Cardiff City Ask Season Ticket Holders to Pick Color of Shorts For Home Kit [PHOTO]

Cardiff City have yet to play a game in the Premier League, but they’re already becoming the laughing stock of the league. Last season it was Cardiff changing their home kit colors from blue to red. For the upcoming season, it’s their laughable home kit that featured an ordinary design that looked liked a children’s kit, and a different shade of red for their shorts.

Now, due to outrage from their club supporters, Cardiff City have decided to let their season ticket holders decide what color home shorts the club should wear next season. In the above photo, the first choice is the one that Cardiff unveiled this week, while choices two through four are the new contenders.

While it’s positive that the club are responding to their supporters, the fact that the club couldn’t pick out a kit in the first place that had a decent short color says a lot about the way the club is run itself. It’s not rocket science after all. And in the same week that Everton made an embarrassing U-turn with their club crest, it just goes to show how out of touch football clubs are with their supporters (and common sense).

Here’s what the official club statement said regarding the matter of Shortsgate:

“The decision had been made as a means to help visually distinguish the club in the Premier League, while continuing the theme of our successful 2012/13 Championship winning season.

“The resulting response carried across social media quickly indicated that a large number of supporters were unhappy with the choice of colour concerning the shorts. For that we apologize.”

Out of the four choices for Cardiff’s new pair of home shorts, which one would you select if you were a season ticket holder?



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