Arsenal Has Pre-Contract With David Villa, Says Report: The Daily EPL

Spanish striker David Villa has a pre-contract agreement with Arsenal, claims a report by a Spanish journalist.

Report Axel Torres says:

“I’ve been told he’s showed a pre-contract with Arsenal to the board of Barcelona.

“He’s showed he had an agreement with Arsenal, but it’s not the final agreement – He doesn’t want to be a Barcelona player.”

While a pre-contract is certainly a good indication that Villa may join Arsenal this summer, it’s no guarantee. Other clubs can still come in for the striker. Or Arsenal can choose not to finalize the contract.

What do you think? Would David Villa be a good fit for the Gunners, or is the Barcelona striker past his prime? Can you envision Arsenal stalling on the contract, and another club coming in to sign him from underneath Arsenal’s grasp? Share your opinion in the comments section below.

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