‘I Want My EPL’: How to Make Sure You Don’t Miss Any EPL Matches On NBC

With less than 90 days to go before NBC Sports begins televising the Premier League on US television, the number of TV providers who will providing access to every single Premier League match next season still only numbers five. They are Comcast xFinity TV, DISH Network, Verizon FIOS, Suddenlink and Cablevision — all of whom will be providing access to NBC Sports Live Extra as well as NBC Sports Network, etc.

If your TV provider isn’t listed above, it’s time to take action.

According to industry sources that EPL Talk has spoken to, the most effective method of getting your message through to your TV provider is to call them. With e-mails or social media, the TV providers don’t know if you’re an actual customer or not. Plus by phoning your TV provider, they’ll be able to hear the sense of urgency in your voice.

It’s important that you tell them exactly what you want. If you call your TV provider and tell them that you want to make sure you’ll get access to all of the Premier League matches on NBC Sports, you’ll likely to get a response that says you already have access to NBC Sports Network and NBC, or a similarly vague reply.

Instead it’s vital that you be as precise as possible. When you call your TV provider, tell them: “I want to get access to NBC Sports Live Extra and Premier League Extra Time.”

What is NBC Sports Live Extra?

NBC Sports Group is offering NBC Sports Live Extra to all TV providers at no extra charge, but TV providers have to agree a deal with NBC Sports in order to provide the service to their customers. Once you have access to NBC Sports Live Extra (through an authenticated login), you’ll be able to access every single game via streaming through the NBC Sports Live Extra app (available on the web, tablet and mobile devices).

What is Premier League Extra Time?

Premier League Extra Time are the overflow channels that TV providers will make available to show telecasts of live matches. So if a 10am ET Saturday match is being shown live on NBC Sports Network but there are other matches being played at the same time, NBC Sports will show the other games live on TV too on the overflow channels (Premier League Extra Time).

What You’ll Miss if You Don’t Take Action

Without NBC Sports Live Extra, you’re going to miss out on Premier League games each weekend. With it, you’ll be able to watch the games on TV as well as your web, mobile or tablet devices. NBC Sports Live Extra will show all 380 games per season.

On television, games will be shown live on NBC Sports Network (154 games per season), Telemundo/mun2 (76 games per season), NBC (20 games per season), and other NBC Universal channels (22 games). Premier League Extra Time, meanwhile, is scheduled to show 184 games.

Words of Advice

The only way to make a difference is to take action. Call your TV provider directly and tell them you want access to NBC Sports Live Extra and Premier League Extra Time so you can make sure you don’t miss a single Premier League match beginning with the August 17 kickoff.

Don’t be surprised if your call is met with a confused customer service representative or someone who is reading from a script. Be patient and explain how important it is to you. Ask to speak with a supervisor if you’re not satisfied with the response. And, if the answer they give you is not what you want to hear, consider playing the trump card by mentioning that you’re thinking about switching to a different TV provider if you don’t get access to NBC Sports Live Extra (Premier League Extra Time would be nice, but NBC Sports Live Extra is what will give you access to everything).

The customer service rep from your TV provider may tell you that a decision hasn’t been reached yet. Or he or she may not know what you’re talking about. But don’t get frustrated. Instead, before you hang up, be sure to ask that your request is noted and that it’s passed along to the people who make the decisions.

Once you’ve called, it doesn’t end there. Tell your friends who are on the same TV provider to do the same thing. Plus, be sure to follow up with your TV provider in a few weeks to find out what progress has been made, if any.

Most of us have a choice when it comes to our TV provider. Some of us are in long-term contracts. Some of us are limited to what TV providers are in our area. But all of us, myself included, are customers. Special customers who love the Premier League and who want to make sure that we don’t miss a single game.

If you have questions about NBC’s coverage plans, here’s everything you need to know about their Premier League plan.

Here are the phone numbers for the major TV providers in the US:

AT&T U-verse:

  • Phone: 1-877-U-ASK-ATT

Bright House Networks:

  • Phone: 1-888-289-8988


  • Phone (select your state from the drop-down)


  • Phone: 1-800-531-5000


  • Phone: 1-800-RING-RCN

Time Warner:

If your TV provider isn’t listed above, post their phone number in the comments thread below.

With the 2013-14 Premier League season kicking off on August 17 with new managers at Chelsea, Manchester United, Everton, Stoke and possibly other clubs, it promises to be one of the most eye-opening seasons in quite some time.

It’s time to start calling!

34 thoughts on “‘I Want My EPL’: How to Make Sure You Don’t Miss Any EPL Matches On NBC”

  1. Do you know if Dish will be providing Premier League Extra Time? If so, in what capacity? I assume I’ll be able to have full EPL access when I add the Sports package that Dish provides…is that a correct assumption?

    1. Best bet is to call and ask them. As far as I know, a decision hasn’t been made yet. But I do know they’ll provide access to NBC Sports Live Extra, so you can watch all the games online.

      The Gaffer

      1. Hi Guys. i’m new here.
        I live in red hook, brooklyn, new york.
        I need my EPL or I will die.
        I subscribed to foxsoccer2go last season, was ok? I guess. I’d ultimately like a cable provider with DVR etc. but that is un attainable in my exact location, so it looks like I’m searching for the best possible on-line option.
        I run ‘Clear’ internet service (highest) games stream pretty good.
        Any suggestions? to finish this post, there is a slight possibility that direct TV may be accessible…….but I’d love to not have to do the 2 year contract.

