New York Yankees Could Play MLB Game At Etihad Stadium As Part Of Deal: The Nightly EPL

As part of the deal where the New York Yankees are part owner of the New York City Football Club with Manchester City, the Yankees could play a Major League Baseball game at City’s Etihad Stadium, reports The Telegraph newspaper tonight.

Here’s what Yankees President Randy Levine said today:

“The idea has come up through Major League Baseball about us maybe coming over to play. I don’t think they have actually said it yet, but we’d love to come over to play at the Etihad Stadium.

“We think Manchester City are extraordinary partners for the Yankees – there are some great opportunities and we only team up with people who we think are first rate. They fit into our overall plan. Obviously our brand is very well known – it’s about winning, winning championships and we are here to lend our support to make sure that it happens.”

England has recently hosted NFL and NBA games, so MLB games would be a natural fit to expand the Yankees brand in the United Kingdom.

Meanwhile, the same article reports that New York City could wear sky blue to mirror their Premier League sister club. Plus, there’s a strong likelihood of transatlantic player exchanges.

What do you think about the partnership between the Yankees and Manchester City? Do you think it’ll help make City more popular in the United States? And do you think other Premier League clubs may copy the formula and launch their own MLS team in the United States? Share your opinion in the comments section below.

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28 thoughts on “New York Yankees Could Play MLB Game At Etihad Stadium As Part Of Deal: The Nightly EPL”

  1. I have no idea if it will make ManCity more popular in the US and frankly I don’t care. MLS was determined to have another team in the NY metro area, and they have succeeded. I’m okay with that. I would like to see the league expand back into the Southeast. There are several good places to consider. The new stadium for the Atlanta Falcons includes offices for an MLS team. That stadium is scheduled to open in four years. Maybe that’s when they expand again. Garber did say it was time to take a deep breath regarding expanding the league.

    1. Problem is that Atlanta is probably the worst sports town in the country. The Braves and Hawks rarely sell out, as does Georgia Tech football and basketball, the Falcons only started once they got pretty good and they lost their second NHL team due to a lack of support. The Braves even struggle to sell out playoff games.

      I lived there and got more cheap tickets due to last minute sales than any place I have ever seen.

    2. I agree that Atlanta could be a viable market, but I wish we’d stop talking about the southeast as a region. I live in NC…..I’m no more likely to support an Atlanta-based team than a team anywhere else in the country.

      We just need to focus on growing soccer/football in the southeast by supporting the local clubs that we DO have already.

  2. The biggest issue here is you would likely end up with a playing surface like that at the old LA Coliseum — very short porch in one corner creating a very oddly shaped outfield. I could see a late Spring Training game or the like but playing a series under those conditions would be atrocious. Of course, this is the Yankees: in the never ending pursuit of the last dollar (or pound).

  3. Also, this would have to be sometime during the summer to accomodate MCFC’s schedule. Are you really going to tear up the pitch at Eastlands during the close season to lay an infield for three days? Can’t see it.

      1. No nuttier than the NFL sending two teams to London every season. Money and global brand expansion speak volumes. And if the Yankees do play a regular season game in Manchester, one would guess it would be a tow or three game series?

        1. Two. Doh!

          Also, Manchester is about 900 mi farther from NY than LA is. It’s not like they are planning a game in Sydney.

          1. I could only see them starting the season there like some teams do on occasion start the year off in Japan. Baseball doesn’t have bye weeks and a week between games like football does so I think the logistics would be insane to play a 3 game series after the EPL season has ended.

    1. Hehehe!

      I actually think the total number is closer to 26.


      Msn foxsports (dot) com: “amount of action (on average) in a complete baseball game: about 14 minutes. To put that in context, that’s about 10.9 percent of the total broadcast time (excluding commercials). It’s a fraction of the roughly 88 minutes the players were shown standing around between plays, nearly 45 percent more than the 10 minutes of replays that are shown and almost four times as much as the cameras show players lounging in the dugout.”

      tough sport. Tip-top shape they must have to stay in.

      Hehe :)

  4. Some teams have started their season in Japan so I could see this happening. Man City would have to probably have to have two road matches so they could but dirt on the pitch.

    1. But Japan has actual baseball stadiums. I can’t see any Premier league ground big enough (pitch wise) to have the diamond and an outfield.

      1. Interestingly, many British stadiums have hosted baseball games in the past including Everton’s Goodison Park (in the 1940s).

        The Gaffer

        1. Derby County’s old stadium named the Baseball Ground b/c baseball was played. Granted baseball hadn’t been played there since the late 1890s.

        2. Have a picture of this Gaffer? I would like to know the distance to the fence. Do they play Cricket on any grounds in England?

          1. I couldn’t find one. But I did find that the Chicago Whitesox and NY Giants played an exhibition game where it was reported that one player hit a ball over the main stand. Imagine how far doped up players today would hit the ball.

        1. The dimensions of the Polo Grounds were crazy. If memory serves me correctly, the bullpens were in fair territory, which in and of itself is bizarre.

  5. My goodness…..I can’t imagine what a dull event baseball in England would be. I’ve always been a baseball fan, but I just can’t imagine it having any appeal to “new fans”.

    Maybe some crossover with cricket fans?????? I dunno….they’re also apparently used to games that last hours and hours and hours and have long periods of inaction.

  6. The Yankees TV network has a deal with Arsenal to show Arsenal’s games on replays along with the weekly magazine show. Will YES be adding City’s programming to the network? Are they dropping Arsenal? Are they going to air both teams games and programming?

    Didn’t City sign some sort of marketing deal with ESPN a couple of years ago? Did anything good ever come out of that deal?

    1. I wouldn’t be surprised if YES is the home of NYC FC games like the RedBulls on MSG. As for Arsenal TV I would think it would depend on how long the deal was for.

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