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Thank You FOX Soccer For 15 Years Of Coverage

fox soccer logo Thank You FOX Soccer For 15 Years Of Coverage

After 15 years of soccer coverage, today marked the final day of FOX Soccer’s coverage of the English Premier League on US television.

I’d personally like to thank everyone at FOX who’s been involved in bringing us the world’s best soccer league to us through all of these years. For years, the talent and the crew at FOX Soccer have been waking up at ungodly hours in the morning (west coast time) to bring us an incredible amount of live Premier League matches.

For all of the criticism they received, they also got a lot of things right. And if it wasn’t for FOX Soccer, we wouldn’t be where we are today with the quantity and quality of coverage that’s available.

FOX Soccer will shut down later this summer. Beginning next season, you’ll be able to watch all of the Premier League matches on NBC Sports in the States, which will begin a new chapter in the history of soccer on US television.

Thanks once again to FOX Soccer’s commitment to bringing us the beautiful game. We appreciate it.

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48 Responses to Thank You FOX Soccer For 15 Years Of Coverage

  1. Mufc77 says:

    To hell with fox soccer I’ve already canceled my sports package.

    Thanks to EPL talk for another fantastic season of football coverage. It’s officially my favorite non Man Utd affiliated site to visit for everything EPL.

    • John Culea says:

      Overall, Fox Soccer Channel deserves a B+ for its service, especially with wonderful announcers like Jon Champion, Peter Drury, Alan Parry, etc. Every announcer they had (with a British accent) was terrific excepting the one I could not take, Mumbling Martin Tyler.

      Fox Soccer Channel had an outstanding news program each night until they changed hosts and downgraded Bobby McMahon. Brendan Dun-flop is miserable as is the illustrated woman, whatever-her-name is.

      I am not all that familiar with Arlo White, but anyone, even Martin Tyler is preferable to the laughable Gus Johnson (May his career rest in peace).

      • PharmaDoc says:

        “Especially with wonderful announcers like Jon Champion, Peter Drury, Alan Parry, etc.”

        Those aren’t Fox Soccer Channel announcers, those are Sky Sports announcers. The only ones that actually work for FSC are Warren Barton, Brian McBride, Eric Wynalda, and the dreadful Gus Johnson.

        • Don Segundo says:

          ‘the dreadful Gus Johnson’, very nice. Thanks. I agree the others are Sky announcers, but aren’t they all under Rupert’s umbrella? Second Sir John on Martin Mumbler. Want to make a plea to NBC to take Ian Darke and put him on the broadcasts, with the optional Macca.

  2. Bob H. says:

    Gaffer, I agree with everything you said. I believe that the quantity of soccer that Fox provided to all of us has helped the sport grow in America. Although I’ve had complaints with aspects of Its coverage I have a feeling that some time in the future I will miss Fox.

  3. San Franciscan says:

    Can’t thank’em, I will be cancelling the posrts package later today. Can’t wait for NBC. Thank you NBC for buying the TV rights.

  4. Gerry Binks says:

    Fourteen and a half good years and a disasterous six months with that joke Gus Johnson.

    Good riddance.

  5. Tony Butterworth says:

    I was happy until I realized we’re getting Gus next week !!!!!!!1

  6. nickp says:

    FOX Soccer for all these years of excellent EPL coverage thank you and well done

  7. David says:

    Yes, for all their faults Fox has indeed had a huge impact on soccer viewing in the USA. For those of us who follow the BPL they were a godsend. While I may not miss many of the things they did wrong, if I’m honest I have to say I will miss the fact that they have been a mainstay in our lives these many years. They were like family.

    When Fox Soccer morphs into Fox Sports 1 they will still televive the FA Cup next season so Fox will not be completely out of our lives.

    I can remember watching European soccer on delay, sporadic pay-per-view games and the old Setanta stream. Fox really made a huge impact in making European soccer, especially the BPL, very accessible. Compare what we used to be able to watch to what we now can watch is like night and day. It’s all for the better.

    Let’s hope NBC improves its coverage of the BPL. It’s left to be seen how NBC compares to Fox. I’m sure we will be discussing NBC’s coverage come August.

    If we didn’t like Fox’s coverage at least we had the option of turning the sound off or not watching the pregame or postgame shows. The fact that we could still watch live BPL games was impressive.

    Again, thank you Fox. I will always be appreciative of what you’ve done for soccer viewing in this country.

