Sky Sports News Will Air On FOX Sports 1 After FOX Soccer Shuts Down

With FOX Soccer scheduled to morph into FXX later this summer, and the US media rights for the UEFA Champions League, Europa League, FA Cup and England home internationals to transition to FOX Sports 1 after August 17, one of the biggest questions that soccer fans have had in the States is what will happen to Sky Sports News.

FOX Soccer has been broadcasting the news channel for several years now. The news show is a prime source for Premier League news throughout the year.

Well, now we finally have an answer. According to a FOX Soccer spokesperson, Sky Sports News will air every day on FOX Sports 1 — at 4am ET. That means soccer fans in the States will be able to record it daily and then watch it at their convenience.

While the one airing of Sky Sports News each day isn’t as often as we get with FOX Soccer now, where the show is aired several times during the day, at least we’ll still have access to it once a day, right?

What’s your opinion regarding the news? Are you excited or disappointed? Share your opinion below.

99 thoughts on “Sky Sports News Will Air On FOX Sports 1 After FOX Soccer Shuts Down”

  1. This is great news. Any idea what will become of Fox Soccer Plus?
    I can’t see that continuing for $15 per month.

    1. Agreed on the fox soccer plus front. I’m definitely interested in it’s continued existence. Time Warner’s sports pack includes FS+

  2. I’m happy. Though I hope they show the 7am GMT/BST edition on delay so we get the paper review segment. Doubt it will happen, but … hopefully.

    1. I was very happy when I read the title of the news. But when I saw the time they will air it (4AM), I became concerned as well. The 2AM (ET) segment is the one I usually look forward to because the paper review part

  3. I concur with the others, enjoyed getting updates from Sky Sports, will record it on my DVR. I hope we do get a taste of the over the top transfer deadline coverage still, that was the best thing ever.

  4. So pleased-will dvr daily as we do now. As expats we are thrilled that SSN is avail here, as it was not expected, and we watch for football, the cricket and general news. A later edition would be a huge bonus, but we are grateful for the hour, and perhaps Fox will throw us an extra hr here or there. Thanks, Gaffer, for keeping us informed.

  5. I guess they made a swap deal with NBC regarding highlights… The is the best news since Fox1 was announced… This also is good for Fox Soccer Plus.. If it stays around it makes sense to keep this programming on that channel.


  6. This is me being crazy night owl but I enjoy watching the 2am EST edition of SSN which is live.

    I’m glad it’ll still be shown but I will miss that edition.

  7. What about Premier League Preview and Premier League Review? Two of the best shows on TV and great summaries of the action in EPL? I hope they are still shown somewhere?

    1. It won’t be a live hour? I know that FSC has shown delayed SSN in the past but recently all is live (we do not have Plus so not sure what they air). SSN is a 24hr channel so one would hope for a live/current hr.

      On a related note we just noticed that FSC has dropped 9am and added back 7pm Eastern hr from tomorrow.

    1. Alan White (the Scottish grey haired bloke) is a great laugh on transfer deadline day. ESPN could take a page from Sky Sports News and tone down the smarmy sarcasm and see how the presenters on SSN interact and report without being knobs.

        1. Jim and Kirsty Gallacher are my absolute favorite pairing. Too bad they’re never on in that early slot.

  8. Yeah, I am wondering what will happen when transfer deadline day comes around. I will miss the pretty much whole day of talk of transfers. One time a day wont be enough for me on that day lol. The EPL going to NBC was really the best thing that culd have ever happened to FOX. Its pushing them to compete on the mainstream level with channels like NBC and ESPN. Hopefully this will be the start of football being there for everybody on tv no matter what cable company you have.

  9. I was upset about the coverage of the egg-chasing a few weeks ago and asked them about FS+ – this is what I got:

    Thanks for the note. The Sky Sports commentary/graphics etc. will differ depending on the match. It is not entirely under our control when we will/won’t have it so we unfortunately can’t give a good idea of how the layout will look like.

