‘Venky’s – The Fall of Blackburn Rovers’: Full-Length Documentary [VIDEO]

Given their current situation, it’s hard to believe that Blackburn Rovers were once Premier League champions in 1995 and founding members of the Football League in 1888.

On December 13, 2010, the Venky’s, the new owners of Blackburn Rovers, decided to sack manager Sam Allardyce. At the time, the club sat in 13th place in the Premier League. Ever since then, the club has descended into a whirlwind of chaos, disorganization and poor results on the pitch. And just a few weeks ago, they skirted with relegation from the Championship to League One, before finishing the season in 17th place.

The fall of Blackburn Rovers is examined in a new 58-minute documentary entitled Venky’s – The Fall Of Blackburn Rovers. You can watch the entire documentary below.

The documentary features enlightening interviews with Blackburn supporters, former players, journalists and Blackburn executives that help to shine some light on the fall of the club.


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