Arsenal Can Celebrate Topping Spurs, But Nothing More, Says Thierry Henry: The Daily EPL

Arsenal legend Thierry Henry has questioned Arsenal footballers for celebrating their fourth place finish, and says that the only thing they should be celebrating is topping Spurs and nothing more.

The New York Red Bulls striker said this week:

“I know people have a go at them for the pictures of their celebrations but I can tell you I think it was more the fact that for any Arsenal player, when you really feel the shirt and really play for that club, putting Tottenham out of the top four – and I do hope that’s what they were celebrating because that’s the only thing you can celebrate if you are an Arsenal man through and through – that is like winning something.

“I said it when we did it to them in 2006. It wasn’t the fact that we qualified for the Champions League, it was just because we kicked them out of it. And we went in.

“[Arsenal] finished in the top four but there is only one champion: Man United. I am a competitor so that is the only thing I will remember from the 2013 season. Man United won the league.”

What do you think? Is Thierry Henry wrong? Should Arsenal footballers and supporters be celebrating qualifying for the UEFA Champions League no matter whether the club beats out Tottenham or not? Or is he correct in what he’s saying? Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

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