Wigan Agree Compensation Fee With Everton For Release of Roberto Martinez, Says Dave Whelan

Wigan have agreed a compensation fee with Everton to release Roberto Martinez from his contract, according to Wigan Athletic owner Dave Whelan.

The compensation fee clears the way for Martinez to agree personal terms with Everton to become the new manager at Goodison Park, replacing David Moyes.

Everton are expected to announce their new manager this week, and Martinez is now in pole position.

The 39-year-old manager is now on the verge of becoming manager of Everton Football Club.

Do you think Everton are making the correct decision? Is he the best candidate for the position who has the experience and ability to work within a tight budget? If Martinez does become manager, he’ll be managing Everton this summer on US soil for the International Champions Cup.

4 thoughts on “Wigan Agree Compensation Fee With Everton For Release of Roberto Martinez, Says Dave Whelan”

  1. Whelan why can’t you keep your big mouth shut you once called Everton a small club but this club has class and dignity something you and your pitiful club would do well to aspire to and keep quiet until a deal is done. Enjoy your thirty seconds on sky sports you bore

  2. I’m pleased for Everton, I think the focus/critique on Wigan going down was not justified, Farsenal hadn’t played for 8 or 9 days and they’d just won the FA cup v a motivated Man City. Sure they shouldn’t be in that position but all the observations about resources and loosing best players are true, I think he will not havethedefensive frailties he had at Wigan, Everton will get better, crazy to think Swansea is a feeder club to mersyside.

    I think it’s a great story red v blue, Rodgers who many believe was successful because of what Roberto did at Swansea. Sure everton don’t have the resources of Liverpool…YET….but Roberto will do a good job, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they get a buyer with cash to splash, I could all change.

    I hope Everton do well (finish above Liverpool and win a cup).

    1. Dust, I have repeatedly posted Martinez’s sides from 2012-2013 that show he has not lost his best players. Show me otherwise. It is a myth.

      I think Everton are in trouble with him in charge, but we’ll see come next May.

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