Michael Laudrup’s Agent to Meet Swansea Chairman Next Week For Clear-The-Air Talks: The Daily EPL

Swansea City manager Michael Laudrup’s agent will meet with the club’s chairman Huw Jenkins next week for clear-the-air talks to resolve Laudrup’s concerns about how much money Swansea are willing to spend in the transfer window this summer.

According to press reports, Laudrup is insistent on spending far more than what Swansea have been used to in the past to add a new striker and depth to the squad. Jenkins, on the other hand, has been taking the prudent approach in the past 10 years in terms of spending wisely and in small sums. Swansea’s record transfer buy is just £5.5 million that they spent on Pablo Hernandez last summer.

Here’s what Laudrup said earlier this week:

“Unless we find a couple of hundred million, I think we’ve achieved nearly the maximum we can.

“Some of the teams below us will invest heavily so even consolidating will be difficult.”

While Laudrup is trying to manage the expectations of fans (obviously the club can’t afford to spend anywhere near £200million), the message is loud and clear: Laudrup wants the Swans to open up their purse strings, which surely will be one of the topics Laudrup will address with Jenkins next week.

For the sake of Swansea fans worldwide, let’s hope the discussions are productive and that Laudrup stays at the club.

What’s your opinion about Laudrup’s demands? How much money do you think Swansea should set aside for Laudrup to spend in the transfer market, while ensuring that the club stays fiscally responsible in case the club gets relegated? If Laudrup’s demands are too excessive, do you think the club should stand up and try to find a different manager who’s more willing to work under a tight budget, or are Swansea being too conservative with their money? Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

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