in the New NBC AnyTime, AnyDevice AnyWhere HD awesome format!

    Please post more articles like this they’re hilarious…



    1. Dust I was think you were a bit harsh until I processed this:

      “And just finished 1pt above a side forced to start Parker and Huddlestone in centre midfield for 20 games…with Adebyor and Defoe upfront….lol”

      1. The truth can be harsh… Seriously look at the center of midfield, is there any other out field position more important in football? No…

        Thud and Parker will hopefully be moved on…

        I see in the Dutch press Kevin Strootman is on his way to Man Utd…. Gutted if that happens, he’s a great player

        1. hang on – at the start of the year all the tiny totts told us parker was the best midfielder in the league – and huddlestone was “like glenn hoddle” lol
          the reason tottenham have a history of dismal failure (and there’s no point arguing that – you ARE failures) is this ingrained fickleness. Tottenham need to build something – instead of throwning money around on transfers. You would have thought the poor little mites would have learned by now – but then…. “it’s happened agaaaaaiiin…”

          1. Do not forget that certain Spurs fans were salivating about signing Adebayor and all the great things to come out of it.

          2. Who said Huddlestone was Glenn Hoddle!!! LOL I have never heard that…

            Same with Parker No one I have seen on this site or Twitter has said Parker is the best at anything…

            I have seen plenty of Gooners claim Jack “I’ve Stubbed my toe and I’m out for 5 months” Wilshire or Cazorla or Arteta are hands down better than better than Bale and even GAZZA….LOL

            You are new to playing good football, its only been since Wenger came in, before that you could only dream of playing the great football we did and haven the great players we’ve had and most of yours since playing good football were french (bar 1), arguably your best footballer Bergkamp was a Spurs fan Growing up for exactly that reason…Great attractive footballing tradition.

            So when you say failures yes in that Spurs HAVE won a final at Wembley in the last 9 years unlike yourselves… 4th place is not a trophy!


            We want to get Champions league football to try and win it, not just earn group stage money, you’re a selling club and have no ambition to win anything except the new JD Power and Associates award for “Ripping of football fans”.

            Game officials, traveling fans have even publicly said you rip off fans…thats what you have become…from woolwich wannabes to a bank…. do you have a scarf with a wells fargo or Barclays logo on too?

            As for history, yes you need to go back nine years to see when you last won anything and yes we have been building, whether you can deal with your failures or not, You were a team 45 Points better than us 9 years ago, now its ONE point, and your newly built stadium is half empty all the time, either that or your fans wear shirts with pictures of empty chairs on the front to blend in as they are embarrassed to be seen watching a football team that sells it best players to Manchester (we used to and stopped, you should try it).

            Embrace the fact Farsenal won what they did thanks to Clairefontaine…in reality your own academy sucks… It’s no co-incidence that with the demise of french national team Farsenal have also done nothing…

            Keep Wenger..Keep believing the Hype and referencing the success you had in the days of Yore, riding the coattails of a french national program that brought you success…. you will need to because the future of the “Bank of Arsenal’s” best days are behind it…

          3. Oh and have you ever asked yourself why Viera is at City and not Farsenal? or why Bergkamp is at Ajax and not Farsenal?

            especially if its so great… two farsenal playing legends that would rather be somewhere else.

  6. Ofcourse I would like Arsenal to win the title next season…but lets not get carried away. Lets be realistic here.
    The Capital One Cup or the FA cup…..maybe.
    The other teams above us are just too strong for us.

  7. It is not a thoroughly laughable proposition. Look at their form the last 2/3 of the year.

    BUT it would require some investment on their part. And despite some vague journo-BS to the effect that they may be willing to do it, I will rate them as “Ambition = UCL group stage matchday revenue” until I see otherwise.

  8. to be honest, i couldn’t see us winning the EPL.

    we have a talented squad, but we lack players who’ve won major trophies. we could do with another decent striker. giroud and walcott were great last season, but not consistent enough. david villa would be ideal and he won la liga and champions league.maybe that lad wilfred bony who plays in holland.

    since vermaelen could be leaving, we need another centre-back. a player like hummels would be great. if we have a decent start, who knows?

  9. Arsenal can win, but they need to close on their targets quickly and stop dragging it out for other clubs to steal their players away. Already I’m seeing stuff about Mourinho interested in Jovetic.

  10. all we need is to get off to a decent start, don’t let any key players go and add a few more top players.

    the higuain deal looks to be falling apart, suarez is unlikely to sign, so they need to find someone fast!!!!! benteke would be great. podolski, walcott, giroud and cazorla chipped in with their fair share of goals last season, but we don’t have a 20/25 goal striker

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