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Robbie Rogers Interviewed By Dan Patrick [VIDEO]

robbie rogers Robbie Rogers Interviewed By Dan Patrick [VIDEO]

LA Galaxy footballer Robbie Rogers was interviewed today on The Dan Patrick Show.

During the candid 10-minute interview, Rogers discussed a variety of topics including why other athletes don’t come out as well as the differences between soccer fans in England compared to the United States.

“There’s a reason athletes don’t come out. Sports are a bit homophobic. If it wasn’t, everybody would do it …. It’s not something that athletes just make up in their minds. It’s something that needs to change. It is changing.”

Rogers also discussed how he has struggled with religion and wondered what God wanted from him. But now he believes God put him in this role to help people.

It’s an honest and heartfelt interview with an intelligent and well-spoken soccer star, and definitely worth a listen.

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4 Responses to Robbie Rogers Interviewed By Dan Patrick [VIDEO]

  1. gillyrosh says:

    Cool. Thank you for sharing. Thought it was interesting that Robbie said he initially did not want to be an activist (which I totally get) but that he changed his mind when he realized he has a platform to inspire that many others don’t.

  2. goatslookshifty says:

    “Granted, it’s soccer…as opposed to a major sport”.
    And Dan Patrick thinks gays live in an isolated world??

  3. ElectricBoogalo says:

    “Rogers also discussed how he has struggled with religion and wondered what God wanted from him. But now he believes God put him in this role to help people.”

    I’d like to see an American celebrity “come out” as an atheist some time. I don’t see why every public figure(politician, sportsman, singer, actor, etc) is so swift to praise god for everything.

  4. COdy says:

    Dan Patrick is awful for our sport. He mocks soccer almost daily in a segment he calls “5 seconds of soccer” during which one of his lemmings attempts to speed read some soccer headline. Dan typically cuts him off 3 seconds in and they all laugh about it. Then, like a broken record, he reminds everyone what he thinks of soccer.

    I’d like to know when the last time he had a soccer related guest on the show, and I also wouldn’t be suprised if him or his crew make some homophobic jokes about Robbie on future shows.

    I somehow doubt Robbie knew about Dan’s distaste for the sport, or he wouldn’t have agreed to be on the show.

    Sorry for the rant, but I thought all the EPL Talk patrons should know what this guy really thinks of our sport.

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