    Regarding your 2nd question, FOX Soccer Plus will still be around and it will continue to be the home of NRL, Super League Rugby, etc.

    All the best,

    (This was my second question they refer to – Also, I doubt you will be able to give me info about this, but I will ask anyway. What will happen to Fox Soccer Plus once Fox Soccer turns ino Fox Sports 1? Where will the NRL and Super League rugby be shown if Fox Soccer Plus is no more?)

  10. It seems to me that they’re cramming whatever they can cram into Fox Sports 1. So what goes on Fox Sports 2? Wouldn’t that be the place for Transfer Day SSN?

  11. I like watching sky sports news instead of espn (Mostly cause there is no Tebow) But not enough to get up at 4am to watch it

  12. I’m glad that I’ll still have access to SNN; however, like others I am a fan of the 2a.m. Eastern feed that includes the newspaper review. I’ll really miss Mike Winterburn (think that’s his name) and I’ll miss the very funny and entertaining Jim White…especially on transfer deadline day.

    Does anyone know if there will be any coverage of the English Championship next season?

  13. Sky sports news has disappeared from bright house in Florida as of today July 1, anybody know where it can be seen prior to the new channel

  14. Looks as if Fox Soccer Channel has pulled it. The 2 a.m. showing has been replaced by a rerun of FoxSoccer News.

    1. As a massive fan of the English game and the English punditry and commentary I could not be more disappointed in the loss of SNN and related programming such as the preview and review shows! This has to be addressed at the highest levels so that this programming can be returned at more convenient times for all US time zones even if they are re-runs.
      Additionally I am not pleased with the live game commentators for recent champions league games. The whole perspective changes when we don’t have the likes of Martin Tyler calling the big games!!!

  15. Yep, SSN is gone. To be replaced in 2 months with 1 hour at 4am? This is a disaster. Congrats, Fox, you’ve just taken a giant step backwards. Its ridiculous that we can’t get a 24/7 feed of Sky Sports News.

  16. It’s pretty silly for FOX to pull the show considering that the transfer window is opening up.

    I’ll still don’t understand why FOX killed the 7pm Eastern airing Monday through Friday. It aired in that time period since I stated watching FOX Sports World in 2002 and they pulled it in Spring of 2012 w/o an explanation.

    1. It was painful when they pulled that 7pm hr and then suddenly for the past month or so the 7pm hr was back on fsc. That was perfect for us-recap of the (UK) day. And now today all airings gone…ouch.

      1. Totally agree about the perfect recap of the days events in the UK. I would watch Sky Sports News right after the 6pm SportsCenter and did so for 10 years. It was a tease that for the past month they aired SSN in it’s traditional time slot.

  17. The 7pm Saturday night show was amazing. Every goal from the English football league and the SPL. If you are interested in UK football at all, you now have no reason whatsoever to watch FoxSoccer (or FoxSports1). Devastating blow to UK football in the States.

  18. I am glad that Sky Sports News will appear on FOX Sport 1. I must have voiced “WTF is going on” a hundred times when I didn’t see SKY scheduled @ 11:00 PST anymore. Enjoyable sport reports by all.

  19. I hope they show it more than once. Sky sports shows defferent stuff at different times, such as the moring papers as they did at the usual 11pm pst show, or the special transefer deadine day shows. I dont watch soccer news coverage from an american perspective, its garabge.

  20. OK, Everyone reading this…I too am disgusted with this.

    The best way I can think of to stop/reverse this decision, is to write FSC, and tell them NOT to do this. I have just written them.

    I have the link for you all to do the same thing…

    YOU MUST TAKE THE TIME! Do it, and get all your friends to do it.

    Trust me, the ONLY way that FSC will even consider it, is if we ALL complain.

    If only a couple of us bother – it won’t change.

    If anyone here has a YOUTUBE account – Post a rant on there about this aimed at FSC.

    We can then all give your YOUTUBE clip
    a view, and thumbs up, etc; to bring attention to this matter.



