Watch the Luis Suarez Interview; Why He Wants to Leave Liverpool [VIDEO]

Liverpool striker Luis Suarez has explained, in his own words, why he wants to leave England. While he admits that he’s received no offers yet and that he’s still under contract at Liverpool, his agent appears to be trying to line up a deal in Spain either with Real Madrid or another top club.

Watch the video below, and read the transcript to better understand Suarez’s predicament.

“My reason for leaving is not for the money. If it was the money I would have left already. My main reason is my family and my image — that is my priority now. It is a difficult moment for me.

“My coach and my colleagues know that they didn’t treat me well here. I don’t feel comfortable here anymore — they know it, so I think it is understandable that I leave.

“Firstly being persecuted by the paparazzi all the time. I couldn’t go to my garden or the supermarket, I couldn’t do anything. I know it’s normal being followed by the press but it was too much. All silly things that they said about me — all the pictures, all the taunts. They happened every day and nobody supported me.

“They talk about me being named as the best player in England but I knew it wasn’t going to happen. I knew because of the way they treated me. The straw that broke the camel’s back was my mistake, I accept it, my fault, but they went too far.”

“I don’t have any offer yet. I don’t know when I will leave or even if I will finally leave, or if I will stay. The club knows what I think and what I want. I don’t know what will happen but I’ve got a contract.

“If I stay I will do my best here but I don’t know if that will happen because of all the bullying of the press against me and the team is very aware of everything.”

While no deal has been reached and Liverpool insist that Suarez is not for sale, it’s obvious that Suarez wants to leave England if the right offer comes along. Real Madrid are in pole position, but there would be dozens of clubs across Europe who would love to land his signature.

Personally, I believe Suarez has created his own fate. He’s playing the victim. Yet he’s the one that’s had a long history of suspensions and mistakes while at Liverpool. He’s obviously a gifted striker who is one of the best in England, but it sounds like his heart is not in the Premier League or Liverpool anymore.

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