New NBC Sports Video Promotes EPL Coverage [VIDEO]

NBC Sports has released a new 30 second spot to promote its coverage of the Premier League on US television beginning this August.

This is the third promo spot NBC Sports has released thus far. The other two being “Every,” featuring the song “Vindaloo” by Fat Les. The second was entitled “The Real English Drama,” which featured the opera song “El Nessum Dorma” by the 3 Tenors.

What’s your opinion about this one? Post your review of the 30 second spot in the comments section below.

Thanks to reader Jeff Miles for the news tip!

9 thoughts on “New NBC Sports Video Promotes EPL Coverage [VIDEO]”

  1. I like that their focusing on the EPLs fan culture. Something that is sorely lacking in the US. Showing just how passionate the fan base over there is going to pique some people’s interest. Personally, I think it would be amazing if the EPLs visibility and coverage helped develop some of that zeal over here. Obviously, it’s a little harder to get behind a team across the Atlantic, but with the ability to watch every team play week in, week out hopefully that’ll help convert casual fans to passionate ones.

    1. This.

      NBC will be much better than FOX if they are incorporating the British culture more into the broadcasts. I would love to learn more about the towns, fanbases, etc…

    2. I also agree with your comment on the focus on English culture and passion, but feel that once we get to understand the root of the game and how everything ticks, it will NOT be hard to pick a team as your favorite.

    1. One of the best shows produced by BBC and reaching the U.S. market. Don’t feel bad you have not heard it, but it may be one of the most popular to ever hit our shores. Great drama and well done. Give it a peak, but be careful, it grows on you.

  2. Ummm…Nessum dorma is Italian for ‘None shall sleep’. There is no ‘El’ in Italian. If there were it would read The none shall sleep.
    Nessun Dorma is the final aria of Pucini’s opera Turandot.

  3. One thing I have noticed so far is that each of these is rather inexpensive productions. Nice post production on the first two, and this one looks like a crew was sent to London for one weekend. The ad features Man City Tottenham Man U and Fulham Arsenal. Both played on the same weekend in London 3rd week in April. Then there is Man U and if you watch closely Villa, which played on that Monday in the Brum. The same day they sealed the league.
    So while we all hope for better production value, just wanted to point out that these are very basic spots. FSC/FS have always put out real pre season promos. From the What’s On your Mind series ( where a ball follows you around) , to the very Fox like FSC House ( where two guys can’t get into the party house cause they have NFL jerseys on) , to last season’s Anthem, showing American Soccer fans celebrating the game. So NBC may be different, yet they are putting less money into these promos so far. Just my observation.

    1. As long as they put more time and money into focusing on their production of the games themselves (and the pre-, post- and half-time programming), I’m fine with that. Goodness knows how much money FOX Soccer paid to outsource those ad campaigns to outside creative agencies.

      The Gaffer

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