Manchester City Reach Agreement With Jesus Navas On Summer Move, Says Report: The Daily EPL

Spanish media are reporting that Manchester City have reached an agreement to sign Jesus Navas, a 27-year-old right winger who plays for Sevilla.

According to Spanish newspaper AS, Navas will head to Manchester City at the request of soon-to-be manager Manuel Pellegrini. The newspaper reports that Sevilla were trying to sell Navas for £25million.

The highly-rated Spanish international had been tipped to move to Real Madrid this summer, but Manchester City would represent a new challenge.

What do you think? If City signs Navas, does that mean that Samir Nasri’s days are numbered at the club? And would Navas, who has lit up La Liga, be able to adapt quickly to the pace and physicality of the Premier League? Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

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13 thoughts on “Manchester City Reach Agreement With Jesus Navas On Summer Move, Says Report: The Daily EPL”

  1. It’s always tough to know which players will adapt quickly. I asked the same question about Aguero in his first season but he took to the game right away. A winger will be a little different than a CF just because he’s probably going to take more physical punishment especially if he likes to run with the ball.

    1. Haha! I kind of see the (big) Jesus resemblance here. Sort of a crown of thorns effect with his hair or some such.

  2. This angers me a great deal. Sevilla was the first European Club team I ever watched and root for them in La Liga and have seen them loose all of their good players because of unfair workings of La Liga’s TV deals. The only way I see this working is Navas has finally conquered is agoraphobia that he had when first started playing for Sevilla. There were times when he couldn’t even go to away matches.

    1. Agreed on all counts actually as to Sevilla. Great club and program and it is a shame to see them decimated by the freakishly dysfunctional setup in La Liga.

      Someone was telling me last year that the backup keeper on one of the weaker clubs there was making 150 euros a week. Not 150,000. Just 150. Good grief, to play top division football? How do you even pay for food on that?

      1. I remember people were talking about how the US would be destination for the players from the Spanish D2 if it folded because of the financial crise in Spain. They would make a whole lot more money in MLS than 150 euros a week.

  3. As to any transfer report – when I see a guy in the shirt I believe it. And even then I wonder if the Sun or Mirror has busted out the photoshop skills.

    The Suarez to Madrid things feels kind of real right now, though. No pun intended. I have a couple scouse friends who are telling me people are in an uproar over this today in Liverpool.

  4. Nasri plays on the left, and is a good finisher.

    If City r planning on going 4-3-3 as the media wants us to think, Nasri is one of our attackers that seemlessly fits into the new system, and his play on the left wud b a perfect complement to Navas on the right.

    I wud keep Nasri, definitely.

      1. actually nasri has played from the left towards the back end of the season, but silva and nasri seem to have a free role anyway..

  5. That’s a risky signing if true. Navas has had a well documented with traveling away from home for long period of times. I know he’s been going to specialists to get it cured but still a risk for a team outside of Spain to go after him.

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