  21. At the current time FSC is utterly and completely worthless. SSN is the only reason I still watch it. If it’s gone then so am I for good. Useless.

    1. You are definately correct especially when there is no live soccer on that channel. I guess they figure that someone will watch all the UCL replays and commercials. SSN and live soccer was/is the only reason I have FSC and FSC+ because outside of that the two Murdock channels are lame. Thanks for BEInSports network even though it will never rival SSN.

  22. Please, please bring back the 2.00 a.m. broadcast! it has the “What the papers say’ and a Sports Editor of a London newspaper comment on the sports news. Does anyone know if the 4.00 a.m. edition will have these two features?

  23. I have written FSC twice, and will continue to do so.

    I have contacted family members out of state who also play in amateur Soccer

    As I said before, the ONLY way FOX will listen, is if MANY complain.

    Once again,here’s that link…

    All the Best, 😉

  24. Does anyone know a way to get Sky Sports News online here in the US? Since Fox has now ditched it altogether, I would still like to watch it.

  25. The discontinuation of Sky Sports News does not make sense when it is/was the only true source of English/Europe sports news. I miss the 1:00am, 8:00am,and 11:00 am (CST) news casts with all the breaking and normal news from all sorts of sports but mainly soccer for me. I have also writen to FS about the desire to get Sky Sports News back.

  26. EVEYONE whose written here – Write FOX
    as well!

    It will not change unless we ALL, and
    I mean ALL write them.

    AND don’t just do it once, but MANY, MANY TIMES!

    All the Best, John 😉

  27. LOL – Maybe you’re all geting sick of me, but I have written them once again, and in yet another name.

    Don’t forget – Tell your friends!

    Anyone who reads this, and who is in a any social group, or club that involves soccer – Spread the word through out that club.

    1. I would discourage you (and others) from using fake names. Reason being is that FOX Soccer executives read World Soccer Talk, and if there are fake names being submitted, it diminishes the credibility of the real feedback given because FOX doesn’t know which is real and which is fake.

      1. Just curious, but how do you know this? Have you read that somewhere?

        I suggested the fake names, because in the past I had written FSC, about other issues, and they hadn’t ever bothered to respond. I don’t why they have the contact address if they can never be bothered. Anyway, the only it would seem to get their attention on an issue, or even sjut a reply to let me know they read the message is to be aggressive.

        1. Even though they don’t respond to all of the feedback they get, they’re reading it. And they’re listening.

  28. Ditching sky news is ridiculous. Fox soccer news is no substitute as the presenters don’t know the fist thing about football (soccer). I have emailed fox to let them know my feelings. Please everyone else, do the same. Thanks.

  29. I have been wondering if this is actually down to FOX at all. What if NBC will not allow them to show any video of the Prem whatsoever? How would FOX have a viable U.S. broadcast during the season? Certainly Sky isn’t going to change their UK feed, which is what FOX broadcasts. That would mean that here in the States FOX would have to black out any portion of the program where PL highlights were featured. How on earth would that work?

    I may be completely off base here, but I smell some hissy fit infighting going on with NBC being completely intransigent on the matter or asking a fee from FOX which FOX simply can’t justify given the viewing numbers for SSN.

    Plenty of time for it to get sorted, but I wouldn’t bet on it.

  30. Not acceptable FOX. We need more SKY SPORTS NEWS. Also need at least one show that is on in the late evening EST. Thank you.

  31. Look if any of you don’t feel comfortable using fake names – then don’t, BUT PLEASE DO write them, and
    write them as much as possible, and also get anyone/everyone you know to do the same. Even if you get each person you know to do it only once, and they get others to do it once – it all adds up. As I’ve said before, if only one, or two of you reading this, email them – it won’t change. It has to be everyone.

