England Away Shirt By Nike For 2013 Unveiled [PHOTOS]

England’s new away by Nike for 2013 has been unveiled.

After last week’s disappointing launch of England’s new home shirt for 2013, the England away shirt looks better even though it’s underwhelming.

As we revealed in March, England’s away shirt features a buttoned-down collar that looks more like a polo shirt than an England jersey. The FA’s 150-year anniversary crest looks quite smart on the chest.

With the shirts buttoned up in each of the photos, the England away jersey looks worse than it is. With the top button unbuttoned, the shirt should look much better.

What do you think of England’s away jersey? Share your opinions in the comments section below.


13 thoughts on “England Away Shirt By Nike For 2013 Unveiled [PHOTOS]”

    1. Yeah, this away kit looks waaay better than the new home kit. What’s more, it looks like a red version of the 2010 home kit (which was also a very clean, simplified polo-shirt design), which I think was one of my favourite England home shirts.

  1. Now THIS I would (and probably will) buy. Classy, gold badge makes it even better (feel sorry for Joe Hart that goalkeeper’s kit is crap).

  2. Now that is a proper kit. Much better. Just hope we get to see it in Brazil next year. Qualification is far from certain.

  3. What a difference a collar makes, nothing ground breaking, a little bit of polo-shirt drabness but adequate.

    Would have liked to see what the collar looks like unbuttoned, love the crest in gold – wish the home shirt had the same attributes.

  4. Now the players don’t even have to change shirts when they leave the pitch and head off straight to the golf course. FORE!!!

  5. This design looks a lot like what’s been rumoured for the new Manchester United kit. I’d say that seals the rumours for the Red Devils. Not bad, but if Nike are just going to give every club the same template, it gets a bit Banal. Adidas already cornered that market.


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