Championship Playoff Final: Crystal Palace vs Watford: Open Thread

Today sees the richest match in soccer kicking off at 10am ET between Crystal Palace and Watford, to decide which team will be promoted to the Premier League. For the winner, they’ll generate a total increase in revenue of £60 million next year. Combined with parachute payments, the revenue increases to £120 million. The loser will suffer heartache and depression, and will play in the Championship again next season.

If you live in the United States, the match is being shown live on beIN SPORT beginning at 9:55am ET.

Even if you’re not a Crystal Palace or Watford supporter, this is one of the must-watch matches of the season with so much on the line at Wembley.

The match also has the added-bonus of being played on a national holiday in the States (Memorial Day) as well as a Bank Holiday Monday in the United Kingdom. So sit back, and get ready for an emotional two hours of soccer.

Before, during or after today’s match, join the conversation in the comments section below with soccer fans from around the world.

Have a safe and happy Memorial Day!

30 thoughts on “Championship Playoff Final: Crystal Palace vs Watford: Open Thread”

  1. First i would like to say happy Memorial Day and thanks.

    Up the Hornets would like to see Watford make it up although i think it will be a one and done for the winner.i think it will be hard for either side to stay up next year.

    1. Ross Dyer and Ian Joy have been covering most of the Championship playoff matches. Why do you say they’re stooges? Both are accomplished commentators.

      The Gaffer

    2. This is the only pairing that is listenable on BeIN sport… I wish Joy would stop his quality comments… But Ross Dyer is class… The best BeIN has… No issues from me with these two… Thank god Schoen and Hudson are nowhere near this broadcast


  2. I don’t know much about either team, so only rooting for a good game. Hard to top Watford’s win over Leicester City, though.

  3. Very good open game so far. Watford looks likely to score on the counter. Palace looks likely to score with their attacking threat. Goals will come in the second half, for sure.

    The Gaffer

  4. In the Twin Cities we only have it on SD on the Spanish channel. Changed the audio to English but the commercials still pipe up in Spanish. The picture is in letterbox. But we are just mainly listening to it as the picture is not that great. So used to our HD football.

  5. Wilbrahaman could not kick the ball into the ocean from the bow of a boat.

    If this year’s EPL relegation threatened sides are watching, they know they only have to beat 2 sides next year, not 3.

    There is one good outfield player on the pitch, and he’ll be playing for Man Utd. next year.

  6. So it’s looking like Palace who will be relegated next year. Holloway should start clearing out his desk now.

    1. Your name inspired my comment… And why the hell would anyone named Cantona be offering any sort of congratulations to Palace.

      1. I hope you are a palace fan. Did you read that Simmons a few years back was arrested at his sons football match for heckling a referee. Or maybe they have Ian Dowie lead then out… or Dowie Vs Jordan at halftime.

        Look. We’re happy to have the 6 points from Palace. I just fear for the safety of supporters who travel to the crap hole fire trap Selhurst Park… anyway. It was all in good banter. If you are really that thin shinned then not sure how you could support a South London club.

  7. Congratulations to Palace!

    Cannot wait for Palace v Sunderland. Holloway vs DiCanio. Please let it be the season opener. Holloway is going to bring enough entertainment all by himself. Not sure how well his team is going to do though. Unless they buy some decent, experienced players they are going to struggle to stay up.

  8. I always love the comments after the playoff final about they are obviously going to get relegated. There is still a transfer window people. Of course in their current form they will not last, but let’s wait until we see who gets brought in.

    Here are the stats for the past five years for teams promoted. In one of the five seasons, none of the three promoted sides went back down. In the the other four seasons, only one of the three promoted teams got relegated. Twice that team was the playoff winner and twice it was the championship team.

    My simple point, way too early to tell who is going to get relegated.

    1. the problem is I don’t see Palace spending that much in the summer. Of course its not always about the money, they can buy smart but my point is they will have to buy many players I feel.

      From what I followed of the championship, Palace seemed to be the “weakest” of the 4 teams in the playoffs yet they won it

      1. And how do you have any clue to how much Palace will spend? The fact of the matter is they don’t have to buy RVP type players, they only have to buy enough to finish above three other teams. It is not an impossible task.

  9. Congrats to Palace on promotion to bad you lose your best player.good luck next year i think your going to need it.

  10. Zaha: great physical talent, no clue what he’s doing most of the time, though.

    Lost track of how many great runs of his were aborted by some overstepping, overdoing and overthinking.

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