    THX for reading, and HAPPY 4TH to everyone. 😉

  32. I’ve noticed for some strange reason that someone is going through some of the comments here. and thumbing them down!? WHY?! That’s just bizarre to say the least. Apparently that person is pleased that FSC has removed Sky News? Anyway, don’t be put off by what anyone says agaisnt writing FSC – DO IT!

    I give thumbs up to everyone!

    Except the FSC executives who green lighted the removal of Sky News.

  33. OK, Everyone I actually got a REPLY from FOX! OMG!!! LOL

    Sorry for the large caps, but it is

    Anyway, here’s what was said to me in their response…


    “Hello ****,

    My name is Daniel with the Customer Support Team. For any questions regarding Sky Sports News you’ll need to contact them directly at

    Thank you for visiting

    Daniel Customer Support Team”


    Well, it sounds to me as if they’ve been told to pass the buck! Blame SKY for it!

    I mean if I write SKY in the UK, they will:

    A) Ignore Me
    B) Tell me to Contact FOX!

    I may write SKY-UK anyway, and tell them that FOX in North America says SKY is responsible.

    Really, I think we all see what is going here. Either we’re going to be ignored, or we’re going to be sent back, and forth between SKY, and FOX.

    I will still write SKY, and will still
    continue to write FOX as well…

    As I said before, if only a couple write, and then of course give up after a short time (which is what FOX
    expects – that we’ll get bored with this, and just give up/go away)then nothing will get done.

    EVERYONE must keep wriitng them, and demand answers/action!

    All the Best, John

  34. So, Has anyone else been writing FOX?

    Or SKY even?

    I haven’t read anymore new comments here in the past couple days, which tells me that this topic is cooling off. That maybe some of you who were angry – aren’t anymore, and that’s a shame! You need that fire to be under you, to be motivated to write FOX/SKY, and keep writing them. I write them constantly on this. I believe some of you also write them often, but I also suspect that others do not, and leave it to others to do it for them. PLEASE EVERYONE who’s reading this – WRITE THEM! If you’re reading this now, and still NOT motivated…LOL – then you never will be.

    If it helps you to be angry at me first – then do so! Just as long as you take the 5 minutes to also be angry at them, and write them to let them know.

    All the Best, 😉

    1. I have written to FOX Sports numerous times, but i never received any kind of reply from them. I have also just written to Sky as well. I have sent the links to family and friends to also write in.

      1. MANY, MANY THX to you Andrew! I appreciate that very much.

        You know, I ahad written them so very many times, and the only time I ever heard a thing back – Was that letter I shared with everyone here. I don’t why they ignore, or won’t reply in most cases…


  35. I wrote, too, JZ. But the fact is they obviously dont care. They cant even be bothered to actually announce what they are going to do. If they were just abandoning FSC before killing it completely, that would be one thing. But they did this right before their “marquee” coverage of the Gold Cup, guaranteeing that any real soccer fan bailed on the channel before it started. And frankly Fox Soccer News has the production values of a high-school cable access show.

    1. Yeah, I’ve written them so many times, and only ever heard back from them one time – which surprised me I even got that one reply, but I keep writing over, and over, and over again, because it only takes a couple minutes of my time every day to do it, and it’s for something I love. So, it’s worth it to me. What’s the alternative? To not do anything? Nothing ever came of apathy!

      LOL – I liked your comment about the FSC News! LOL It’s so very true! The people who anchor the show are amateurs to put it kindly. I do however, appreciate the wisdom of Bobby McMahon – he’s a great analyst.


  36. WOW John Z. you are truly the man.I am more than 100% behind.I cannot do without the 11pm pacific time sky sports news especially because of the paper review section.OMG WHAT HAS FOX AND SKY SPORTS DONE???THAT IS ILLEGAL AND EXTREMELY DEVASTATING. I AM WRITING TO THEM TODAY.

  37. WOW John Z. you are truly the man.I am more than 100% behind you.I cannot do without the 11pm pacific time sky sports news especially because of the paper review section.OMG WHAT HAS FOX AND SKY SPORTS DONE???THAT IS ILLEGAL AND EXTREMELY DEVASTATING. I AM WRITING TO THEM TODAY.

