Nike Already Planning to Launch New Kits for England Next Spring: The Nightly EPL

Nike only just unveiled the new England home shirt less than two weeks ago, but they’re already planning on launching a new England home kit in the Spring for World Cup 2014 if/when England qualify.

In Nike’s defense, they want to issue new shirts on a two year cycle (World Cup 2014, Euro 2016, etc). And because they just took over their contract from Umbro, it doesn’t give them much time to launch a new shirt now and one before the next World Cup.

Hopefully Nike and The FA will take their time and produce a better home kit next time. In addition to a new home shirt, England will also launch a new away kit in the Spring next year.

Here are tonight’s Premier League news headlines:

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9 thoughts on “Nike Already Planning to Launch New Kits for England Next Spring: The Nightly EPL”

  1. That image is genius in a snarky and sarcastic sense.

    But I do somewhat fear that you’ve given their “designers” some ideas here.

  2. Seems self-defeating to announce that a new shirt will be released so soon after the current one. Personally, I was thinking of buying the away shirt, which looks pretty cool. But if it’s going to be phased out in less than a year, I won’t bother. And if the next shirt turns out to be ugly, then I won’t buy that one either. So that’s -1 sales for Nike from me thanks to this move.

  3. And it feels like England haven’t been operating on a “two year cycle” for a while now. The plain-white polo-shirt style worn at WC2010 didn’t seem to last for two years, and the one with the multi-coloured St.George’s Crosses all over the shoulders certainly didn’t either (both of which I thought were very good compared to the last Umbro shirt or the current Nike home shirt).

  4. How is this news in any way other than this site’s blatant hatred of Nike? This is business as usual for kit suppliers. Spain has a new kit for Confederations Cup this year (Adidas), as does Italy (Puma), both will have new kits for the next summer’s World Cup.

    You don’t like the blatant capitalism of it? OK, then it starts with the FA for putting the Three Lions up to the highest bidder.

    Oh, and England has worn an astonishing 45 kits in the last 43 years ( Which begs the question I posed at top again.

    1. It’s not a blatant hatred of Nike. I have no preference regarding which kit manufacturers are good or bad. It’s based on a shirt-by-shirt design, and most of the recent ones from Nike (most, not all) have been awful.

      Spain released their new shirt for the Confederations Cup in November, 2012 — eight months before this summer’s Confederations Cup. By the time their new kit comes out next Spring, Spain’s current shirt will have been in stores for 18-19 months. England’s shirt, which was released less than two weeks ago, will be on store shelves for 10-11 months before the new one comes out.

      The Gaffer

      1. Ah, you’re splitting hairs.

        The question is a matter of months and in terms of use the difference of about 2 or 3 appearances on the National Team(s). It’s negligible, but since it’s Nike, it’ll get the tossing.

        Shame, as I actually do agree in theory (that it should be a case by case discussion) and that the newest Nike England kits are pretty bland (I think this is because the design energy is going into the WC kit for next summer and that was the plan all along).

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