Chelsea vs Manchester City in St Louis: Roll Call For Tonight’s Match

The excitement is building for tonight’s post-season exhibition game between Chelsea and Manchester City, which will be played in St Louis. Players from both teams have been training in the States this week, with the Europa League champions Chelsea ready to play against Manchester City, the team that has been stealing all the headlines this week after their announcement of their MLS sister club, New York City FC.

Tickets for this match at Busch Stadium sold out in 20 minutes. If you have tickets to the match and you’ll be there tonight, let us know in the comments section below. Where are you sitting, who do you want to win and how far are you traveling to get to the match tonight?

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And if you can’t make the game, it’ll be shown live on ESPN2 and at 8:30pm ET.

11 thoughts on “Chelsea vs Manchester City in St Louis: Roll Call For Tonight’s Match”

  1. I seem to remember that few of the 1950 U.S. World Cup members were from St. Louis. Despite not having an MLS team, I would say that St. Louis’ soccer heritage is just as rich as anywhere else in the U.S.

    1. It’s a great soccer city (and another area of the country where there’s no MLS team). Should be a great atmosphere at the match tonight. Looking forward to watching it on TV.

      The Gaffer

      1. St Louis is also known as one of best sports towns in the states. In MLB they have most the respectful fans in the league. Amazing sports town with faithful and respectful fans, they should be up for next MLS franchise.

  2. Let’s hope both sets of players are still in a competitive mode and not yet on holiday. Would like to see a good game and hope the stars play. Hate to see the likes of Mata, Oscar, Silva, Toure, Hazard, to name a few missing in action.

    1. If only! Sinclair is injured and Malouda is training on his own until his contract expires.

      The Gaffer

  3. Saint Louis definitely needs an MLS team or at least a semi-professional team. In other towns, it’s out of the ordinary if you play football. But in Louie, you’re considered a minority if you DON’T play football- everyone plays. Plus, we have fantastic fans for sport of all kinds, and a lot of English and French immigrants that would enjoy a football spectacle. Speaking from a British point of view myself, I’d like a professional football team.

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