Champions League Final, Bayern Munich vs Borussia Dortmund: Open Thread

WHO: Borussia Dortmund versus Bayern Munich
WHAT: Champions League Final
WHEN: Kick-off is scheduled for 2:45pm ET
WHERE: Live from Wembley Stadium in London
HOW: Viewers in the USA can watch the game live on FOX (the free-to-air network) and FOX Soccer 2Go

Bayern Munich faces Borussia Dortmund in all-German match at this year’s Champions League final to find out who will be crowned the best team in Europe.

For viewers in the United States, pre-match coverage kicks off at 2pm ET featuring the FOX Sports team of Rob Stone, Eric Wynalda, Warren Barton and Brian McBride. Brad Friedel is also scheduled to be involved. The commentary team for the match itself will be Gus Johnson and Warren Barton, while FOX Soccer 2Go is offering a version with Martin Tyler as the lead voice.

Before, during and after today’s match, join the conversation in the comments section below.

109 thoughts on “Champions League Final, Bayern Munich vs Borussia Dortmund: Open Thread”

    1. Gus Johnson did not disappoint.
      20 minutes in, Bayern Munich was overwhelmed by BD and he asks Warren Barton, “Do you think Bayern is pressing.”
      Barton’s tone of voice in his answer was, “No, you idiot. How can they press when they have no attack at the moment?”
      Then, referring to Wembley he said, “What electricity in this building.” A building?
      When one player banged into another with his shoulder, Johnson thought it was foul. Barton calmly informed him, “You can use your shoulder.”
      Johnson opened the second half by referring to “Legendary Wembley.”
      The new Wembley was opened just six years ago.
      When the score became 1-1, Johnson screamed, “We’ve got a ball game now.”
      Not long after that, Barton said correctly, “Game on.”
      On a play when Schweinsteiger reached out with his foot in front of the goal to score, Johnson said it was a “game of inches.” Schweinsteiger was two feet from the ball.
      Johnson confirms his place as the worst announcer in the history of football.

      1. Not only that, when the referee awarded the penalty he said “FOUL!” the usual call is PENALTY!

  1. The FoxSoccer2Go Pre-Match feed is pretty good. No commentary. Just the atmosphere at Wembley. The place is roaring!

    1. I have the sound down. I’m just listening to the FoxSoccer2Go feed.

      But I saw him and Warren Barton pop up and I cringed.

      1. lol, spot on. How about a scantily-clad gal or a big animated robot to really get into the Fox Sports mood here?

  2. already a good atmosphere…too bad both fans can’t get more seats, lots go to “corporate UEFA family”

  3. What channel is showing it? I have FSC on my TV and they are shoing Europa League review and they will be showing EPL match after that?

  4. Curt Menefee introduced Gus Johnson by saying that Johnson called the goal scored by Wigan in “extra time” in the FA Cup Final.

    This guy has been covering the Champions League Final for Fox for four years, how in the #?%!*& do you not know the difference between extra time and stoppage/injury/added time? Argggggggh!

    1. That would require him to actually put in some work to try to understand the sport. He’s probably as baffled that he’s still doing this as we are.

  5. Are they ust tying to make the final as american as possible? Calling Dortmund that they call them Hollywood FC, Calling Bayern like the Yankees.

    1. Fox keeps catering to the casual sports fan who just might happen to turn on this match. Rather than gearing the broadcast towards actual football fans.

  6. They forgot to mention that Bastian Schweinsteiger had a minor niggle while warming up, it looked like he will be replaced but hes fine now.

  7. FoxSoccer2Go once again is providing two feeds for the match. I wonder how many people actually click on the “Gus Johnson Commentary”?

  8. Can we try to lay off the pronunciation errors today? Lots of others make them. Gus has much bigger problems than that.

  9. This is not in HD in Boston. Flicked on in HD very briefly but it’s in SD in letterbox on my cable system.

    1. It flickered for a moment to HD, switched off completely for a few seconds, and now it’s back to SD. Basically this is now like watching the match on BeiN sports network or a bad Russian feed. Thanks again, Comcast.

