Jose Mourinho Has Sealed a Spectacular £40 Million Four-Year Deal at Chelsea: The Nightly EPL

Lots of news out of England today on a busy day with international friendlies-a-go-go being played around the world. The lead story tonight is that The Sun newspaper is reporting that Jose Mourinho has signed a four-year deal with Chelsea adding up to a cool £40 million salary for The Special One.

There’s no official word from Chelsea yet, but while The Sun newspaper is despised for numerous reasons, they’re often on the ball when it comes to breaking transfer and managerial changes.

While Mourinho to Chelsea is no secret, let’s see how long it’ll be before the deal is officially announced.

Here are tonight’s Premier League news headlines:

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22 thoughts on “Jose Mourinho Has Sealed a Spectacular £40 Million Four-Year Deal at Chelsea: The Nightly EPL”

  1. Still scratching my head on why Jose would return to Chelsea. 40 million large reasons helps but will he have control over transfers?

  2. When Jose first came to the BPL he was light years ahead, in serie a he was too light years ahead, on La Liga not so much…it could be argued at RM he had the most talented squad he has ever had and in a league where only 2 teams compete…and he was found out.

    The thing is, the BPL isn’t what it used to be, it isn’t going to be the same. It may work out…but what happens when Pelligrini with man city’s money and Moyes with a real club with updated and real resources or Wenger with an extra 80m to spend or AVB his driven former friend with a point to prove don’t roll over?

    How long will it last?….there will certainly conflict and drama… But I just don’t see it being what most CFC fans think it will be.

    1. I call people like u pessimists, u will never see that this man is a pure, born winner. go back and check his profile!

      1. I didn’t say he haven’t won, but the landscape has changed, if you are in denial of that, that’s your issue. But if you think the BPL is the same thing it was in 04 then you are crazy. Specifically because of what I pointed out, the top clubs are more competitive than before.

        1. The top clubs are more competitive than before? Based on what?

          City finished 11pts behind United. Arsenal were 16pts and Spurs 17pts behind. You call it competitive? In Europe only Chelsea were competitive which is irony by itself.

          1. How can you say that the top 5 teams are NOT more competitive, sure Man Utd won the league at a canter, but that aside the gap between 2nd and 5th was 6 points… 72 points was not good enough to get in the top for four for the first time in 5 years.

            The gap between 5th and 6th is 9 points! 5th and 7th 11 points

            The gap between 5th and 8th is 22 Points! 22 Points!

            So let me repeat…just incase you didnt get it the first few times..take a second and think about it.

            2nd to 5th (3 Places) 6 points.

            5th to 8th (3 places) 22 Points

            Man Utd won at a cantor when City were patchy, CFC were in transition, so were Farsenal with loosing RVP and then Spurs had a new manager and sold their 2 best creative players (and did NOT replace them Modric and VDV) and had 2 of their best defensive players out for the season (Sandro 6 Mths and Kaboul the whole season).

            I think the gap between Man Utd and everyone else is a false one, an anomaly.

            Super Stable Moyes Everton were 9 Points off a rebuilding Spurs…

            How can you not think the Top 5 are more competitive with the points total in comparison to the rest of the league?

  3. Welcome home mou. EPL are about to experience greater fear than ever. Bcos d special one is back infact the only one is here again. Wacth out.

  4. Mourinho knows far more than most commenters here think. Especially those who only see red in his return to the Bridge. Abramovich isn’t a fool to sign him not only for that long years but at such a huge amount. As for me, Mourinho’s return will not only silence the critics, especially the Spanish press but will put his haters to shame. He was here before and apart from the fact that he and Abramovich decided to part ways, he was probably the best coach. EPL isn’t new to him and I see him picking it up from where he left it. Surely, chelsea to rule the English league again and conquer the Europe with the special one. Welcome back Jose.

  5. If this happens it will be interesting. He looked totally a burnt out shell of his former self at RM. But Man Utd and Moyes, Man City and new man, Arsenal and more of the same, Spurs and Mr Nearly may make it easy for him.

  6. By the way, 4 years means nothing at Chelsea. Start winning trophies in first year or be gone. Abramovich firing Jose twice from Chelsea would be quite something. And there is a real possibility of that happening. Because we all know it is not possible to win every year in a competitive league. And when he doesn’t win, he will be gone. No doubt about that.

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