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Fernando Torres Focused On Winning Premier League Next Season

fernando torres1 Fernando Torres Focused On Winning Premier League Next Season

Fernando Torres has played down the negative perception of Chelsea, adding that the club are now striving for a Premier League title.

The Spanish striker was speaking ahead of Chelsea’s games this week against Manchester City, when he told reporters, “At least since I’m here it always looks a bit worse than it is really. I think we have been doing two really good seasons and we have won two European trophies, so things are not as bad as everyone says.

“We’re happy for the progress of the team. We won the Champions League with one squad and this year with a newer squad with five or six new players, young players, we have [had] good success again in Europe and that it is not easy with so many changes in the team.”

Satisfied with the achievements of the latest Chelsea squad following their Europa League title, Torres believes it is the work of the press that has garnered Chelsea such a negative perception. Already thinking to next season, the former Liverpool striker is now aiming to add a Premier League winners medal to his collection.

“I think the players, the staff, the supporters are happy with what we are doing so hopefully we can build from what we have done in the last two seasons for the future. Next season we have to think even more trophies, especially the Premier League. It has been difficult to do well in the Premier League and I think it is a trophy the fans really want to win.

“It looks like everything has been negative [in the press]. Nobody really talks about what Chelsea is doing good. But at the end of the day in all sports it is about results. Results are good. [In the last two seasons], we won the FA Cup, the Champions League and we have won the Europa League this season. Things are going well. We have to be realistic with that. Chelsea has won three trophies in the last two years, it is not bad.”

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5 Responses to Fernando Torres Focused On Winning Premier League Next Season

  1. CTBlues says:

    Chelsea could discover the cure for cancer and give it away for free and the press would still slag them.

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