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Moyes Set to Appoint Phil Neville As Man United First Team Coach to Replace Rene Meulensteen

phil neville Moyes Set to Appoint Phil Neville As Man United First Team Coach to Replace Rene Meulensteen

Manchester United manager David Moyes is set to appoint Phil Neville as his first team coach to replace Rene Meulensteen, according to a report in The Guardian.

It’s a risky move by Moyes who will be placing Neville in a position where he has very little coaching experience (at the England u-21 level) compared to Sir Alex Ferguson’s right-hand man Meulensteen who has been the first team coach at Manchester United for seven years. While Phil Neville undoubtedly has the potential to be a top coach in the game, United supporters will have to trust that Moyes is making the correct decision.

In addition to Neville, Moyes is reportedly bringing in the rest of his Everton coaching staff to Old Trafford that will include Steve Round, Chris Woods and Robbie Cooke. Last week, Moyes and Manchester United said goodbye to long-serving assistant manager Mike Phelan and goalkeeper coach Eric Steele. Manchester United’s chief scout has also left the club. Round is expected to be announced as Moyes’s assistant manager.

The Guardian reports that Meulensteen was offered a different role at Old Trafford, but turned down the opportunity.

If you’re a Manchester United supporter, what’s your opinion regarding the news? Are you worried that Meulensteen has left the club? And if you support Everton, are you concerned that Moyes is taking his backroom staff with him to Old Trafford? Share your opinion in the comments section below.

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28 Responses to Moyes Set to Appoint Phil Neville As Man United First Team Coach to Replace Rene Meulensteen

  1. San Franciscan says:

    Of course this is worrying, Rene has been on the team since 2007 (won 4 EPL’s and the 2008 UCL), I don’t know what Phil Neville has in part of experience but I know his heart would be all for it. Hopefully this turns out well for United.

  2. Tony Butterworth says:

    I was happy to have Moyes but I am getting concerned now that 1/2 the backroom staff, and all the key ones, are leaving.

  3. excel henry says:

    moyes remember my club man united is not everton,this is man united we fight for trouphies nt top 4 or europa,i dnt want u to mess up wit that great team sir left.

  4. Mufc77 says:

    Horrible news.

  5. jtm371 says:

    might be to much change to fast.would not hurt if P Neville spent a year watching Rene and learning. the biggest problem is when you find out it did not work your 3 or 4 years behind with no young players to bring to the 1st team.

  6. Darren corless says:

    Don’t worry about no young players coming through. Moyes wouldn’t play them anyway.

  7. Cantona says:

    Keep calm and carry on…

    All will be fine with Phil.. Makes perfect sense.. United legend.. Worked with Moyes..

    No worries… It’s still up to David Moyes to put his stamp on United… I’m more concerned with his first signing.


    • jtm371 says:

      you might have the wrong Neville as the UTD legend.just saying.

    • Mufc77 says:

      I disagree how does replacing one of thee best and most experisnced coaches at the club with somebody who’s never coached make sense?

      Just because someone was a great player and servant for the club doesn’t mean he will be a good coach/manager. If I was Rene Meuelsteen I’d be insulted.

      People say Moyes wants to bring in his own people who he trusts. What has Meuelsteen done that he can’t be trusted?

      Nobody can say Theses moves have been done because its what’s best for the club they have been done out of loyalty to his former staff, so much for the club coming first. If Jose Mourhino had done this would everyone thinks it was ok.

    • Cantona says:

      No.. I got the right Neville.. Still a United legend… Moyes needs his own backroom.. He can’t take Sir Alex’s.. He needs something different from what he had at Goodison.. Phil gives the United connection he needs.


      • jtm371 says:

        so your telling me if you pick one Neville your picking Phil over Gary as a UTD way put my vote in the Gary column.

        • Cantona says:

          No I’m picking he Neville that is available.. Gary is too busy with Sky and England… Anyways Gary might be too big of an ego for a number two…

          I actually think this will work.


          • jtm371 says:

            i agree Gary is very busy but if Moyes had approached him and offered him the job he would have taken don’t name your autobiography RED and turn down a chance to coach the team that made you a legend.

    • james says:

      are you in anyway at all emotionally connected to United? if yes, then a fan like you make other good fans worry and you are also misusing the word legend

  8. Smokey Bacon says:

    Moyes has to stamp his authority on the dressing room from day 1. The back room staff are his eyes and ears and therefore essential to the transition. Keeping any of the old guard around might undermine his authority. Smart move by Moyes and indicative of him being his own man. The sort of thing Ferguson would have done. Ruthless.

    • Taylor says:

      If Moyes is confident enough, he’s not going to be afraid the old guard will undermine his authority. Just win and everyone will be happy. don’t you think that the potential “threats” come only from Fergie’s backroom staff ? Giggs, Rio, Vidic, etc are basically legends in their own right.

      • Smokey Bacon says:

        Agreed. But they will know there is new sheriff in town when they report for training.

        This sort of thing happens in all workplaces, particularly football. First impressions are everything and the players need to know who is the boss from the off otherwise the dressing room takes over like at Chelsea.

  9. Taylor says:

    I don’t like this. Promoting Neville as first team coach might be a mistake. Even Fergie always says to young coaches: Get your experience and pay your dues in the lower leagues first before going to the Premiership. I wasn’t worried when Phelan left but I’ll be concerned if Rene leaves.

  10. Rukky says:

    Rily stupid news: stil hoping p.neville as replacement is only speculation bcos only one word describe it ‘naive’.

    • Cantona says:

      Just curious… Who were you thinking?


    • james says:

      thanks for saying that, you are rightly spot on, being the captain of Everton for a long time counts for nothing in a team like united. he is probably going to be spending his time on the bench if he were to still be in a united shirt

  11. Wongo1 says:

    This is some bulldoddy. MOYES WTF are you doing?

  12. Don says:

    I would have preferred to see Giggs in this role…Neville was a bit part when a lot of the current squad were still playing and was shipped off to Everton..the positive is he has the knowledge of what it takes to make it at United…this could either be a brillian partnership or a disaster…i would have rather remain as first team coach with Rene showing him the ropes for a year…anyway this might be a painful transition for Moyes and United…so far a little too much Everton and a little too little United..there is a reason Sir Alex won so much…

  13. james says:

    my heart is almost broken, hearing this about the team i have loved and supported for so long. I thought our new tough guy was going to try to learn at least a bit of the ways of United before he starts changing it all.this news is copletely heart aching and ridiculous for a true united fan and i wish it untrue. i dont wish to hate Moyes but actions like this can subject him to hate. Phil for a team with Giggs, Rio,Vidic, Evra,carrick and even the out going Rooney? this may definitely be an introduction of conflict

  14. Uwazzy says:

    I prayed for this not to happen and can’t believe my eyes. It is a disaster coming . Phil neville for Rene? there is no Logic in this. Paul scholes will make a better option and would manage people’s skills better . Does moyes plan to convert united to a Grafting team or a modern day team.

    Moyes is about to get his bandwagon filled with inexperienced people that have no experience of coaching in Europe .

    Sorry to say but this is just like when you have been given the right tools but u decide to use your hands instead to perform an operation. If the operation goes wrong , you should be terminated immediately.

    David moyes doesnt have my backing if he keeps on going like this . I guess that the next signing would be fellaini .

    I smell DOOM !!!!!!!

  15. varghese says:

    Dear Mr. Moyes, don’t mess up our club. We dont need P Neville or Felliani here. This is not your Everton, remember that please.

  16. Marc says:

    Rubbish. Has Phil even announced his retirement yet?

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