Manchester City Officially Unveil Their Home Kit for the 2013-14 Season [PHOTOS]

Manchester City have officially unveiled their new home kit for the 2013-14 season.

City, who just bought a MLS franchise today to become the majority owner of New York City FC, today launched their new kit to coincide with their tour of the United States where they’ll wear the new kit on Thursday in St. Louis and on Saturday in New York City.

Designed by Nike, the new Manchester City home shirt is sky blue with dark blue and white trim. The design of the jersey is simple, clean and effective.

The new shirt is part of a new six-year deal with Nike that will see the American company continuing to create shirts for City through 2019.

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View the photographs below to see close-ups of the crest as well as other features of the shirt.

Share your thoughts on what you think about the new jersey in the comments section below.


21 thoughts on “Manchester City Officially Unveil Their Home Kit for the 2013-14 Season [PHOTOS]”

  1. This is such a downgrade from the Umbro design from 2012-2013 season. It is unoriginal in every way. Looks like zero to no effort went in from the design team at Nike.

  2. I agree with The Gaffer. It is simple, clean and effective. Loved City’s kit from past season, big fan of collars on kits. I think the dark blue on sleeves and collar really tightens and cleans up the design of the kit. And if anyone has seen possible away or third this looks really good. Heard the red black away on internet isn’t real and I pry that is true.

  3. Forgot to say, the badge looks like a complete four letter bowl movement. Looks cheap and tacky whereas Umbro’s badges always looked like time and effort put into. This is cheap and mass produced. Other than badge kit is clean and effective.

    1. The England shirt is too stark. Practically the only color on the England shirt is the navy blue collar (other than the gold crest). They could have at least designed something at the bottom of the sleeve to not make it look so ordinary.

      Similar template, but City’s shirt has more going on in it.

      The Gaffer

  4. “Pride in Battle” Puh-lease. Pride in the paycheque, is more like it.

    I agree with Mateo. Umbro, especially their more recent “Tailored by..” series are streets better than what others are putting out.


    1. Considering it’s Nike it’s not a bad kit. Certainly much nicer than the bizarre ‘retro 70s table cloth’ checkered designs United have gotten.

  5. The more I look at it, the more I like it, but I just can’t past the badge, just too knockoff looking. Umbro has the better designs, but Nike’s kits are more comfortable to wear, if that counts for anything………

    1. Yea the badge looks horrible and cheap, but considering Nike made this kit I’ll take it. Nike could do a lot worse

  6. The city kit is a classic blue kit, the england kit is the american centenary with a different badge. Same colors and everything. Massive difference between the two. Smokey Bacon how many different kit templates does Nike have? I’d say three or four tops, you just hope for a decent colors. As for away I hope it is the link The Gaffer posted and not the one seen on other sites (
    I know people say it isn’t real, but I do not trust Nike.

  7. Wow, we finally get a modern age sports giant as our manufacturer and the produce this boring, drab, incorrect, expensive piece of naff!!

    What have they done to the badge. Umbero kit was much better in my opinion. Loose the cup final, sack bobby and release this naff.. Pretty bad couple of months haha!

    No I like nike as a company, the quality of the gear is always good. However, I feel annoyed that I am going to have to fork out £55 for this?? Christ.

    I think I’ll get me Kappa kit back out of the cupboard!

    R.I.P individuality.

  8. Nice kit. Horrible badge. Franny Lee said city did not own the rights to the old badge, (rose & ship crest), when he took over. Surely now the owners can buy it back. If the old crest was on this kit it would be a winner.

    1. The main issue with the old badge was that it was ineligible for registration pursuant to some quirk UK IP law. (I believe too similar to the Manc coat of arms design).

      So, theoretically, anyone could then make City apparel and sell it and the club would get revenue from that.

      Not that 800 dodgy outfits in Asia don’t already do this with every club anyway, but still.

      1. “would get NO revenue from that” I meant.

        Distracted by that stupid shield. Messing with my typing skills.

  9. The shield, oh lord, the shield.

    The only good “shield” typically involved Vic Mackey overturning an interrogation room table and breaking D-Dawg’s finger in order to reveal the location of some kidnapped little girl or some such.

    Oh well, it’s not horrible. And with Nike, “horrible” is pretty much what the default expectation should be.

    Really, without the stupid shield around the badge it would be pretty nice and rather similar to the classy, simple 09-10 and 10-11 Umbro shirts that rate pretty highly with most supporters.

  10. Last years umbro kit was a dumpster fire. Black cloth in between the v neck? Players were cutting it down the middle so the could breath .

  11. A few years ago, this would have been a great kit. After Umbria 2012-2013 kit though, this seems mediocre. Nike is trying to keep their profit margins high and could care less about putting effort and a little money into a kit. That being said, it is not a bad kit, just a downgrade.

  12. The kit too me looks pretty smart, last seasons black on blue was ok but the materials felt cheap and slmost every fan i spoke too said it was ill fittong so nike should be way ahead in that respect. As for the badge, i think it looks good, very clear and the sheild draws your attention to it. It really stands out which is what were trying to achieve isn’t it?

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