Chelsea vs Manchester City Exhibition Game in St Louis: Open Thread

Tonight marks the first of many Premier League matches on US soil this summer. Chelsea plays Manchester City in St Louis tonight with the game kicking off at 8:20pm ET on ESPN2 and (for viewers in the United States). If you live in the United Kingdom, the game will be shown live on ESPN. The game will also be streamed live on Manchester City’s website at

The match, which is sold out, will give soccer fans in the States a chance to see Gary Cahill, Ashley Cole and Frank Lampard before they head back to London tomorrow for England duty, as well as some of the top-class players on the planet.

Chelsea starting XI: Cech; Ivanovic, Cahill, Christensen, Cole; Mikel, Loftus-Cheek; Azpilicueta, Mata, Benayoun; Ba

Man City starting XI: Hart, Clichy, Rekik, Kompany, Zabaleta, Garcia, Silva, Y Toure, Aguero, Tevez, Rusnak

Here’s video footage of the baseball field at Busch Stadium being converted to a soccer pitch:

Before, during or after tonight’s match, join the conversation with soccer fans around the globe in the comments section below.

Note that the game is blacked out in certain regions in the US on ESPN3. More info at

29 thoughts on “Chelsea vs Manchester City Exhibition Game in St Louis: Open Thread”

  1. Neither of these teams players look happy to be here. Everyone else is off on their holidays and they are playing two post season matches.

  2. Introducing Adrian Healy, Taylor Twellman, and Alexi Lalas…the three-headed monster of sh*t commentary.

    1. It just took me 25 minutes to figure out why they kept playing when the ball went out of play on this near touch line.

  3. Nice touch by Chelsea and Manchester City in their show of support for the victims of the Oklahoma tornado, as well as the soldier who died in London yesterday.

    The Gaffer

  4. That was never a penalty, not even in a friendly. Good game overall. City have all the possession but Chelsea have the 2-0 lead.

  5. Anyone notice the Chelsea players always cover their mouth with their hand when talking especially when a TV camera is near present. I wonder why they do that.

  6. Entertaining first half. Plenty of chances for Manchester City, but Chelsea are more clinical up front.

    Looking forward to hearing what the response will be for Dzeko from the large Bosnian contingent in St Louis tonight.

    The Gaffer

  7. City dominate the first half and get nothing. Suddenly they score 2 goals and ar right back in the game. The poor kid who came on for Cech must be wondering what’s happening.

    How long before the Chelsea fans cry “Rafa Out” :-) .

  8. I think that game and the clear sharpness of the players showed the benefits of playing these games after the season rather than before when they are slow and sluggish. That was probably as near as you would get to a premier match.

    Ken why do you think city are there? Chelsea won there first title 10 years ago and the Champions league last year. City on the other hand won theirs last year what do you expect?? City have just started basically in terms of a popularity front in the USA but boy have the started in style!

    City are the one club seriously promoting themselves in the USA like no others ever have. It is clear to see the huge rise in the game there over the last few years. I’m reading about average crowds in a supposed non-footballing country that would put some European countries to shame. While others pander to the East Asian market I think City are investing in the right place. This investment has drummed up interest in the MLS in the UK. Many i know will be after a NYCFC shirt as Soon as they’re ready me included! Claudio ‘Captain American’ Reyna was a class guy and player for us to, looks like they’re really thinking through the connections and for the first time ever as a football fan find myself wanting to see some MLS games. So this move benefits City but believe me it will benefit the MLS just as much if not more.

    1. I agree with Why regarding the effort by Manchester City to promote their club in the United States. Chelsea, other than their training session and match this week, have been practically invisible in the States this week, while City have been everywhere. Chelsea seem to be more focused on keeping a low profile.

      The Gaffer

      1. That’s funny, because from a St. Louis perspective, the game was all about Chelsea. They’ve been here in town all week, practiced at SLU and Busch, been on the news each night. City was all East Coasty and I don’t think they arrived in town until noon on game day.

        1. Apparently Chelsea’s training session drew almost 10,000 spectators. That’s incredible. While Manchester City got most of the headlines, not a bad thing for the club, the overwhelming support for Chelsea showed how big a club they are worldwide.

        2. From a local perspective, you’re correct. But nationwide Manchester City has been all over the news this week with their new kit, NYCFC news, appearances in Staten Island plus a lot more activity from their PR and marketing folks (I haven’t heard a word from Chelsea all week).

          The Gaffer

      2. It seems to be the same story wherever Chelsea play in the US,Baltimore,CA or NY when Chelsea out stripped PSG. Where they all just local?

  9. Dzeko could be elected mayor if he ran right now. I was sitting behind a large contingent of Bosnians and they went crazy when he scored. Great atmosphere. I thought the players played hard (especially Tevez).

  10. Gaffer, do you know why the next friendly is going to be on Foxsoccer instead of ESPN. I though it would be shown on ESPN.

    1. No, just the one. I’m pretty sure that the promoters are different too. FOX Soccer has rights to the International Champions Cup to be played in late July and early August too, which could feature Chelsea and Everton along with Real Madrid, Juventus and others.

      The Gaffer

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