Manchester City vs Chelsea Exhibition Game in New York City: Open Thread

After Thursday night’s pulsating 4-3 comeback win for Manchester City against Chelsea in St Louis, the anticipation is building for tonight’s match between the two clubs, which will be played at Yankee Stadium in New York City.

For viewers in the United States, the kick-off time is tentatively scheduled for 5:30pm ET on FOX Soccer. However, the exact kick-off time will depend on what time the UEFA Champions League Final finishes and whether the game will go into extra time and/or penalty kicks.

In team news, Chelsea are missing Ashley Cole, Gary Cahill and Frank Lampard who have returned to London to meet up with the England national team.

This will be Manchester City’s first match in New York City since their announcement that they’re purchasing a MLS franchise, so it’ll be interesting to see what the reaction is to the team in Yankee Stadium.

Before, during or after tonight’s match, join the conversation in the comments section below.

8 thoughts on “Manchester City vs Chelsea Exhibition Game in New York City: Open Thread”

  1. Kickoff has been moved to 6 PM. It’s been raining here in the NE for the past few days so the pitch is going to be very wet and soggy. Let’s hope we get a good game like Thurday’s game. Wouldn’t mind another 4-3 score.

  2. Apparntly this announcer cannot pronounce anything correctly. Anyone notice he can’t pronounce the “r”s in people’s names? Odd. Also, Luiz is such a punk. I wish Kun would just drop him.

  3. Had an amazing time today. Had a lot more fun than last summer. We didn’t have to sit down the whole match and we sang until we couldn’t speak even though we were loosing. Was sad to see Dortmund loose while we were at The Dugout.

  4. DVRed the match and just watched it and the commentating and coverage was so pro ManCity it wasn’t even funny. It seems like the sheikh paid off Fox for pro coverage which they technically did because the match was brought to us by Etihad Airways. They kept showing ManCity doing stuff in the community but they weren’t the only ones doing that. Chelsea had a click with the Harlem FC kids on Friday.

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