Liverpool Agree Deal to Sign Spanish Striker Iago Aspas

Liverpool have agreed a deal to sign Spanish striker Iago Aspas for £9 million from Celta Vigo.

The signature for the highly-rated forward was being chased by several clubs including Manchester City and Swansea City, but it appears that Liverpool have landed the deal.

Aspas, who can play as a striker or on either wing, will travel to Merseyside next week for his medical before agreeing personal terms at the club.

The 25-year-old striker will join Liverpool alongside new signing Kolo Toure from Manchester City.

There’s no official word from Liverpool FC yet regarding the signing of Aspas, but the deal is expected to be confirmed next week after the medical is completed.

What do you think about Liverpool signing Iago Aspas? Is Brendan Rodgers making a wise move to snatch Aspas out of the reach of Manchester City? And what do you think the signing means, if anything, about the future of Luis Suarez at the club? If Suarez stays, what will Liverpool’s best attacking lineup be with Suarez, Sturridge and Aspas available? Share your opinions in the comments section below.

12 thoughts on “Liverpool Agree Deal to Sign Spanish Striker Iago Aspas”

  1. gaffer any info on this guy? since Swansea was also rumored to be chasing him?

    i haven’t seen him play at all but youtube makes him looks like maradonna but again who doesn’t in youtube.

    only thing i am reading about this guy is that he gives it all for 90minutes, a fan favorite and fights for every ball.

    anyway as long he wears the shirt he will have my support.

    1. I haven’t seen much of him since he played for Celta Vigo, who I didn’t see much of last season. From what I’ve heard, he’s a brilliant striker. And if he’s anything as near as good as people say he is, £9 million is a bargain.

      The Gaffer

  2. He is a very temperamental player who can be absolutely brilliant one minute and terrible the next. It’s a real gamble for Liverpool since no one knows how he’ll adjust to the EPL. He’s either going to be a hit or a bad miss.

    Suarez is on his way out as he has stated on a Uruguay radio station that his family have had a hard time adjusting to life in Liverpool. Giullem Bellague has also reported that Suarez wants to leave this summer. Where he goes and for how much will be the talk of the summer I think.

    1. He has also stated, in that same breath actually, that he is still under contract with Liverpool. Real Madrid would have to make a big time offer.

      1. True, he did say that he was under contract but that does not mean he doesn’t want to leave. Usually when players talk about their families not being settled it means they want out and that’s the excuse they will use.

        I don’t think he will put in a transfer request but I’m sure his agent will make it clear to possible suitors that he will listen to offers. Liverpool will also listen to offers since Suarez could bring in a huge profit. Given Suarez’s problems and that he will always be controversial, Liverpool won’t mind selling him at the right price. As telented as he is he can be a distraction that doesn’t help the club, especially image-wise.

        1. It’s the dame way I felt about Mascherano. He was a great player, but I hated what a bad sport he could be. Was a black mark on the team.

    2. While the hit or miss is true, the 9m price is a worthwhile risk. Worst case is that he is just ‘ok’, and still they haven’t wasted a lot of money (shows they’ve learned something from the Carroll debacle).

      I attribute a lot of his inconsistency on this age (he’s still only 25).

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