USA vs Germany and Brazil vs England, International Friendlies: Open Thread

Both Roy Hodgson and Jurgen Klinsmann are under pressure to make sure that their respective team produces a better performance than the one we saw mid-week against weaker opposition compared to what England and the United States will face today.

Below the equator, England plays Brazil at the first game to be played at the renovated Maracana Stadium, which will be the site for Confederations Cup games later this month as well as next year’s World Cup Final. England will be focused on producing a better performance than their flat one against Ireland on Wednesday, where they drew 1-1.

Above the equator, the United States faces a second string Germany side at RFK Stadium near Washington DC. The USMNT were thoroughly defeated 4-2 by Belgium in Cleveland on Wednesday night, so they’ll want to produce a much better performance, improve their ball possession and create more chances to score against the Germans.

For viewers in the United States, the game between USA and Germany is on ESPN2 and WatchESPN at 2:30pm ET. Brazil against England, meanwhile, kicks off at 3pm ET on beIN SPORT.

Before, during or after today’s match, join the conversation with fellow soccer fans in the comments section below.

32 thoughts on “USA vs Germany and Brazil vs England, International Friendlies: Open Thread”

  1. USA is almost hopeless if not for the thought that we have money and plenty of young people in our population (another 15 years then?), but England? Wow, England’s future looks bleak in football. We will see if England can fix their problems while the expectations there are so much higher than in the U.S.

  2. that has to be one of the worst own goal ever.not that any are good.Yeah this is the B+ side for Germany.

  3. Wonder if Walcott can be John Barnes today? This Brazil team is nothing to fear. Both kits look terrific. Well done Nike. For a change.

  4. I hate watching espns Usa games as a german the obviouse Usa bias is just annoying. The Us hype machine will start if they beat us but what ever beating us is like winning a WC for them but what ever come Brazil 14 we put about 5 past Howard. Ian Darke “This would be a momentous victory for the Us friendly or not”. Wtf Ian beating the C team is momentous?? I hope they remember that Lahm Goetze Schweinstieger Neur etc. are not even playing.

  5. I’m joining the broadcast late, but what’s the deal with the orange ball that Brazil are using? It looks like a beach ball, and is a bit hard to watch on a green pitch.

    The Gaffer

  6. There is something not right about having a Scotsman commentate an England game. Shut the hell up,what do you know anyway?

    1. Ian Joy played in the Bundesliga, England and the United States. He’s an accomplished pro.

      The Gaffer

      1. Maybe an accomplished player but that does not make an accomplished commentator. His voice is very strained and he says “at this moment in time” a hell of a lot…most of his color is like nails on a blackboard

  7. USA are definitely playing much better than they did against Belgium. Altidore scored a terrific goal (Mertesacker has to be one of the worst defenders in the world) and the German goalkeeper makes a truly remarkable error to give the US a 2-0 lead at halftime. Hopefully the Germans will wake up in the second half and make a game of it.

  8. Wasn’t Wayne Rooney at one time referred by some as “the White Pele.” I seem to remember a name for him something along these lines.

  9. Big USA fan, but c’mon, this isn’t even Germany’s 2nd team. Remember the USA got destroyed by a full strength Belgium just a few days ago. When Mertesacker is the best known German, that is scary. He is, at best, a below average world class defender.

    1. so what should US team do quit? forfeit? get on their knees and apologize? or play the game-

      You can say this isn’t a good team but I see plenty of world class players Podolski -Klose and yes Mertesacker who not long ago was being given a lot of credit for Arsenal’s finish- -I think it’s fair to say that this German team could do well in MLS and that’s who they are playing for the most part so instead of ripping the USA result give credit where credit is due, this is the game and these are the players who came to play-
      I’m sure the German broadcast has some homerism going on as well -I’m an American and proud of our soccer team

      1. You can only play (and try to beat) the team that’s in front of you, and the US did very well in the first half. Lots of questions to be asked defensively in the second half however.

        The Gaffer

        1. “Lots of questions to be asked defensively in the second half however.”

          -Just in second half? If only-lol.

  10. It’s not pretty but it’s effective from England. Hodgson-like.

    And what a total show-pony Neymar is. Anonymous. The only thing he should be doing at Barcelona is cleaning Messi’s boots.

    1. I agree. Neymar is the most overrated player on the planet. I haven’t seen too many games of his but the 4 or 5 I did see I was not impressed. He hasn’t impressed for Brazil yet so let’s see how he does at Barcelona.

  11. Positives:

    Jozy scoring
    Jones and Bradley have developed nice chemistry as holding pair
    Passing was one the mark

    Omar getting beat in the air again.
    Terrence Boyd with a chance to seal the game putting it in row V

    Also, why are brazil running there mouths about england? this current group hasn’t won anything.

  12. Did not see much of the game but that is a big win for the USA today. It does not matter that it was Germany reserves. All that matters is the USA were competitive. I think most USA fans (myself included) don’t mind the USA losing or shipping goals against good teams. But this team must NEVER be boring. There was a danger they were becoming irrelevant under Klinsmann. That would not be good for the game in this country. A game like today keeps the interest level high and maybe converts a few more non believers. Hopefully this is the springboard to get them to the World Cup.

    1. Also, if the reserves are Podolski, Schurrle and Klose are the reserves…yikes! I’d take those reserves any day!

  13. yes it was only a friendly with many b-teamers but i throughly enjoyed the 4-3 usa v ger. Didn’t want it to end.

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