    1. THX Conrad! 😉

      I’ve been writing, and also seriously spreading the word as much as I possibly can.

      It really takes ALL of us to do this. Any of those people who come here to read all the posts, but don’t want to write FOX, or SKY because you’re ‘busy’, and leaving it all up to others to do it for you – You’re making a BIG mistake, because it won’t change unless we ALL complain. Thanks for writing Conrad – I appreciate that very much. Cheers, 😉

  38. Great to see everyone here so frustrated by all this and I share those frustrations. Sky Sports News was my only way of seeing ANY cricket or Lions rugby and that was taken away. US sports coverage and cable box technology is appalling and yet the cost is as high as anywhere. Technology will disenfranchise these companies (Slingbox for example) but meanwhile we all pay for 3rd rate coverage and customer service. I intend to complain to Fox and Optimum about their failure to properly communicate any of this.

  39. If you have Apple TV, Sky News has recently been added and you can get “some” sports updates there, there is also a live feed for regular Sky News.

          1. Sky Sports via Apple TV is no substitute for Sky Sports News TV. Sky Sports on Apple TV contains a few small clips 20-30 seconds long, no actual video from any of the Sky Sports News shows.

    1. You had me excited there for a while. I have Apple TV, but seldom use it as it is on a secondary TV.

      I went to look, but there is only Sky News live. I could find no categories that included any sports at all. However, I will continue to check in. Thanks for the tip.

  40. I took a break from visiting the page for a short time, because it seemed the interest in the subject had been dwindling. There were a few really fired up individuals, but many who had previously commented on this subject, had disappeared. Anyway, just checking in to see if there was anything new to read! Good to see there is some activity. DON’T GIVE UP! I haven’t.
    Just because I haven’t been here for a week or so, doesn’t mean I have quit writing, because I haven’t – I’m STILL pestering the **** out of FOX, and SKY both.



    CHEERS! 😉

    1. A quick reply to say that we continue to pester and join your efforts! We continue to watch ssn via other means and think it ridiculous that Fox would rather we do that than dvr and watch their networks. We are preparing to switch from TWC to Uverse, because of the NBC live app, and will gladly pay the Uverse $15 a month Fox Soccer Plus fee if they air at least two daily live hours of SSN…without SSN we won’t add that channel. I have said it before–we were thrilled to move here and find ssn and cannot understand why Fox doesn’t use more of it to fill their air time.

  41. FOX has always failed to alert it’s viewers of impending programming changes. Typically we all find out only when a particular programme has been cut. This was obviously the case with Sky Sports News and then before that Sky News (which was also featured previously on FSC). Ayway, it seems that we will at least get some access to SSN which is better than none I suppose. I have Dish so I’m not sure if this new Fox Sports 1 will be included in my current line up or will I have to subscribe to the new programme.

  42. OK, I did actually receive a reply from SKY only just today – Here’s what they said…


    “Dear John

    Thank you for your email.

    The rights deal between Fox & Sky expired at the end of June, we are currently looking at options, sorry I could not give you more information at this time.

    If you require any further information please feel free to contact us.

    Kind Regards


    Viewer Relations”


    Well there you have it…

    I will of curse continue to write them, and FOX both until they beg me to stop! LOL

    All the Best, 😉

    1. LOL – I wrote that, because of a very bizarre answer to my last post, but then someone here at the site removed that strange post, but left my “WTF” answer to their post!?

      LOL 😉

    2. LOL – I wrote that, because of a very bizarre answer to my last post, but then someone here at the site removed that strange post, but left my “WTF” answer to their post!?

      LOL 😉

      1. Thankyou Christopher! 😉

        You might want to delete the comments I made below.

        They don’t make much sense, but were my reaction to that very strange post a spammer had made!

        The strange spammer’s post was deleted, but mine were left! LOL

        Cheers 😉

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