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Michael Laudrup Demands Top Signings If He’s To Stay At Swansea: The Daily EPL

michael laudrup Michael Laudrup Demands Top Signings If Hes To Stay At Swansea: The Daily EPL

Swansea City manager Michael Laudrup has warned club chairman Huw Jenkins that he could leave the club unless Swansea deliver the players he wants to sign this summer.

At the top of the list for Laudrup is a new striker — either Romelu Lukaku, St Etienne’s Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, Wigan striker Arouna Kone or Celta Vigo frontman Iago Aspas.

The concern for Swansea fans is that the club have a strict policy of not spending heavily in the transfer market. Swansea’s record buy was £5.5 million for Pablo Hernandez last summer. In order to sign a top striker like the ones mentioned above, they’ll need to break that transfer record.

What do you think? Are Swansea going to break their transfer record, or will Jenkins keep a tight hold on the purse strings and let Laudrup leave as a result? Share your opinions in the comments section below.

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9 Responses to Michael Laudrup Demands Top Signings If He’s To Stay At Swansea: The Daily EPL

  1. mark says:

    Great coach and I do not blame him for his unreasonable request. Swansea now has a taste of being in the BPL and should want to stay there, especially with another Welsh team in the BPL. If the swans want to keep on swimming in the league they should listen to Laudrup or pack up the tent and expect the worst. The league will be very competitive in August.

  2. Matt says:

    It’s a tall order, but Swansea have the makings of a regular in this league, and at some point they will need to exercise some spending power. The club has known the right time to sell players (Sinclair, Graham), and now they need to prove that they know when to buy players too. Another striker would be a good upgrade to take some of the pressure off Michu. They should look to go get another defender as well.

  3. It is getting a fine balance between what’s in the bank account and to bring in and covering the loanee’s wages. Debt is a none option as every Swans fan knows but if we have to not buy one player to cover the bills then that is what we must do. Michael Laudrup knows the situation and he has the desire as everyone at the club do to bring success to the club. I thing both Chairman Huw Jenkins and the manger knows what is to be done and as a team they will work together and succeed in their objectives!

  4. JohnnyBoy says:

    So, no direct quotes from anyone – particularly not Laudrup. Shoddy journalism.

  5. David says:

    I can understand Laudrup wanting top signings if some of the players now at Swansea are leaving. Besides Willims i haven’t heard of anyone that might leave. Players like Michu, Hernandez, etc. will only be better this season now that they have a year in the EPL under their belt. Swansea do need reinforements since they will be in the Europa League.

    On a totally different story (I didn’t know where else to post this), today’s New York Times has a strory about Gus Johnson. Here’s the link:

  6. Di says:

    They will do what is the best for the club. One way or another, either way, the best will be done. The swans are now a much improved team and I’m certain they will only get better. In Hugh we trust. STID.

  7. Steven says:

    When Laudrup talks of top signings he means players like Michu, Hernandez, etc. that he was able to get for a song. I don’t think the Swansea board will mind one bit if similar players like the ones they got last summer come over this summer. Laudrup will be able to attract top players and he understands that Swansea isn’t Chelsea or United with deep pockets so he won’t be asking for players that cost over 15-20 million.

    Swansea need players if they are to do well in the Europa League which is what I think Laudrup wants, not just be happy to be in the tournament.

  8. count jack says:

    I think its just a natural progression for us. We can’t keep a lid on the transfer fees of £5m forever or we will be left behind. Looking at the squad and the performances i would say our clearest problem is converting chances.
    Everyone knows the striker is the most expensive so why not. Do need to keep an eye on the budget but you put one of those guys mentioned alongside Michu and i think it would give the whole team a boost.

    • mt says:

      totally agree.but we need to spend on a good striker,weve been lucky with michu but we cant keep looking for bargains on the cheap,we must buy proven goalscorers and back the managers judgement,so come on jenkins get the cheque book out

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