Watch Jose Mourinho’s First Chelsea Interview After Being Reappointed Manager [VIDEO]

New Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho has given his first interview since being appointed boss today. The Special One sat down for a one-on-one interview with Chelsea TV. Here’s the video of the interview, as well as a written transcript:

Here’s the transcript of the interview:

Q: Welcome back, how are you?

A: I’m very happy. I had to prepare myself not to be too emotional for my arrival at the club but obviously I’m very happy.

Q: How big a decision was it for you? It’s not common for managers to go back…

A: It was an easy decision, I met the boss, the owner, and I think within five minutes after some short and pragmatic questions we decided straight away. I asked the boss do you want me back, and the boss asked me do you want to come back, and in a couple of minutes the decision was made.

It worked out well for both parties; while you left you did what you wanted to do, and Chelsea have continued to do things and build on what you did…

Q: What Jose did in his six-year absence 03 Jun 2013

A: It was a difficult moment, September 2007, because I love it here and I have a big connection with the club, and also for the club it wasn’t easy. But if you analyse it in a cool way, emotions apart, it was fantastic, because my career after that, I had everything I was aiming for in my career. I wanted to win the grand slam, to win in England, Spain and Italy. I did it, I got all the trophies in three countries. I got my second Champions League too.

I enjoy being in different countries, in different football cultures, and I think it’s important for my evolution as a manager and a football coach, and Chelsea Football Club got important trophies after that and had important moments in the history of the club. Now we are back together and we are getting together at a great moment for us both, so I think we are ready to marry again and be happy and successful.
What’s the plan now?

The plan is always the same, evolution and to establish the club at the highest possible level. I left Chelsea in 2007, since then I’ve spoken about the club many times, especially in my privacy. I remember the day we went to the United States in 2004 pre-season. We had open training sessions with only a couple of kids watching the sessions, nobody was following the team. It was the beginning of Roman and his second season I suppose was the beginning of Chelsea. After that Chelsea started winning the Premier League, for the first time and then the second time, and after that when we went back to the United States we found a completely different situation around the club.

I can imagine now after especially the Champions League, that was the highest point of the club’s history. This is now a bigger club, the social mass around the club is much bigger.

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