  2. Has it been announced if Comcast will be offering Premier League Extra Time in all areas? Or is it just something that each local Comcast operation will have the option of picking up?

    I’ve had a chance to look at NBC Sports Live Extra during the Stanley Cup playoffs and so far I’m hopeful it will work out nicely.

    1. SeminoleGunner, Comcast hasn’t announced it yet but they own NBC, so the likelihood is very favorable.

      The Gaffer

    2. I too have checked out the NBC Sports Live Extra app and it’s very slick (if lacking in good content) at the moment.

  3. I’m confused Gaffer,

    You say that
    NBC Sports Network will show 154 games
    Telemundo/mun2 76 games
    NBC 20 games
    other NBC Universal channels 22 games
    Premier League Extra Time 184 games

    That will add up to 456 games, however the premier league has only 380 games.

    Plus, it seems that NBC sports Network will be their main channel, will that channel include the pre and post match analysis?

    1. The 76 Telemundo/mun2 games will be shown live on that channel and on an English-speaking channel (such as NBC Sports Network) at the same time. 456 minus 76 games equals 380 matches.

      NBC Sports Network will show the pre- and post-match analysis when the games are shown on that channel.

      The Gaffer

  4. Last year when I had Cox Cable, I called them twice a week for several months requesting beIN Sport and told them several times I would switch to Dish if beIN Sport wasn’t added. Two weeks after beIN launched, we switched to Dish. Wish the cable operators respected soccer fans.

    1. They probably didn’t hear from enough of them. Are they supposed to add to their operating costs because of a handful of customers?

      People need to realize that these are businesses not non-profits.

      1. I somehow doubt that there were only a handful customers who wanted soccer coverage on COX.

        The Gaffer

        1. Relative to the total customer base, it’s just a handful. The average number of viewers for the EPL on both ESPN2 and Fox Soccer was consistently under 500k. For any given provider that’s a a pretty small percentage of the customer base.

  5. I called Time Warner 20 times last summer about beIN. We finally got it October.

    In this sense, I’m completely dissapointed that I have to do this again. beIN had some reasonable roadblocks and if certain executives knew that it was Al-Jazzera, we probably wouldn’t have it. Some right wingers think anything associated with that part of the world should be resisted. You can’t be more American than NBC. I will expect these providers to be proactive on this and get it in place by July. It will be easier to enlist friends to call the cable companies than it was for beIN.

  6. Cox is one of the worse operators who never seem to listen to their customers. I’ve written to and spoken with Cox reps many times about beIN Sport and they never did anything except say that they’ll pass the message along. I don’t hold out much hope that they will do much in getting NBC Live Extra or Extra Time. As usaul, I’ll try though. I live in a condo and dish is prohibited so I’m stuck with cable.

  7. Has anyone actually used the NBC Live Extra app? It’s crap. Just crashes over and over on my new Galaxy android tablet. Hope they get an update out over the summer before the season starts.

  8. Thanks for this article, Gaffer. The specific details are indeed helpful as to what you need to ask for. The minimum-wage person who answers the phone for any of these companies is about 1% likely to have any idea about any of this.

    I have Time Warner and they have been horribly unhelpful and unresponsive at the “initial phone answerer” level of course.

    One way you can get a person with a (perhaps) triple-digit IQ on the phone with any of these companies is to to threaten to cancel your account. You don’t normally get a commitment one way or another as to them adding what we need, but I will damn well guarantee that the person you talk to at the “customer threatens to cancel account” level is required to forward the reasons for same up the chain.

    I think I may go over to FIOS anyway, as I was planning on dumping damnable AT&T for Verizon phone service. But at the very least I have gotten a decent message put into Time Warner’s system on behalf of all of us.

  9. thank you for this write up. extremely helpful. i called COX Omaha today and they will relay my message to management and give me a call back. I told them I would go with DISH NETWORK otherwise!

  10. For those pondering the switch to Dish, I should point out that as of now NBCSN is only on their largest/most expensive channel packages. It is not on the sports package. However, this may change as they still are offering FoxSoccerPlus for $15/mo on their site.

  11. I’ve tweeted at RCN as well as posted on their Facebook page. Fingers crossed on this helping but we never got BeIn Sport.

  12. Chris:

    Any word when NBCSC will start it’s programming? When will previews start and weekly news shows?

  13. I encourage everyone to write to their provider to put pressure on them to offer the extra NBC channels. My exchange with DirecTV received a response within ten minutes. I also phoned them and threatened to switch providers:

    My Email:

    I moved from Dish to DirecTV because, at the time, Dish didn’t offer Fox Soccer Channel HD & FSC+. In order to receive ALL the English Premier League games from August onwards, PLEASE offer the spillover channels: NBC Sports Live Extra and Premier League Extra Time. This is so important to me that I don’t want to be forced to change my satellite provider again. DirecTV’s silence on this issue is troubling.

    DirecTV’s response, mostly boiler plate:

    Thank you for writing. I am sorry to know that you are thinking of switching service provider if we will not offer NBC Sports Live Extra and Premier League Extra Time.

    I understand that you want to receive all the English Premier League games, so I have forwarded your request to DIRECTV Management for review. While DIRECTV Management can not follow up individually with every customer, rest assured every suggestion and comment is reviewed. We often make changes based on customer feedback like yours. You can also check updates about our programming and services online, just log in at directv.com/pr.

    Though we currently do not offer these channels, DIRECTV service continues to be an outstanding value. We have continued to invest in new programming and innovative services in order to provide you the best possible entertainment experience.

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