    2. same problem here in NH tuning in Boston FOX on comcast. Might be a comcast issue though becuase its HD on Aereo.

  10. Aaaah Martin Tyler and Gary Neville

    I won’t waste my time with the amateur basketball celebrity pretender.

    Stream gentlemen stream


  11. Ok…I’m watching online.

    It’s 10 mins in…how many nonsensical screams has Gus let out?…and has there been a “In the Six”?

  12. My Tyler / Neville stream is a good 2 1/2 minutes delayed, but it is worth delaying my FOX feed to sync great commentary with great video.

    1. Hello lads (and ladies):

      I found out about TalkSport from you guys just in time for the great FA cup final coverage, but they don’t seem to be calling the match there now-they’re doing call-ins and general news.

      Can anyone point me towards something else that might drown Gus Johnson out? If he screams one more time I’m going to throw something at the television.

  13. The other audio option is that the match is on the BBC World Service. If you have the TUNEINRADIO app find one of the World Service feeds and you will get the Five Live team of Alan Green and Mike Ingham.

    1. TuneIn and are blocking 5 live for me (I’m in the states). Alas, I have no idea how to work around it, I’m stuck with Gus screaming every 3 seconds.

      1. Don’t use the Five Live stream on TUNEIN use one for the BBC World Service.

        You will need to hunt for one because none of them say they are carrying the game. Also, some of the BBC World Service channels are carrying news and not the match.

  14. Yes the stream is Excellent HD for me.. Audio is crisp..

    Good… Because this is my new reality for Champions League games if the American basketball commentator is on.


      1. Dumb luck on my iPad. Synced right up. I’d sign off and try a different feed. I’m using TuneIn Radio on BBC World Australia.

  15. Besides an ignorance of the game and his storied inappropriate timing, the tone and timbre of Johnson’s voice has a chalk on a blackboard pitch. But most annoying is his fractured American sports cadence. It just does not suit football. Is this the missing link the Fox suits have determined will draw ambivalent Americans to the sport. Relay it in baseball meter with an upswing of wild screams at the sign of action.

    1. It’s like he’s come in with this American idea that soccer is boring, with only spurts of action. It’s reflected in his commentary.

    2. It’s the ridiculously-lampooned highlighted hockey puck fox tried to pull with their NHL broadcasts years ago.

      Idiots haven’t learned one bit.

  16. Barton needs to take elocution lessons – the London accent is horrible for commentary – and you cannot pressurize anyone unless you use a hyperbaric chamber!

  17. So true, He could also do with prozac. What is it about these English ex players who struggle with the past tense of the verb to be.

  18. What about Barton, he is useless also. and what about The studio hosts? You think Fox would do that to the super bowl? Why is the Champion league final different? I am paying good money for that crap.

  19. The ref has had a good game – let it flow and called what is necessary but not falling for all the acting….he has done well

  20. Sorry Gus haters but he hasnt been bad today, no he’s no martin tyler and he will never be. But today hes been ok.

    1. Was that good? I felt like I was watching professional wrestling with all of that yelling. I’m glad Fox lost the rights to soccer. All of this “dumbing down” of soccer for American audiences. It’s just ridiculous.

    1. injured too many times. Great winger when he was at PSV but got injured quite a lot in England and Spain.

  21. Dortmund were vulnerable in the center of defense and they paid for it with that Robben goal. Good game and it was played in the right spirit. Kudos to the Bundesliga for producing two terrific teams. Too bad it didn’t get to extra time but Bayern just about deserved it.

  22. Pep Guardiola will have a very difficult job next season. On Saturday Bayern could make it a treble, There is no forward from there.

    1. I agree that Dante probably should have seen his second yellow and Bayern should have gone down to 10 men. I think the referee saw it as incidental rather than blatant and because he was already on a yellow decided against a second yellow. He did the right thing though and gave the penalty. I thought the referee was quite good. Not what we’re used to in the EPL.

