Top 20 Fantasy Premier League Players in 2012-13 Private League

During the 2012-13 Premier League season, 4,259 of you participated in the private Fantasy Premier League game. During the beginning of the season, our mini-league was in the top five best performing leagues world-wide, but as the season progressed, we dropped out of the top five — understandably so, since the mini-league certainly takes a lot of time, persistence and dedication to ensure you don’t miss a single gameweek.

Thank you to everyone who played in the league. Here’s the final table, which features the top 20 best:

Also, thanks to David Yaffe-Bellany for his series of articles recounting his adventures in the Fantasy Premier League throughout the entire season.

The 2013-14 Fantasy Premier League season will open up in July, so we’ll post an article on this site when the registration for the new season opens up.

3 thoughts on “Top 20 Fantasy Premier League Players in 2012-13 Private League”

  1. Here’s a thought (not specifically about this fantasy league, but fantasy leagues in general)…

    If the stats produce a “team of the season” that is completely unfeasible as an actual team (i.e. a 3-man defence of one CB and two full-backs, and a four man midfield consisting solely of wingers/very attacking playmakers), is there something flawed in the way the system is judging players?

    I assume the system splits players into just three categories – Def, Mid or Fwd – and that’s why we get results like this. I wonder if it’s possible to run a fantasy league that divides players up into more nuanced specialties(i.e fullbacks, CBs, Defensive mids,#10s, etc etc). Of course, that idea has it’s drawbacks too, since many players might fall into multiple categories. But it’s just a thought.

  2. Do you know any fantasy commissioner game for Premier League?

    I know they are lots of fantasy commissioner like those in CBSsports for NFL, NBA, MLB.

    What about for EPL? hmm..

  3. finally someone came up with this for Premier League!!!

    its here >>> http://

    you can change so many things! Budget, players score points, haha even player cost and position XD

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