  8. rej4sl says:

    We had a note on our bill that Speed later in the year most probably when it is Fox Sports 1 will be in the starter tier at our Comcast. So we can downgrade our package and get all our football without worry. Thanks Fox for 15 years. Now onto NBC where we won’t have to worry about games being missed. We never got Fox Soccer Plus. So it will be nice to choose which games we want to watch from August.

  9. brn442 says:

    Well said Gaffer and David.

    Unlike the other ungrateful posts here by people who who’ve been watching “The B-PL” for less than 5 years – you both get it.

    From short wave radios, to week old highlights, often pre-empted at the whim of a program director, to $20 a match pay-per view, to being stuck with a setup box from a bankrupt company, and a useless package from a liquidated Setanta – both with all those streaming disasters. To being out of luck for consistent coverage if your team wasn’t a, or playing a “top four” one.

    Fox, with all their faults – delivered where it mattered, from whistle to whistle, virtually the entire calendar of matches for 90 minutes, and for that, my sincere thanks. And well done to ESPN as well.

    • Guy says:

      No need for me to repeat brn. A perfect post on the positive side of Fox’s broadcasts. Unfortunately, there is Cantona’s take, below, with which I also agree.

      • Marc L says:

        Uh, pretty much what Guy said as to both of these.

        It just amazes me how hard it used to be in the US. PPV, etc.

        Had a friend whose pub was an expat hangout and you could watch matches there. But he was, unfortunately, a red scouse so you usually got stuck seeing their lot.

        I am just glad that things have changed and developed as they have. Yeah, you get stuck with Gus and the gaping studio Faux morons. But things used to be SOOOOO different.

  10. cmasia says:

    I hope the idiot suits at FOX noted the irony of Stone, Barton, Wynalda, and McBride all conceding Martin Tyler is THE voice of football.

    Not that we’ll get to hear it next Saturday.

    Also, did you notice in their piece on the history of FOX’s footy coverage, 95% of the clips were match highlights that had nothing to do with FOX?

    That said, thanks to FOX for showing as many live games as they did.

    If anyone from NBC has been following the discussions here since they were awarded the rights, then we should be in good shape come August.

  11. Cantona says:

    Fox have regressed so muchin the last six months.. They have actually undid everything they ever did that was positive for football with their time with the premier league… Going forward true football fans know where we stand with Fox.

    Good riddance


    • Guy says:

      This, I think, is the most damning thing about Fox and their coverage. In the end, they decided to bring in Gus Johnson and ram him down our throats showing their absolute disdain for their most faithful viewers.

      In my mind, as Cantona said, they have undone all the previous good they have managed to achieve. Obviously, we never really mattered to them. They think they are going somewhere with Gus Johnson…..and they are right. Right into oblivion.

      Good riddance.

    • Pete Q says:

      I was taking the high road with my earlier comment. But Cantona nailed it.

  12. Frill Artist says:

    Good riddance.

    • Guy says:

      btw, Frill, that might be the 2nd time I’ve agreed with you……but that is what this site is all about. It’s all good. :-)

      • jtm371 says:

        be careful once is chance twice is a pattern.just kidding it is no fun when everyone agrees.the last 6 months have been a disaster for fsc the suits threw all the good down the toilet.hope someone can contact Dust to make sure he did not slit his wrist.hope Spurs can keep Bale not sure they will be able to.

  13. Slugs says:

    Very excited for the NBC takeover next season but FSC (and Fox Sports World before that) helped feed my obsession for all these years.

    And for those of you who are celebrating this by canceling your cable sports packages – NBC Sports Net is part of that in most areas.

  14. Scrumper says:

    I’m very grateful for all the games Fox brought us. They lost the Premier League themselves. They sat on their laurels, never properly developed the programming and obviously NEVER ever looked over their shoulder.

    There’s an old but very true saying “If you don’t look after your customers, someone else will”.

  15. gillyrosh says:

    Adding my thanks. For the most part, I enjoyed their coverage.

  16. Taylor says:


    What will they have during the summer other than probably several friendlies?

    On a side note: what will we have on TV besides Confederation Cup (on ESPN) ?

    • Matt says:

      CONCACAF Gold Cup, pretty much after that tournament they will no longer exist.

      ESPN3 will have the FIFA U20 World Cup from Turkey, some of the USA and Mexico matches will be on ESPN

  17. Lou Bruno says:

    Now that’s its all done lets say thank you to Fox Soccer. Someone had to break into the market and they where the ones. Ultimately they made it possible for what we have now major network and cable coverage of soccer in the US. Not just the EPL but all soccer coverage was benefited.