  23. The trophy has been presented. The celebrations continue.

    And Sky Sports has still not had a commercial break since half time.

    FOX is deep into their 3rd break since full time.

  24. Shocking refereeing .. Ribery should have been off and how did Dante stay on the pitch? That foul was 10x worse than Nani’s… He didn’t even get a yellow!?!? Sorry but Dortmund caught he short end of this one

    Not that I’m bitter :)

    Can’t wait to watch the comedy rerun with Johnson …saw he first 5mins Gotta laugh at his Robin calls … I just want to scream “where’s Batman”… Eye-in robin !!

    Too funny.. Great match by Tyler and Neville pure class.. Couple of friends caught the Al Jazeera feed with Peter Drury and Gary lineker at halftime/post… Tons of options to the Gus Johnson experiment .


  25. Just watched the “soccer for dummies” broadcast from Fox… Curt Menefee?? Really, again.

    This broadcast shows again that Mr. Johnson does not know the rules of football.. 45 second delay on a response to Dante’s foul.. Tyler and Neville called it in 2 seconds… It like he got a note from Barton.. And again with the awkward silence.. Did you drop your fact sheets Gus?… Then the screaming at .. Well everything.. Still can’t figure out a football moment.. So he screams… I could care less about name pronunciations as opposed to his cluelessness as to what is going on.. On the pitch..

    How long will the Eric Shanks hard-on for his pet celebrity Gus Johnson continue.

    This is a failure of epic proportions… Time to swallow your Gus-Gasms and pick a tried and true announcer for your marquee Champions League Matches.. ie hit the switch into the control room over to he guy that really is the celebrity in the football world MARTIN TYLER


  26. Seriously, I have MLS Live and none of the local team broadcasters are as abject as Fox’s crew. Your American football-style bloviate-n-scream are not required, nor are they appreciated.

    1. you make it sound like american soccer fans are enthusiastically behind this. we’re FING embarrassed.

  27. Fox are going to ruin the World Cup when they get it in 2018. It will be 2006 all over again if Gus is still around. There is absolutely no difference between him and the abomination that was Dave O’Brien. Espn learned from their mistake. Fox shows no sign of doing so with this idiot Shenks at the helm. The utter disrespect to the viewer is beyond belief. The only way we stop the madness is by not watching. It’s time to boycott the champions league until Fox comes to its senses. Only when we drive their ratings into the ground will they bin Gus.

  28. BVB got screwed the marked one should have been sent off for the elbow and Dante should have seen a second yellow.BM got all the calls.did not think the Italian ref did well at all.oh well let me be the first to say GO HORNETS beat Palace.

    1. JTM Ucl reffing has been a joke this season. Ribbery can hit guys in the face and then Dante can stud Reus in theballs while on a yelow and then not even get a card.

  29. The Buffalo Bills analogy was also fantastic when he led off with “In America” because it’s not like this was the broadcast for America or anything…

  30. Agree 100% with the criticism of both Gus and Fox Sports.

    That being said, if the coverage was enough to ruin what was truly an exceptional match for you, I think you have to ask yourself if you are actually a fan of the sport in the first place.

    Why continue to beat a dead horse? Can’t we focus on the game? There is no shortage of talking points and yet 90% of this thread was devoted to Gus. Again.

    At least Gus showed some interest in the match, unlike most of the comments here.

    1. Sad isn’t it? So many talking point s in this match – Dante’s non-red card, Subotic’s clearance – yet the majority of posts in this thread slagging a commentator. *smh*

  31. What an entertaining match this was! Such a pulsating match that even Gus Johnson’s commentary didn’t bother me too much today!

  32. I’m not sure if anyone noticed but there was an ad about NBC’s upcoming Premier League coverage (the one with the opera song) during halftime. When I saw that, I thought “Way to rub it in there!” :)

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