Frank Lampard, Ashley Cole and Gary Cahill to Miss Chelsea Game Against City in New York: The Daily EPL

Chelsea and England footballers Frank Lampard, Ashley Cole and Gary Cahill will miss this Saturday’s exhibition game between Chelsea and Manchester City at Yankee Stadium in order to return to London to meet up with the England squad for their upcoming friendlies against Ireland and Brazil.

However, Lampard, Cole and Cahill will be available for Thursday’s match in St Louis between Chelsea and Manchester City.

The trio will train today and are expected to be involved in tomorrow’s match in St Louis before flying back to England on Friday to meet up with the England national team under manager Roy Hodgson.

Last weekend, England manager Roy Hodgson criticized Chelsea, Manchester City and Spurs for their post-season tours that would impact England’s friendlies.

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15 thoughts on “Frank Lampard, Ashley Cole and Gary Cahill to Miss Chelsea Game Against City in New York: The Daily EPL”

  1. pure money grab top dollar for reserve different than exhibition games in NFL at least those are at beginning of season to get the team ready for season.

  2. I’m not surprised. St. Louis is a great soccer city and definitely deserves more regular summer friendlies, but a friendly at the end of the season has been, and always will be, a terrible idea.

  3. People are dumb enough to buy tickets, usually I would go to these games (in the NY area), but not a May friendly on the same day as the CL final

    1. Why do you have to call people who buy tickets dumb? I’m going with my girlfriend and plan to have a good day out watching some good football.

  4. This is when the 1st team players start suffering from hamstring/calf/thigh injuries, meaning they don’t want to play. Who can blame them though…I’m suffering from eye strain just watching nine months of football.

  5. So happy to hear D SPECIAL 1 is coming, thou he’s not da CHRIST we’re expecting for second COMING. Lol proud CHELSEA fan.

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