    Thanks again to the Gaffer who with this website promoted FSC or correctly back then FSW and later ESPN to the fans and helped us all follow the coverage. Each of the networks would acknowledge the influence of EPL Talk to the soccer viewers.

    Yesterday was my daughters high school graduation. It was the last day of coverage for both FSC and ESPN. With both I had the sense of well done and as all things in life it’s time to move on. Both where happy and sad in some respects but a true accomplishment.

  18. Transic says:

    The thought of any association football anywhere in US television is something people these days take for granted. Heck, the final of the Copa de Rey was on ESPN over the weekend. You’d think that the whole country was already into the sport from how much coverage is possible to find today. Of course, we all know the reality. ;)

    Still, somebody had to do the dirty work of giving regular exposure to a major league. Fox has been known to “dare” where others would rather stick to what they knew before. So it was natural that they would get into the association football business with a dedicated channel. Who would have known that the decision would have been prescient? Yes, there are Univision and Telemundo but those are foreign channels in the minds of the Average American Boob. Maybe those media elites were slow to notice but they must have found out that this little sport really has an audience, after all.

    So as September rolls around, I get to say my final goodbye to Fox Soccer Channel and say hello to more association football than I can care to watch. Man, what a difference 15 years make!

  19. das says:

    As the Americans thank Fox Soccer, for various reasons, I am so happy that I live in Canada where the soccer coverage is bearable. BPL is shown every weekend on basic channels, so I don’t need to pay for jack, but the FA Cup was on the paid channel. I obviously don’t have that, so the only option was Fox (which is also free for us Canucks) and holy crap, was the commentary terrible!

    • The Gaffer says:

      But Canada doesn’t have access to Serie A or La Liga this season, I understand?

      The Gaffer

      • And the CRTC is still waiting for TeleLatino and beIN SPORT LLC to provide the necessary “financial documentation” before the CRTC will permit the conversion of EuroWorld Sport into beIN SPORT Canada.

        Translation: Rogers Media and Bell Media are likely telling the MPs in Parliament that the CRTC should NOT sign off on the TeleLatino/beIN SPORT LLC partnership until certain “magic words” appear in the “financial documentation”.

        No mystery what “magic words” the CRTC are looking for.

    • derek says:

      isn’t everything “free” in Canada. like healthcare!

  20. Peter says:

    Is Fox Soccer 2 Go also shutting down or will that continue, carrying their Champions League or other matches?

  21. BD says:

    Hey Gaffer,

    Outstanding job with your coverage this year, as usual. Hey, do you know if U-Verse will be picking up BEINSPORT next season? It’s great to have NBC Sports, but I also would like to see the other European leagues as well…

    • The Gaffer says:

      Thanks BD for the kind words, but I haven’t heard anything about u-Verse on beIN SPORT so far. It could be close, or it could be a while. It’s hard to get a read on that one.

      The Gaffer

  22. goatslookshifty says:

    Fox Soccer began to lose me when they ‘NFL-ized” their pre and post game programming. The miniature football pitch set where they tried to replicate goals was embarrassing. And why did Wynalda and Barton always have to take off their suit jackets? It’s not like they were actually having a kick around! And god help me if I ever here that Champions League Intro again!! All said and done though, I say thanks for all the footy Fox Soccer bought us.

  23. French Baguette of Love says:

    Goodbye Keith Costigan. You were unceremoniously bumped off the table at the Goals on Sunday buffet, but you remain in the dank recesses of our hearts.

  24. ts says:

    The only reason why FOX was able to give us quantity of games is because they had the right to those games. As for quality, what quality? I know the gaffer is just being diplomatic with this post. Fox Soccer was more like Fox suckers. Bunch of cry baby amateurs esp. that whinyalda. So, I guess this is the only way to get rid of these clowns. Good riddance, especially that Fox Soccer news. Those really put me to sleep. The only thing I’m gonna miss about Fox Soccer is their broadcasts of SKY Sports News.

  25. downtime1577 says:

    Thanks Fox ran with the ball while the other U.S. stations were wondering what ‘soccer’ was?? In my area, good luck with shuffling across umpteen channels trying to find games on NBC? I hope they don’t stick us with condescending American ‘vets’who feel obliged to talk to us like idiots and don’t know when to shut up? who knows, but thank again Fox.

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