Liverpool Agree Deal to Sign Defender Kolo Toure

Liverpool have announced they’ve agreed a deal in principle to sign defender Kolo Toure as soon as his contract expires with Manchester City on June 30.

Toure’s contract is set to expire, and Manchester City had no intention of extending the Ivory Coast international’s contract. In swooped Liverpool to sign a veteran defender who has had an impressive career at both Manchester City and Arsenal.

The 32-year-old defender will replace Jamie Carragher in central defense, but there’s also question marks about the future of centre-back Martin Skrtel.

Toure will be the first Ivorian to play for Liverpool when he joins the club on July 1.

8 thoughts on “Liverpool Agree Deal to Sign Defender Kolo Toure”

  1. This move kinda makes me sad. As a United fan, I really don’t want to see Liverpool having to sign 32 year old back-up defenders who were allowed to leave Top 4 club on a free transfer.

    On the bright side, Francois will have a whole new town of gullible ladies to try his car-salesman routine upon.

  2. With signings like these by Rodgers I just cannot see Liverpool compete for a top 4 spot. Sign of the times that Liverpool don’t have the financial muscle necessary to become a top club again. This is not a bad signing but one that doesn’t impress enough to say Liverpool are going to become competitive with the top sides.

  3. Well that settles it. Liverpool win the EPL. No sense playing the matches now that they have Kolo.

  4. This is the sort of signing LFC fans can expect now that transfers are conducted by committee.
    They can try and defend it, experience blah blah but it shows that the owners have no ambition and are just biding time until they find a buyer…..could be a long wait.

  5. As much as I had fun (at Kartik’s expense,) with his exaggerated “highlighting” of the Ivorian’s potential, in willing Liverpool Football Club into a title challenge next spring, if it is a free transfer, as short term cover, why not?

    Even though the defender is past his prime and can be a liability, he is an experienced warm body on the bench if needed, in what will be a grueling and important season for both club and manager.

    If Rogers had only shown this type of pragmatism by signing a stop gap, journeyman striker at the beginning of last season.

    Alex Ferguson did it all the time: Blanc, Silvestre.

    1. But why go for short term cover? Why not bring in a promising younger player if he’s just going to be sitting on the bench anyway?
      The answer is clear, he was free and FSG are tired of pumping money in to get nowhere.

  6. Francois the ladies on Merseyside beware of a car salesman that doubles as a over the hill football defender. what a joke signing not making the side stronger.

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